Real vs Gaming Headphones?!

What they are not telling you?!

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Always Aravero says:

This is a very informative video. Not much of that technical stuff actually means anything to me, but still. I was wondering about better gear than my $25 headset, and this gives enough information to shop in an informed way. Thanks.

The_Next_Angry_Comic says:

Very scientific approach and thorough discussion; well done, sir 😀

batdog says:

gaming headsets are basically all trash. also good headphones have good soundstages regardless.

AwesomeGamer13 says:

You know what I game with. A JBL Flip 4, cuz why the fuck not.

Kirinketsu says:

There are three main reasons gamers will buy a gaming headset.

#3: Almost all are closed back, this stop incoming noise that might be coming from a loud console, PC fans, or environment background noise, also this allows gamers to game without disturbing other who may live in the same house hold, I live with and take care of my grandmother, the last thing I want is to wake her up at 1AM due to loud open back headphones.

#2: Just about all gaming headsets are USB and come with some type of built in audio processing. This allows you to use the headset on a console, desktop, or laptop without having to have extra equipment, Amp/Dac audio interphase that can get costly.

#1 Most people buying a gaming headset are looking for that 7.1 audio to give them an advantage in their game, all you care about is being able to hear the movement of your enemy, footsteps, gun fire, and interactions.

Max Caulfield says:

Lol i want 7.1 sound for asmr xD

Prob_io says:

I’m using the nubwo 500, I bought it in a trip in china.
It isn’t very comfortable for people with a little head,and big ears,but I got used to it.
In the first year it sounds very good,but it’s a little bit sloppy on really low bass tones with high volume.
Its volume is godamn high!that if you take every parameter in the equalizer up it will be like a speaker.
But even with all of this,its surrounding sound is remarkable,in games I can hear foot steps and a lot other things which other players don’t and you can actually feel their direction and stuff.
This headset has some downs as well as is very heavy,but no other headset is better than it in the surrounding sound…

Reggie H says:

Time to sell my cloud 2 and get a audio-technica ath-r70x with a modmic. can’t use my cloud 2 with my audio boost 3 on my msi mobo.

I'm Single says:

If a non gaming brand focus on sound quality. What if a non gaming brand headphones created some gaming headsets. Would comfort be number 1 priority like any other gaming headset. Or would it still be sound quality that is number 1 priority?

Morahman7vnNo2 says:

FLAT, I want the flattest frequency possible, because I want to hear what it really sounds like, flaws and all.

TheBlakeProject says:

in my opinion if your willing to spend the money astro a40’s are the way to go they have amazing sound and they are extremely comfortable they are about $200 with the mix amp

Topsundeerus says:

Sooo gaming headphones are not real headphones?

moldytaco 98 says:


The Gaming Titan says:

Razer ManO’War Mic?

michael van leeuwen says:

i have try allot of headsets.
hurtlebeach headset is a waist of money.
you pay mostly for there name and not the quality.
not saying they ar bad but if you want a good one you have to pay 100’s of dollars for it before you have one that sound good.
i have a sony gaming headset Elite Pulse 7.1 virtual surround and have to say that it have a perfect balance.
do it have to best surround sound, No!, but its still a super good surround.
and the base does not overpower the other sounds and it have a really good 3D depth in it.
but i did bay 150 euro for it, and if i want that type of quality form the brand Turtlebeach than i have to pay 400 euro for it.
just because of the name.
so that means a 100 dollar headset can be much better than a 150 dollar headset.
the only way to find out is by trying them out.
for a good gaming headset with good 7.1 3D surround you mostly have to look at a price range of a 130/160 dollar

Game world says:

Hi anyone have good knowledge of headsets can help me?

I want to buy a really good headset around price range $200-$300 mainly for gaming.

I see there are open and closed & decided to choose open headset.

I want to be able to hear footsteps over exaggerated sound bass.

Which one you think is best for gaming at my price range?

& what do you think about Sennheiser PC 373D Surround Sound Gaming Headset & the Sennheiser HD599 Open Back Headphones any good for gaming?

Thank you for help!

Martin Clearman says:

Bose Quiet 35 comfort headphones are the best/ I would strongly recommend these.

Lakiozoon says:

What’s the keyboard in the background? QFR?

SilentWolfYT says:

xD best comfort using my earpods for gaming and i hear anything also after 20min i dont even feel the headphones anymore

MIster RMJdesigns says:

I have been a recording engineer most of my life – I am 58, in real studios – they hand you ANK k240’s . K271.s for drummer and horn players that need very loud – and not have mic bleed!

you are totaly correct with 7.1 as GAmes are not designed for this!

open back = ambiance!

the senhiser mic sound BAD! I hear breath …..

I hear room ambiance – no bottom

I have used PRO mic for years!

I now use PLANTRONICS RIGS – wired – plantronics GAMECONS wireless –

I find these 2 just amazing!

Aleksi Kohvakka says:

fuck you…. you dont know enything about gaming or gaming headphones so shut the fuck up

Yen.edits says:

Dimon govori po ruski bluat 😀

Just Another GAYmer. says:

Foam-modded 558s, with the Modmic 4. Used to have the Kraken Chroma from Razer. I decided to ditch the krakens within a minute of using the Sennheisers. Now I’m thinking about the 6XXs.

Stephen Playz says:

You look like StarLord from guardians of the galaxy

Spa De Silva says:

Still if you play games, you have to have gaming headphones.
A big difference was when I was hearing the sound of an engine, gun shot, airplane spinning propeller and so on, all other sounds were incredibly natural.
But when I switched back to music, the sound was hurtful/disturbing.
Forgot to mention that I didn’t touch the equalizer.

bobthehobo231 says:

whats the best headset for ps4 for rainbow six siege? price range $100-$75 USD. I have teh playstation golds and logitech g633, the problems are— the golds broke cuz poor design and idk if i want the platinums, and the g633 i can hear myself talk and theres no functionality on ps4, and idk if the settings i make on the pc app effects the headset itself for ps4, and with the AUX cable it sucks but with usb it’s decent. Should i just get the cloud 2’s??? or wait for the cloud 3s, or get the playstaion platinums?? Maybe astro A40s if they go on sale. Can anyone help me lol 🙂

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