Razer Kraken Pro Gaming Headset Review & Mic Demo

Buy Razer Kraken Gaming Headset – http://pond.bz/17xOW4v

Here’s my review of the Razer Kraken Pro Gaming Headset. I’ll compare my audio experience to my current headset, the Razer Carcharias, and give you a microphone demonstration so you can hear what the mic sounds like.

Razer makes a variety of headsets and headphones that includes the Chimaera, Tiamat, Megalodon, Blackshark, Electra, Moray, and Orca.

This headset costs $80. Get it on Amazon: http://j.mp/RazerKraken

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Saiyed Rehman says:

bro it’s $100 in india how can u say it’s cheap.

Joe Ebner says:

Dont play background music when your doing a sound test.

RageInducedGamer says:

I have the same headset, but my mic doesn’t work for some reason.

nickr1125 says:

watching this with my krakens 😀

GreenFlare says:

This video helped lock my decision in what to buy. Keep up the good work Caleb!

Dakota McDowell says:

Does the headset work for the Xbox one

Dogswithguns says:

it probably sounds like shit that’s you dont know shit.. damm man.

Vaibhav Toora says:

Will this work on Xbox one ??

Ravagar says:

thumbs up if your wearing a pare right now

How To says:

Got mine tester day I’m pretty diasapointed bcuz it hurts my ears and the audio messes up over all it is a good headset

Robotsmoke says:

The microphone audio quality is fucking terrible, but the audio itself isn’t that bad. Bought this for 70 bucks goddammit, do your job right, Razer.

Nori S. says:

Compared to Siberia 200s mic the Razer Kraken wins HANDS DOWN, it’s mic is unbelievable and it’s got very nice bass too you know=) Can get a little sweaty with the leather around the earmuffs to be honest, that’s the only thing I really dislike. Wish they would make a meshy variant or something that doesn’t make your ears sweat as much… :S

BsayGames says:

ok sound but unconformable af

Omar Makarov says:

dude my MIC doesnt work for me any solutions ? it doesnt pick up my voice instead it picks up what i hear, i checked that on my configuration pannel it doesnt show that i related the mic with the ears (PS: another mic works just fine same configuration)

Linus Wiebe says:

if they wireless

-FATPP - says:

How I decide what headphones to buy…

Watch Review…
Watch Review Again…


Ghaleb Omar says:


Anteloper says:

it looks small

iStorm Blaze says:

can you mute yourself with this headset? does it have a mute button

Muna says:

don’t get these headphones if you wear glasses, they hurt a lot

Wiffle says:

Should I get Black or Green?

machinegun mike says:

hey guys we have 2 subs go to my vids and sub and like and dont forget to subcribe

Arskaofficial says:

fucking retarded good rewiew video gay

Jamie Boy says:

He dosent know anything about headphones

Chip Jr. says:



they work great with Xbox One. I also use them with phone to listen to music

myyube81 says:

WTF you faggot…

ChrisCrazy125 says:

nice to know thanks for the info really helped you get my sub

DucksEverywhere says:

Tip: Don’t base your judgement on sound quality by what other people say. “Well… other people say it sounds good so yeah it sounds good” is not the way to go.

Abe Granger says:

lol im listening to the review with the headphones being reviewed. there originally $100 or somin around there but i found them at a yard sale for $1

Infamous 3042 says:

is it wired?

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