Razer Man O’ War Wireless Gaming Headset Review!

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Here is my first look and review of the Razer Man O’ War wireless gaming headset. For the price, we’ll dive into the pros and cons to see if it is worth it! And of course, you know we gotta do a mic test.

Products in this video:
Razer ManO’War Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Compatible with PC, Mac, Steam Link and works with Playstation 4 – http://amzn.to/2ajenZS

Razer Overwatch ManO’War Tournament Edition Gaming Headset – Compatible with PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 – http://amzn.to/2avA6Bg


Aero Shadow says:

When is mic test???

Andrzej Bieronski says:

this model headset is brilliant just this shit plastic on top is shit non stop is crakc there, pls change this this is big shit

King Kratos says:

is it better than an Astro A40

kiritou says:

i have a 10$ gaming headset w/ a mic and it’s been here for a year now haha

ProjectPie HD says:

Just asking , can you use that for iphone?

Sensational says:

Your editing and panning are on spot man. Good video!

Cody says:

Anyone know where I could get that wooden headset stand?

Steven Sanchez says:

Do they work on PS4?

Ben Eggen says:

You are loved Eternally!

anil2 says:

Your barber fucked the back of your hair lad!

PacificHorizen says:

Can this work on Xbox One without an AUX cable or do l need to use a AUX cable. Will it even work on Xbox One? If someone can please help that would be great.

spikey556 says:

I have a SUPERB Astro A50 but the plastic quality is real dogshite for the money you spend on it. sits extremely comfy for long sessions and the aluminium is a fabulous feature. also the mic is top notch with a mute function when pointing upward. would to compare to a manowar tho

Ben Adams says:

Hi random, new to the channel but can’t help notice how sweet your whole computer setup is so well done!!

Could you recommend a headset for xbox one that I can also travel on planes and use

Charlie Elias says:

He says its 7/10 and 8/10. WTF man ?

RickWanders says:

I’m so on the fence about the Man O War. I have the Astro a 40 but want something new that works for PC, Xbox, and PS4.. I can’t decide. I’m gonna be reviewing the Astro A10’s this weekend though. Once I do, If its worth it I’ll just sell my 40s. No point.

Dumbozo says:

I got a razer ad anyone else

RocketSkatesGaming says:

The headband on this headset is such trash. Cheap plastic breaks way too easily. I handle all my headsets with great care and the headband broke within 3 months use. Sound quality is awesome, microphone is acceptable, but the build quality just needs to be better for me to recommend these. For $150+, the headband should not be held by thin plastic clips. Just my 2 cents.

Gregorius Darren Tanaya says:

1000 comment

Erythrocyte says:

I just bought a pair that isn’t wireless. It’s really good and I use it for Xbox one. Turtle beaches break too easy and aren’t comfy at all. These are the opposite.

Baatzy says:

Shit headset. Ive had 3 and the bass dies after 2 weeks

IanKeith Is Back says:

Go for the hyper x revolver s

gustauv kruger says:

how do you charge it is may question? dose it come with a charging station? maybe you plug it in? need more details.

Lane Thompson says:

do this work for xbox one?

Aushtin N says:

i’d give it a 6/10. kinda shitty feels really cheap and hurts my ears.

Bryan SWAGGBEAST says:

Ok I’ve been wondering if the battery for that headset and the wireless keyboard last long? If yes what’s the best way to take care of the battery? BTW is it even worth the price?

Donald Trump says:

If its wired does it have to charge

catnips says:

should i get this or g933??

Luke Tipping says:

Pale af, ginger beard, fuck loads of freckles and a dimly lit room… He’s a ginger in denial!

Seth Ortiz says:

Is this better than The PlayStation Platinum Headset?

Matt Skalski says:

Why didn’t you let us hear you talking on the mic?

mugene says:

20 seconds in – make sure you talk about the top cussion they do break

DubstepMadness95 says:

would this work on xbox one

DiscoDog46 - HaydenFTW says:

for all those people are asking does it work with xbox, ps4, IPhone, the oven in my kitchen, etc.. just check if the device has a usb if it does it most likey works so that mean yes Xbox works with it -.-

DiscoDog46 - HaydenFTW says:

I mean its cool that its wireless but what would be really cool… is if it were bluetooth

Thor the Nachos God says:

I was actually totally sold on the headphones until you tested the mic quality. Sounds really, really bad compared to other headphones you’ve shown. I’ve been researching a ton on headphones and I guess wired headphones with boom mics you get separately sound the best and have the best mic quality. I’m just not too fond on wires lol

yeoyolo gaming says:

he’s sponsored so he can’t say anything bad

Andrew Bassett says:

How do I mute the mic, I cant find the mute button

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