SENHAI GM-1 Great Gaming Headset Review for $22 great deal

These Gaming headphones are comfortable and you can definitely wear them for a long time during game play.
very happy to see that the adapter is included.
you can use the USB for power to get the red LED lights on. they look very cool.

Amazon link:

Thank you very much

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Kanye says:

So on my Xbox one can I hear gameplay and talk?

Eyan Stevenson says:

Does this come with a warranty?

NeWBie Rules says:

tht microphone works perfectly or not?

ViperGames says:

do these work on Xbox ones

Owen Pinder says:

I have a par and I got it 4 the Xbox but I can’t get it to woke

Maricela Alonzo says:

can I use this on xbox one

Junaid Khan says:

I got the red color one for $8 for my PS4. Was it worth it?

TechKing says:

Do u think my channel could review it?

Gamer 4 Life says:

whats the name of the song at 5:56

JakeThaSlayer says:

does it work with mobile? if it does, does the mic work? or just the audio? or both?

Pickle-O says:

i have restricted move ment when the usb lights are pluged in for xbox one original is there any way to fix that

TechKing says:

Does it hurt your ears in like 5 mins

Uellem says:

So i’m looking through amazon and I see a bunch of variants of the Beexcellent headsets all around the same price range, and besides aesthetics, I don’t know the difference between them. Somebody help lol I really wanna know which is the best bang for my buck.

XxalexisXx Csnz says:

what if I just want to hear and talk with my microphone

katie soden says:

Does this headset block out a lot of outside noise?

zack leon says:

i have a problem with it when i push the speaker down to talk it works like its suppose to be but when i push it up it suppose to stop my talking to other people byt it does i did all settings mix monitorin and the other settings how do i stop it help.

Ship Master says:

If you buy this for the Xbox one you need a stereo adaptor.

Plasma Cyborg says:

can you turn off the microphone by itself?

Simone Mazza says:

They are also for ps4?

Aki U says:

The audio/mic splitter cables can be bought from ebay (China) for like a buck or two and it works just like the other types if you need one. I know because I bought a set of Kotion headphones that came with the splitter but I purchased a second one just in case (it looked cheap and I thought the splitter would die on me). Both function great and I haven’t had any problems with it. So if you need one, the cheap china ones from eBay will work just fine for half the price.

Cloud Foot Studio says:

Are there two button switches, one for the mic and one for the audio? Having an on/off for mic is a must.

Moto_rider says:

“Be Excellent” not “Bexcellence”.

Kat Nikiforov says:

i just got these in the mail today and they didnt come with the splitter cable so i had to order them for 6 bucks 🙁 when i use the mic without the splitter it sounds muffled would it be better with it?

Joe Bird says:

im useing a gameing laptop and i only have 1 3.5 mm hp jack will this work?

c137 says:

I have this same Beexcellent one, mic doesn’t work with game though (PS3) I can hear people and game sound just can’t talk. anyone have a fix, please and thank you

Ed Findlay says:

Fantastic review and you did play a game in the background like so many others do. Thank you.

Zyare Smith says:

I got one but it’s green

Kittie Chi Gaming says:

i ordered that headset ysterday so excited to use it tomorrow 😀

Sedachi says:

i bought it and its very good

demo Arroyo says:

So I have an Xbox one, I can hear game volume but I can’t talk in a party chat of game chat. Does anyone know why?

lionblade97 says:

i love your t shirt i love doctor who

Nolan Touw says:

Do you need to plug the usb into something o hear audio and talk through the mic

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