Razer Thresher Ultimate 7.1 Wireless Headset Review (PS4 & PC)

I was a big fan of the ManO’War except they broke, so I’m glad to see the Thresher is basically the ManO’War but more durable!

From what I can tell, they’re basically the same other than that. Great mic, big sound, good extras and features, comfortable… and of course, wireless. The range might be slightly better than the ManO’War too.

Razer ManO’War review: https://youtu.be/F6ltEVj-SDg

You can buy the Thresher Ultimate for PS4 using my Amazon Affiliate links here:

AMAZON USA http://amzn.to/2fTTxJ2

AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/2fUgFa9

If you’re from Australia, you can buy at MWAVE here: https://www.mwave.com.au/searchresult?w=thresher+ultimate


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Sizzle says:

Can you please do a comparison between the rival 310 and the deathadder elite?

Edward Drew says:



*buy a studio headphones u cucc*

septiansyah hafiz says:

Razer trash “er

mrheartbane says:

Rival 110 next plz RJN?

Esquivo says:

Damn, your reviews are on whole different level than any other youtubers. Keep it going 😀

John Smith says:

I JUST bought a new wireless headset! 🙁

top kek says:

Why not get a pair of 598s?



Maruku says:

About the Man O War, they redesigned the head band with thicker plastic “things” to hold it, so they don’t broke as easly.

Riwaz Rajbhandari says:

when are you gonna do a face reveal? XD

ddmeltzer8 says:

Just so u know,notifications was mysteriously turned off,by it self.

章一鸣 says:

which server do you play? I hardly find any players in Singapore server

Sonofabyss says:

Never buy headsets, especially gaming headsets.

Paul Lusty says:

could the high pitch sound you mentioned be static interfearence? i had that when i had my astro mix amp next to my xbox or too close to my pc but would stop if it was on top of it (i know it doesnt make much sense but it fixed my sound issues lol)

Rocket Jump Ninja says:

Some extra points … the sound is kind of sharp compared to flat, studio type headphones, but once your ears adjust and you get some bass going, all is forgiven (for me anyway). That 7.1 surround mode on PS4 really is fun. Sounds great.

Also in the mic test you might hear some pops and clicks that sound digital… pretty sure it’s just an issue with Audition. Unfortunately I’m new to PS4 and didn’t know how to test the mic on there… and I didn’t hear anything wrong with it when I was testing outside of Audition. Let me know with a new comment on this video if you ever experience the same!

a5tro25 says:

Nice clean setup for gaming man. Like it. Was it expensive to get the cabinet? Looks glossy

Carl Wheezer says:


Doctor Potassium says:

Nice vid man. I’m never really too interested in the actual content of your videos that I click on, it’s just the quality of them are so good I just cannot stop watching.

Keep it up

Sancty1337 says:

I can’t trust Razer with headsets ever since Megalodon.. HyperX is the way to go for me

Hyper 031 says:

Razer blackwidow x chroma

Himanshu says:

Haha….I broke today

Zape says:

As usual a badass mic

Ricardo Reis says:

I would never buy a gaming headset, specially one from Razer.

The only decent products Razer has are some of their mice and maybe the mousepads. Everything else is overpriced and mediocre quality at best.

Nice video as always though.

Deadlokked says:

These look really similar to Siberia 650/Elites

「ROGUE.」 says:

great video as usual.
would like to see some audiophile headphone reviews and gameplay on the channel zy.

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