PSVR Review | 2 Years With PlayStation’s VR Headset

frank here, your CM @FirstContactEnt for Firewall Zero Hour and today we’re celebrating 2 years in virtual reality with a #PSVR Review, now I’ve been loving my time with PlayStation’s VR Headset and it has completely changed my world, hope you enjoy the video!


ZWGamemasterGame says:

Great video and totaly agree. Bought it on day one and still love it.

Big Man says:

I’ve had my psvr since day one and it’s entering its elderly stages and I’m pretty worried about this as it could become obsolete and stop working

Remo Williams says:

Hell no I love VR! This is just the beginning!

jeesh says:

ExorcistLegion Vr is sooo goood

Shatterdice says:

4th of July 2018 was the day I got my VR head set for my PS4 pro , I was negative and unsure when the head set first released but kept track on the progress And how it was evolving , then my girlfriend got me one an I put the headset on , instantly my mind was blown and a major part of that was because of VR worlds An London heist , I now spend hours on firewall with my new aim control and earge any one who has not got a head set or not interested in trying to just find a friend with one an put it on play VR worlds An you will want one , amazing tech playing “flat games” just don’t cut it no more .

Hilario Sanchez says:

To be honest, only reason I haven’t grabbed one yet is because I’m still with my parents and they make the decisions. I have hope for this Friday though.

DAVID says:

I think PS VR is a must. The illusion of being in the game is incredible.
Resident Evil VR is absolutely amazing.

Harry Manback says:

If you’re thinking about getting PSVR, or even if you’ve never thought about it. I highly recommend that you Google to see if there’s a VR cafe anywhere around you. I found out that I had one a little under an hour away from me, and I tried the Vive for 20 minutes, and INSTANTLY fell in love with VR. I then went home and budgeted a way to pick up my PS4 Pro and PSVR bundle right away, and I’ve been blasting, casting, and fasting my life problems away in my new world… The wonderful world of VR… Also, you can watch “VR movie film videos” of sorts that enhance the “affect” of the “video” on “yourself”… You know what I’m talking about… IT’S BETTER!

Great tech Reviews says:

Definitely worth it

hopeless oman says:

Absolutely love my ps vr .resident evil 7 was my first love loaded my pants every time i put my headset on,then i bought fire wall and i havent let it go .ido wish there was more of a lobby system like a computer would have due to afks or at least give us the ability to boot afks or for the ststem to read the guy thats been kiled 5 times and hasent moved his gun you know but other than that love it super solid and very immersive and all around great system. Also this is first generation people get on the gravy train now or get left behind.

ChapulinCat says:

Got my PSVR at launch and have not went back to flat gaming. VR is very addictive.

Alan Nadjarian says:

I love my PSVR. I agree that a better screen resolution, a beefier hardware and multiple tracking devices would come in handy, but overall you get a great deal for the price. For me, it’s much better than switching for a high-end pc and also you don’t have to worry if the game wouldn’t run on your configuration. It’s just plug-and-play.
I hope they launch a better PSVR for PlayStation 5 but would appreciate if the current headset would be compatible with the next console generation.

Steven Coelho says:

Ive played Skyrim so many times before and started it over many times…but with PSVR it still feels like a whole new experience! Its so awesome! They need do Fallout 4 and also would love to see GTAV one day.

hakjie11 says:

Borderlands 2 VR

Blue fire Gamer says:

Just got my headset not too long ago

Joanna Gibbons says:

Will you be doing a deracine review?

Great tech Reviews says:

Oh and I just won a gaming edition mcable on Instagram might be giving it away

Travelling Gamer says:

I have to say VR has been a mixed bag for me the last two years. Don’t get me wrong I like the tech and I love being in VR. BUT if you are like me and don’t like shooters and you have found out that you can’t handle horror all too well in VR then the game offerings become a bit thin. Although once an astrobot or moss hits I am all there and can’t put it down. Here is hoping for a great VR RTS game like a Command and Conquer style game. I would love that. Or a CIV game in VR. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Tim West says:

Will i see a big difference if i upgrade to a PS4 Pro, does anybody know of any good deals at the moment in the UK as i am getting close to parting with my hard earned cash.

alex f says:

Owning both psvr and vive, I still think psvr wins for its ease of use, worried free, less maintenance package. Because of Windows 10 mandatory updates, I often have problems with drivers on vive. I even changed my vive cables four times and not even once for psvr! But then, I play vive more much often than psvr. Of course, vive has more details on images but you’ll forget the differences once you’re in VR world.

AnimeZ XU says:

Got one last week along with Spider-Man and a slim PS4 for £440 overall with a 2 year warranty.

I just wanted it as an online social game machine, but I’m just limited to Rec Room.

Nerd or Die says:

I just bought mine a month ago because i was worried about a bunch of stuff. Games, getting sick ect. Then i played a few demos (blood & truth/astro bot) at a gamescon that i went to. I fell in love right away and bought one when i got home. I did get a little sick after playing for 20mins on some games but after a while i can play for 3 hours and not feel a thing. If ur a gamer and u were like me growing up with 90’s movies promising u that VR was going to be the next big thing then u need to have one finally.

Christopher Webb says:

Love my PSVR. I may not use it too much but it’s great when I have a day off and really want to get immersed in a game. I’m looking forward to more multiplayer games with immersive social and gameplay experiences. And to anyone to who has a PSVR or are looking to get one, I strongly suggest picking up Werewolves Within. Great game, it’s just a shame it doesn’t have much of a player base.

Joe Murphey says:

Worth it. Spider-Man is the first non vr game I’ve played in two years. Love it, kids love it, and everyone that comes over to try it is blown away

Prime Sinister says:

The girl freaking out was recorded in Lisbon Games Week, funny clip Franky, also been loving VR so far, already have said it before, but controllers need to be a tad better.

