Razer Thresher Ultimate Wireless Headset Review & Unboxing!

The new Razer Thresher Ultimate is a wireless gaming headset for PS4, Xbox One, and PC…how does it sound?
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Just FireFly says:

they are like man o wars but they have a different design

ThinGYA4 says:

shit that mic quality is so unclear

The TF2 Fast Playstyle Community says:

First of all. The comfort is terrable compared to the sennheiser hd599’s wich is in the same price category.
Second of all, it is open back, but it isn’t as good as the sennheiser hd599’s open back.
Third of all, the build quality is pretty bad, but i think it wouldn’t break if u just let is slip of your head.
Fourth of all, HOW CAN YOU R8 THIS PIECE OF CRAP A 9/10 IN SOUND QUALITY?????????? This thing has 20khz, the sound-stage is terrable, driver build quality is terrable, lows mids and highs are terrable as well. AND IT’S WIRELESS AS WELL, so it’s probebly 7% better then the wired one wich is almost 200 cheaper. Even if you use this piece of crap with a cable it still doesn’t come close to the hd599’s. (the sennheiser hd599’s have 40khz, good lows and sound stage, decent mids, good highs.)
I’m a pretty expericenced audio lover and you have disrespected the words ”good audio” by giving this piece of trash a 9/10 in audio quality. I use the sennheiser HD599’s with a Dragonfly black DAC.
(by the way for u audio noobs who don’t know what khz is, Khz is the detail in the audio. The lows are the bass, the mids are the voices, the highs are the music, the sound stage is the surround sound like feel.)
Frank, do me a favor and don’t delete this comment. If you do i would be dissapointed in u. Not only would you have let all the audio people down, but you would also have given up your respect for a bunch of money from your sponsor.

That’s all i have to say.

ゲッター says:

he should try the steelseries arctis 5

AdriforcePT says:

I think for mic tests, you should do one with noise cancelation on , and another with the cancelation off, that generally improves quality a tad bit, if you are not in a noisy enviroment 😀
great review as always anyhow

Geo Clan says:

All the peasants complaining about the price lol

x3LightNinG says:

after my product experience with logitech im firm to say they do have some price quality stuff, razer isnt bad, but in compare and general they are over priced and not as good

Radoslav Bendik says:

Hi guys

Da Busta says:

razer just have to come up with non chroma 1st then later the chroma version to add more money to their bank. my advice to those who are crazy enough to buy this is just wait a little longer for chroma.

Diamond Do says:

Razer Thresher Ultimate vs razar man of war.

John Smith says:

More like Razer Trash-er

CN Tech says:

if you want to use it just pull it out 😉

alex monzon says:

damn it so which ones should i get im deciding between arctis 7 , logitech 933 , or these razers thresher?
P.S. – money aint the problem so if any other brands are better let me know wireless only tho
P.s.s – Fuck astros a50 smh hahaha

Walid Benkaida says:

what s wrong with your hair

Dragos Pahontu says:

compare this the kraken v2 and man-o-war

Quinten Erasmus says:

“So its not just there dangling when not in use”

I hear you bro.

dank_slayer says:

1:39 “It’s not just dangling there out of use, you can put it away.”


and its not even rbg..

tbh you should never buy headset anyways, just headphones/earphones and separate mic, best bang for buck

mustafa elsharif says:

whaaaaattt $250 shittt

Blue Wolf says:

hey frank, how do you contect the winer of a giveaway

Apollo 88 says:

Hahah go Eagles!

Brian Fulleda says:

Should I sell my Astro A50s gen.3 headset for these cause im not gonna lie the new Astro A50s have been giving me such a headache (constant disconnect, short battery life, NOT LOUD ENOUGH, magnet charging dock station worst idea ever) So my issues with headsets lately is that they are not loud enough…. for example Astro A50 last gen were amazing and those were some loud cans but the new ones ehh it sounds like you have your tv volume slightly above normal. so how loud are these new razers?

TMfighter says:

this headset is not a gr8 one by razer did every body forget the razer mano war its oreaty much the same thing it looks diffrent but realy its the same head set mybe the man o war is better in some points the thresher does go with a consal but i dont think that it is a reson to spend 250 dollar on a new headset u can use the razer kraken or the razer man o war i get same experience mybe even better

Rain says:

These are so much better than the astros, includes a stand, etc. Astros ripped me off..

Jesse De Groot says:

I feel like there is something with this headset that will break after a week just like the headband in the man o war… I kinda do trust razers newer products. their new mamba stopped working for me and my man o war headband broke after a week…

KILL ᄋ ᅳ ᄋ says:

ไอกากโง่ 1v1 ไมละ

Carlos HACK says:

Razer trasher.

Kevin Ying says:

Can you connect the XBox version to your PC using the XBox wireless dongle instead of using the base connected via USB?

YetiLive says:

Oi guys, I understand that you may not like razer headsets as you have all had your own experiences, but I have tried many headsets like the logitech g930, and they have all broke.
I decided to get the Razer Man O’ War and that has lasted me the longest out of them all, and I must admit I was reluctant to try the Razer headset, but after I am actually in love with it!

Better to bend than to break says:

Are you trying to tell me that this expensive headphones biggest selling point which is surround sound is useless?
Fuck it then!

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