Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Headset Review w/ Mic Test


The G4ME line from Sennheiser has been upgraded with two new headsets, the ONE and the ZERO. The ONE is an open style design with excellent drivers and incredible comfort while the ZERO is a closed acoustic headset, implementing unique features like collapsible ear cups for travel purposes, appropriate clamping force with soft leather padding and specifically tuned drivers with an outstanding soundstage.

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Scorpio Gamer says:

The cable on my Game Zero is removable. I must have the updated version. The sound and mic is amazing and no sound card is needed on the updated versions. The ohm on these is 50 now from what it used to be. Thank God the cost was cheaper too. These are the best gaming headsets out there in my opinion. I just chose the closed backs over the open back. Just my preference.

AJC Studio says:

i have a bug at each second i hear a tic like khk khk khk pls help

Wingadium Leviosa says:

How much”mm” have both jacks of the wire for example the Ps4? I mean both jacks

pawel187 says:

Just got them and I have a question. I’ve been using Sennheiser’s HD448 for gaming after my old headset got broken, and those have much more bass and better lows than my Game Zero. I need to mension that HD448 are known for low on bass but man, they are powerful compared to Game Zeros. Is It supposed to be like this or is It broken or smth? For me HD448 sound feel much better, and game zeros kind of “unpleasent”. I use them with Sennheiser GSX1000. Sorry for My bad English. Cheers

vialox TM says:

what is the best headset microphone the game zero or game one

JTV says:

Hmmm game one for good sound and open style or zero closed back? @HardwareCanucks

Tlough YourBro says:

Ok I’m a consol peasent so will this work on PlayStation4 with a usb adapter to plug into the PlayStation directly? And will these be better than the Logitech g430 on the ps4? Cause with my g430 it is quiet

Matthew Driene says:

is my h270f good for sound?

Shasha says:

This or Audio Technica ATH-AG1? Awesome review, thumbs up 😀

Robert Newnes says:

Love your vids, really detailed, and you just got a new subscriber!!

richardfld says:

50 ohm resistance, not 150….

shiningRival says:

Damn, I’ve had these headsets for a week now and the mic is broken. High quality headphones…

N.O.X Cooperative says:

Does this have to cancel the video noise in the background? Wouldn’t be good for recording gaming?

DREADJET 42 says:

Game zero or game one

Marz Sassmaster says:

I don’t understand because I have a game zero and the mic is quieter than it is in the video, what are your settings?(I know this is the old video, I have the 150 ohm version)

Nicknowzzki says:

very nice review

ThePeoplesChamp says:

This is the most bullshit headset ever. Don’t get me wrong, it has FANTASTIC audio quality. The issue however is that the build quality does not offer enough clamp force and as a result, allows sound to leak out; reducing bass frequencies by up to 70%. No doubt this flaw is the result of the collapsible design; an extremely stupid gimmick to begin with.

Luke Havelard says:

So im trying to decide from Game zero, Game One and Hyperx Cloud II. Yes cloud II seems little bit less pricey and surround 7.1 but the Seinnheiser sound quality and comfort seems to be better? Can you help me which one to choose?

RTZ TriHard says:

Is this Arteezy headset ?

FlyingFilmsHD says:

Do they have their own driver for modification for customizing sound like software?

doofin says:

Which one is the open-back one. Game Zero or Game One?

Yosho1410 says:

How about comparison between game one vs game zero… Also add Gsx 100. So game one with/without Gsx 1000 vs game zero with/without Gsx 1000. Can you please make such video? I’m really interested if Gsx 1000 will give serious edge for game zero? Or perhaps… how about plugging them to objective 2 dac & amp vs Gsx 1000 will Gsx 1000 beat O2 in gaining? 😉 (I know that O2 do not have 7.1) Thanks.

RageQuit Games says:

Would you rather choose the Game One/Zero or a combination of the Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro + the mod mic v5 ?

Osama Aljassar says:

the wire is removable if you twist it. i can remove mine

Jonathan King says:

Wonder why the WD dual drive idea never took off.

Mianora says:

@HardwareCanucks How deep/thick are the ear pads really? I always have the problem with my ear touching the driver on the inside and that is just painfull after a while. I have the Sennheiser 320 G4me (with about 1,3 cm thick couchens) at the moment and am interested in these. But the thickness of the pads are a major decision point for me. I am basically looking at a lot of Headsets with thick pads, because of this right now. Anyone know something helpfull?

A Milkshake says:

I have this headset. The cable is REMOVABLE. 2.5mm jack.

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