Shukulo says:

My cousin is selling his to me. I can’t wait to jump into PSVR!

hell Rivers says:

Yes yes yes yes yes yes

Jayden Macrae says:

Yo Frank, I have had mine since day one and haven’t turn back since, then you came along right after and been watching you since. My set up is PS4 Pro, PSVR bundle, Logitech G29 race wheel and a Grand Turismo racing set, since VR I have not been able to play regular flat screen games, can’t wait for more big game titles.

Luis D says:

I’ve had mine since a few months after launch. Love the experience it offers – you cannot describe it to someone who hasn’t tried it. Love that most games are around $40 or less. There’s something for everyone. Also have a rift but the PSVR is more social since friends can see easier on your tv vs a computer screen. Not to mention PS aim controller is the only one of its kind in all of vr and makes all of the difference for shooters. Im with Frank, if more people would be able to try it they’d sell a ton more.

Bobbie Franks says:

Course a flipping love it. Watch movies with headphones in 3d which when on ur own is brilliant to chill. And when ur trully wanting to feel the fear then get on the res 7 or the persistence which to me have to be the best games vr has to offer. Moss is great fun and arizona sunshine doom and killing floor incursion are great fun to just blast away at. I haven’t complained at all especially with cost and yeah the wires are abit of a pain but over all its bn one of the best purchases I’ve had. Sony keep up the good work and Frank keep it real as always Mon to Fri. ✌️

Adrian Nadj says:

Just bought mine. Finally.. It’s definetily worth it!

Distilledyou gamecast says:

PSVR has always been worth it for me. It keeps getting better and better. I’m playing more than ever before . I have a back log of games to play now, and a large wishlist for X-mas . The people in the communities are awesome!
I even have two PSVR systems. I have the Pro with the Skyrim bundle and my daughter has my old system in her room. We can both play Rec Room at the same time on the same Wi-Fi. I can not describe how much fun it is to do a Rec Room quest with your kid and their new Rec Room friends.
I love car racing games and would like to have a PC VR set up, but I’m just a console racer not a sim racer, and I have 2 PSVR systems and a bunch of PlayStation exclusive games for less than a good PC VR set up. I’m waiting for the PS5 to make the rest of my VR dreams to come true.
Also there are people like Frank who make awesome PSVR videos.

Jon W says:

Thanks Frank. I do wish there was an easier way to get people to try it! It’s so hard to understand what the experience is really like when you watch a 2d video or review. Once you put the headset on however, it all makes sense and it’s hard to go back…

B. L. Clark says:

Dude, that was fantastic XD beautiful ending to a beautiful review. Happy 2 years!

Opt-o-Ops says:

Another plus for the PSVR: The hardware is not up to par with PC which means that the textures aren’t super high quality.
*BUT* this means that file sizes are really small! Most demos for PSVR are less than 1GB and full experiences are around 10GB.

Dark Western says:

Hey Frank, my ladyfriend expressed interest in my PSVR, can you reccomend some basic game I can get so she doesn’t get overwhelmed?

Wayne Swaby says:

The first game I played was Megaton Rainfall, And it was emotional, the share scale of flying up to a planet scared the daylight out of me, it was amazing, it was like I was a kid again, this is what I as a gamer have been waiting for, Yes I also get motion sick, but its getting better, and there tons of games that dont present this problem, If you like playing computer games, then this is a must have.

smokydragon gaming says:

I’ve had my psvr since April 1st of last year and I think it’s one of the best investments I’ve made I love the psvr and because it’s mostly smaller inde games most of the games come out cheap to start with then I watch the sale you can get some insane deals if you watch for them I’ve got an insane library of vr games at 90 games now I haven’t even been able to play them all yet so there’s plenty of content for it yeah there are ways it can improve but it’s still new they are still working on things and it’s already amazing and only getting better my biggest problem is I don’t have enough time to play it as much as I would like and I’ve been subscribed to frank since about a month after I got my psvr he is one of the 2 psvr channels I watch to keep up to date on psvr information

Jon Teece says:

Strong out’tro today Franky Boy. Kudos

Jades VR Corner says:

PSVR is a game changer. I have a hard time playing flat games at all, even Red Dead 2… I have also used it to quit addictions like nicotine, or lose 35 pounds playing Sprint Vector and Creed. It is amazing and im on board for the long haul.

Gooby says:

Bought it.
Like it
Worth it
But the thing is, when do i use it? Vr offers what it as to offer and does great at it but cant give the same feeling that non vr games give…
I tried Overwatch Comp with it…. its quite challenging. The youtube vr isnt vr its just further, normal youtube does better. But ya vr is great non the less.

Clarkus Darkus says:

Tried PSVR at EGX 2016 and it’s single handedly made gaming fun for me again after i was literally bored with yearly iteration games or sports games or shooters. Playing RE7 in VR was the best gaming experience for many years, Now were co-op gaming in VR or MP gaming. It’s done so much and it’s under powered with crappy move controllers, Yet it’s been so great for first gen VR. Roll on PS5/PSVR2 with proper touch controllers……. then we’ll really flex our VR muscles.

Cloakedarmy29 says:

I’ve tried a HTC vive and its definitely way better than psvr. But the psvr is still very good for the money you spend.

Old Duck says:

I had PSVR for about a month before returning it due to dead pixels. My favorite game was Skyrim VR. However, I decided not to replace it due to lack of AAA titles and the low, blurry resolution. Right now 4K HDR wins over VR for me if I’m going to invest in tech for my console.

Once a higher resolution headset is made for the PS5, then I might be enticed to try it again. Skyrim in VR was an experience like no other, and someday when technology can give even a 1080p tv equivalent in resolution in HDR, I might never remove that future helmet from my head!

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