Prime Picks! – The #1 Headphones on Amazon!

The absolute best selling audio products on Amazon – are they any good?

#1 headphones:
#1 wireless:
#1 earbuds:

Amazon Best selling headphones:

MKBHD Merch:

Video Gear I use:
Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee



That Channel says:

Whenever he says earpods instead of earbuds


Force Ghosting says:

Can anyone recommend a cheap pair of noise cancelling headphones for me?

Genara Canela says:

Can someone tell me if they work on a tv please???


So you’re really gonna flex on us all with those mini-mags at 3:12

Harvey D says:

I have the Mpow over the head bluetooth plus TV adapter. They work fine. I will note here that your hearing has a lot to do with what you hear over any head phones. I know this because I have moderate hearing issues.

Tejas Khandekar says:

Hey!! I’m looking to buy wireless earbuds (preferably ‘true-wireless’ but they don’t need to be) to buy under $150..anysuggestions?

Trl DJ says:

Audio Technica for lyfe!!!!

sunny mittra says:

on your commendation i am gona buy MPow ! will topup my review here after getting my hands on them

Holly M says:

I hate how large the mpow over ear are, they look tiny here cause you have big hands lmao

Da Shizz says:

I paid $750 for my Samsung wired earbuds with a mic….they came with a free Galaxy phone.

suthobay says:

Don’t even own a pair but Sony MX3 all the way

spilias111 says:

This guy constantly comes across as pretentious! Crappy channel.

Andy Tihonow says:

The two over the ear budget headphones that I keep reading are the best right now are the TT BH22 (noise canceling) and this company called Edison (best performance)

EsteBandido4444 says:

Hey Marques. I am surprised no major YouTuber has reviewed the Mobvoi Ticpods Free.
Especially you since youre a stock-Android person.

Fortunate_ Apid says:

fortnite and mark ass brown lee

Gokul Krishna says:

How about the Tribit XFree headset??

Jovan Bethel says:

So is this bass bad or nah?

A AROY says:

Could you do a test of Klipsch ear buds and over the ear headphones?

The 14th Doctor says:

My favorite wired earbuds EVER were my Panasonic’s. I’ve had a pair for over a year and they still sound as look like new. I got the ones without the play/pause button of the cord because they have a thicker wire without it. Still haven’t broken and I use them while I sleep, so the get twisted and pulled a lot

potato potato potato potato potato potato potato says:

im not hipster so i use normal ear

EsteBandido4444 says:

I believe that comfort and sound should go together, along with durability.
A good example of this, is JerryRig’s video comparing the Jaybird X3 with the other pair of Beats earbuds.

Jaybird X3 is a good example of how a good pair of earbuds do not need to be that expensive.
My only issue with the x3 is when making a call, the mic “connects” into the earbuds and I double listen to what I’m saying.

JaycubePlays says:

Honestly, my pair of the MPOW headphones and earbuds are great and I don’t have that hiss

Shortcut to pass MU says:

Tagg inferno earphones????

Saima Faisal says:

Man the presentation

Deevakshi Lakwal says:

Man can u make a video on earphone best in field

Debarshi Putatunda says:

Is having a dog or a cat in the studio necessary for YouTube Tech reviewers??


A good chunk of this video was Marques explaining the lower middle class

William Sarokon says:

I’m listening to this through Studio 3’s. Theres is a hiss with beats also. I’m on my 10th pair. Beats are still the best all around except for bud quality. Hence my 10th pair. They wear out fast & break easily. I have a dynamite fix for broken beats. My studio 3s broke 3 months after I bought them & I learned a new trick for fixing plastic. Anyone want to know just ask! Thanks for the video!!!

Daniel Beavers says:

And there all trash

streamsniper4.0 says:

My mpow headphones didn’t have a hiss when I bought them

Demario McCurry _ says:

Otium is good too

Ethan Wang says:

How the hell do u charge the wireless earbuds there is no power place

Kieran Reynold says:

More episode plz!!!!!!!!

Jimbo says:

Best earbuds for convinience? Ve monk plus at 5 bucks and sounded slightly better than earpods.

kings17court says:

These products do well because they are good bang for the buck. That’s what the majority of the world wants.


After this video, I think Marques was so mentally scarred by the lower middle class that he completely discontinued the series

QSC Caddy says:

EarPods,were are the worst headphones I’ve ever had. They always fell out.

Philip Rosenthale says:

I own all three of these! The MPOW headphones kick ass! I highly recommend them and they sound great. The MPOW earbuds a just ok. The sound is very midrange and average at best. The cheap $6 buck use and chuck wired earbuds sound ok and are cheap so when they break or you lose them you just break open another pair and continue on your way. I was shocked when I saw I was 3 for 3 in this video. Kool review.

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