PRO HEADSET FOR $90? : Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset REVIEW

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So this headset confused me. It’s almost like it’s living two separate lives. Logitech came out with this headset to aim towards “Pro” gamers… how did they do and is it worth your $90?

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danish harith says:

Does this or arctis 5 better?

Aleksander Blåsmo says:

Awesome Review man ! Keep ut the good work !

Furkan Şahingöz says:

How did you plug these in though? Did you plugged them into your motherboard?

ahmed6675 says:

Hi man i need your help with the Razer Thresher on PS4

Ratchet 12146 says:

Convinced me to get my own for my stream, awesome review! 😀

James Zh says:

Heya dude. I am in the market to upgrade my current gaming headset. I am currently looking at the Arctis 5 from steelseries and the HyperX Cloud Alphas. Which one would you recommend? Thanks for your advice. Also, very nice video on the G Pros even though I think these are not for me.

Aleksander Blåsmo says:

Gamesky ? Is this a 5.1 sound ?

Tanner Tanner says:

i recommend the Afterglow ag9+ because it is 100% wireless! no headphone jack or anything needed. It does come with one but you will not need it. I personaly love this headset because of the amazon sound quality and microphone. if anyone is interested please send me a message on instagram ( @bill_dick7) if you would like to donate your fortnite account to me. it be strongly appreciated!

Pengu -PENTA says:

Hey bro, Are you going to do a review of Astro A20?

xNebulaBlaze says:

I got the logitech g pro mouse and I love it and now I might get these!

T Blank says:

Logitech is finally starting to go in the right direction for design for headphones with these. Finally!!!

hameed N.B says:

what about the mic noise cancelling

Alex Lopez says:

Love the mic and strong it is when u move it, it never loses its form, only complaint is that the leather ear cups feel like cheap leather, you can tell the difference between these gaming headphones and my audio headphones.

Josh Kay says:

Another AMAZING video you’re the best!

Turtle Sandals says:

Will this work on the ps4

gabriel yap says:

is the microphone interchangeable? Is the stock microphone better than a 3rd party microphone plug and play? Thats a nice feature removable mic, future proof and up-gradable

peyton stahl says:

These or hyper x alpha

Johannes Rosengren says:

Hi I want to start up a channel playing some games on console(ps4 slim) but I don’t really know if I should but these. right now i have an Razer Kraken Pro but i wanna upgrade I just dont know what to buy!
I want to primary upload from the ps4 and stream from it so idk if i sould buy these !!! PLZ somebody give some feedback!

Cloudy Clips says:

the material of the extra pads they come with is velour not micro suede

VOKE says:


moltenbullet says:

Good review. I highly recommend monitor stands or mounts. That downwards facing posture is bad.

Jonathan Hadas says:

How do you know they will work well with the mix amp pro

ahmed6675 says:

I think most people don’t use an amp, mic was amazing though
P.S i got the Razer Thresher 7.1 for 145$

Aaron Morales says:

the build is quite similar with the hyper x cloud stinger all plastic with alimunim

Puro says:

hi gamesky, what would you choose, this logitech headset or hyperx cloud stinger?

Putt says:

nice video man! subbed 🙂

Muhamad Ubaied says:

Is this better than Hyper x Cloud Alpha? bought mine alpha 2 weeks first I wanna bought G413 Headset so it fits my keyboard and logitech mouse., but most people say its sucks compare to Arctis by steelseries and cloud lineup from kingston. So instead of Cloud 2, i went ahead bought the Alpha.

Justin Pullin says:

That mic was probably the best part of that headset on ps4. Can you imagine a mic of that caliber on the golds? Take note sony!

Lefo says:

Hyperx Cloud II or these ones?

Eesh says:

You’re late to play far cry 3

Shawnenigans says:

Logitech G Pro Headset vs Steelseries Arctis 5? Same price?

7KFUSION says:


TheHolyDribble says:

Do your ears touch the driver? Mine did on the cloud alphas and it ruined it for me. Really interested in this headset or a gsp300

Benjamin Gvili says:

I have hyper x cloud alpha is it better than that

RubieRebel says:

Do these come with surround sound? If they don’t, is there any way I can make them into surround sound?

Ts real says:

Thx very god video

RedScarGaming says:

Great Video! glad you’re back

Lord_Doz says:

Ikd if they can compare to cloud alphas, I have them and they are insane value for money.

Luke P says:

Should i return my hyperx cloud 2’s and get these with the Astro mix amp?

Joseph Sillas says:

Pro for 90? If you are pro gamer don’t get this. Get real cans something like the AD700x/900x/1000x or the HD660s. The imaging on these is OK if that, the cans I listed have more than good imaging. Don’t use any headset from a company that also makes Keyboards, shot-out to Z. Logitech has been known to sell fake speakers, like fake tweeters for example. I would stay away from Logitech audio. Not Logitech itself as I am using the G513 Linear and the G502 right now, but their audio department is really shitty. Actually when I went to buy my G13 I gave these a listen at my local Fry using my DAP and binaural audio FLAC and was not impressed with the soundstage or the imaging.

Capitão Himself says:

Hyperx Cloud Stinger or the Turtle Beach recon 150 my budget is 80$

Renaldo Prasetio says:

so in terms of sounds being produced, is it better than ps4 gold headset?

ed man says:

Hey, do u think these would sound good w/ my LG V30? Also, I have the vmoda boom mic, would it be compatible? Nice review man!

LeBeautiful says:

This or the HyperX Cloud Alpha on sale??

nergal213 says:

These or some hyper x cloud alpha?

TacoMeat FijiWater says:

I kinda wish there was a USB attachment so u could edit the sounds using the Logitech software..

John Hanson says:

I wonder if you still get the same audio for the mic and drivers if you use a Bluetooth adapter? Could you test that?

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