Razer Nari Wireless Gaming Headset Review!

Buy Them Here: https://www.razer.com/gaming-audio/razer-nari

So Razer is offering wireless gaming, THX surround sound and of course RGB lighting all for $150…..are they worth it?

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DzidzevGaming says:

Dude how did you get it in synapse

Vulturous Stuff says:

Will these work with blue tooth on my phone I bought the Razer brick phone and the dongle gave out on me phones been a nightmare for 4 months old

alexvargas82 says:

I am looking for a headset for my son. He plays Fortnite on IPAD & XBOX one. My budget is 150, any suggestions?

Drake Duke says:

this or the cloud flight tho?

Inconspicuous Nas says:

It Blows My Mind How The Mic Can Really Break A Headset.

Sean Kenneth Policarpio says:

Does the THX works with PS4? BTW, thank for the review. I’m planning to buy one today if THX works on PS4.

Dan Kryptonite says:

Hey I have the money for them but I don’t no if they will work for my PS4 someone help I looked on YouTube and reviews and taser websites noting trued the number but can’t get a human to answer help

Camille Anderson says:

Notification light lol. It’s not a phone.

That is called an indicator light, my friend.

SomeBlackDude says:

Well he IS paid to make this review so of course he isn’t going to talk about how garbage the mic is

Lesnite Neko says:

Are your changes saved to the headphones or only on the PC they are correctly connected to?

Lukáš Rypar says:

7.1 sound ?

Miljan Vanovac says:

Would u recommend these or the turtle beach elite Atlas which one has better bass I really need good set of headsets for gaming

Wim Martens says:

this or razer tresher for ps4 usage?

James Stevens says:

Hi im using the mayflower arc gaming amp with the beyerdynamic. Amiron home headphones should i stick. With thoes or should i try. The. Mobios gaming headphones. Can you use thoes for ps4 please let me know

boomstick says:

think you might look at the lucid sound ls31? I know you looked at the 30 not really sure if there is too much of a difference though, besides the different ear pad shape and usb dongle not sure if its really worthit of it’s just that though , keep on keeping on

J Elli says:

Hey man, watched a good amount of your gaming headset videos. Picked up a Corsair HS70 for my wireless option and the Sennheiser/ Massdrop PC37X for wired. After watching your videos. Do a little computer and Switch which is fine with both but I play the PS4 a good amount more now a days.
The volume on the Sennheiser is a bit soft/light. Is there a good bang for your buck DAC/AMP that you would recommend for the PS4?

Thanks for all the great reviews, keep up the videos, haven’t missed one!!

Dead Bunny says:

You should do one about the nari ultimate with haptic feedback

Xmans___ says:

I wish nari leather material will not worm out after years use like kraken

Rico Yla says:

Really good review my good sir!

Michael Kolpasky says:

Does it work wirelessly for ps4

Javi DiioriiOs says:

mic quality is better than the manowar?

Mr. Block says:

Ist this The ultimate Version ?

Sergey Veselov says:

Mic test sounds like a ” Welcome on board ladies and gentlemen…” (like in a plane)

ɴαмeleѕѕ. says:

Can you make a video how to setup this headset? Im confused with this Razer Nari Game and Razer Nari Chat options. Would be great. Thanks

Tyreke Hetzel says:

A lot of people don’t talk about this during the reviews. There is 3 types of Nari’s. Ultimate, Regular, and essential. Ultimate has the heptics that vibrate during bass, regular doesn’t have the heptics, and the essential has smaller driver and no chroma lightings. All the headset have wireless and wired feature and can be used on any device. The mic sounds like that because you are comparing it to a $200 yeti mic…. they sound a lot better than other wireless mics. The battery is amazing and the price is perfect for this quality. It isn’t plastic like the man o war, and probably best headset razer made IMO.

Nazrodien Lakay says:

You always make awesome videos, I am in market for gaming headphones and I keep coming back to your channel to see review because its always so detailed and gives good insight into products

Darth Bane says:

THX certification means nothing razer owns thx

Eddie Cheng says:

Could this fit the Razer headphone case?

Giovani Maroni says:

If you have a xbox dont buy it!!!!!! Trust me,i’m having so much problems,and the headset its not broken,because it’s working im my pc,but in the xbox,its a big mess,the wireless dont work,and even with the wire its terrible

John Dough says:

The mic sounds like crap.

Jonathan Castillo says:

Gear iconx 2018 please!!!

The Gjpd says:

Does it work wireless on ps4

민호이 says:

Works well with ps4? Surround sound, mic etc

JAGvidz says:

can someone tell me if these can be used on a phone ?

Leeeoooh says:

If you run out of battery mid game, can you charge it and use it at the same time?

Schmollack says:

would you choose them over the thresher? going to use them for ps4 and pc.

would be great if you could answer that <3

Mark Davenport Jr says:

Very nice thanks! This will be my next headset with the razer mamba wireless 2018 version. 🙂

myth _ says:

Should i get cloud alpha + seiren X or this?

Giovani Maroni says:

I spend 150 dollars and dont work on my xbox 🙁 thats so disappointing…

Sean Gilbert says:

Are these just as good as the audeze mobius? Or should I get the mobius instead for gaming?

kmitch03 says:

So do they work wirelessly on ps4? And what about the THX on them?

Galindo49 says:

Im on my second pair. Hopefully these don’t mess up. Other than that I love them!

Scientist 902 says:

Dude nice vid also can you review the “orange o edition”headphones and ues thats literally the name can ya do it pls i heard the sound and is good i just wanted your opinion or your decision whether to get it or not

Daniel Alegre says:

I need Help , my synapse is not recognizing the Razer Nari

-sylect- says:

Love your channel , subbed

NERO says:

fnatic gear i think is more decent than that mic

Clazzo says:

Overpriced junk. Just for novelty. You can get a headset which is miles better than this trash for half the price.

Daedric Fire 10 says:

Great video once again buddy! Really enjoying your content. I bought the thresher for ps4 because of you. Nari looks like the thresher as well. Should i regret it for not waiting for these though?… have fun my friend.

myers • says:

So this or the new turtle beach you also reviewed?

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