Razer Kraken Pro V2 Headset Review!

What do you guys think of the Razer Kraken Pro V2’s? Tell me down below and feel free to ask me any questions!


II Rosh says:

Can I cancel the sound of the button or when I back the mike ?? Plz anser me

Kevin R says:

Good video bro

Ramon Moran says:

Do you play fortnite

Alex Cook says:

Multicoloured is rgb

Shamyo Brotee says:

Ahh, a Dishonored fan. Always love to see cultured people like you.

XxHumanxX says:

The headphones are amazing and sound quality is good but mic is garbage, which i don’t really care about.

neogeneva01 says:

Hi can you give me an estimated on how tall this headset is? Thanks..

roxticc says:

guys i really need ur help i wanna buy a gaming headset and i want it to be a pretty good music headset for basses mids and highs etc. and i want it to be a good gaming headset i used to have razer kraken pro v1 and they were amazing but sadly they are broke i mean i want a headset like razer kraken v1 .so my question is should i buy Logitech or Razer or Corsair please help .

Auna Breslin gaming says:

walmart and target..? really?

SolidSalad says:

How did you turn game sounds on?

Wilfred Lim says:

Finally some one covering the headphone jack. Thanks man !

Changi176315 says:

The one I got is quiet as fuck… I thought it would be an upgrade to my Razer kraken pro… Quite a disappointment…

Simme Drimme says:

Does it fit my ears? My ears are tiny. What do u think about a 11 old?

jerryl10000 says:

Jus got this baby in blk, and I’m fuckin wit it

xRaed 7 says:

work in ps4?

Inv1ctus says:

is it good for identifying where footsteps and gun shots are coming from on PS4. I either am getting these or the turtle beach stealth 600. Please respond, great video!

Trollzor Productionz says:

Can this headphone answer phone calls? Might want to buy it as my daily driver

Joyet Laureta says:

Is that for phone

Johny Text says:

How’s the bass and mic? I just ordered a pair.

Mihai Stegaru says:

Thanx for the rewiew man . Definetely going to buy those headphones !

Brad says:

can i use this headset on pc without the splitter?

Anshuman Sowmyanarayanan says:

Does it work on xbox 360?

Jakegames says:

Is it USB or 3.5 audio jack

The Goat says:


Chernbyl STALKER says:

Well I was planning to grab a pair later on so doubt this will get answered in time so trail and error lol but I was wondering if someone was coming from the right in a game would the right headset be heard only or would both play the sound cause I play games that are major stealth usage like The Forest and those guys are quiet

Pig says:

Will this work as soon as you connect it to your PS4 controller?

Shadows says:

Good video man, you helped me make my decision to grab this.

BoyVelocity says:

How long is the cord with the splitter

sean oloan says:

I prefer the look of the v1s

Phoenix says:

Thus it work on mobile?

Ghost Anonymous says:

Can anyone tell me please who is the Mic with this thing is it good or bad?

maple henry says:

I was watching this taking a shit

Cheese Gaming says:

I need headphones not because my old one was bad but it got caught in my hair(boy short hair btw) and my old one was meant for ps4 so it had no microphone jack

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