PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review w/ Pulse Elite Comparison

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Fidelis Jnr Nhenga-Mugarisanwa says:


Isdatlemonade Games says:

Just ordered these off Amazon for $65 and free 2 day shipping

Just Dusty says:

“Save you from the guy thats about to knife you in the back…Maybe” So does that mean theyre bad? or is stereo better? because i prefer stereo sound over surround in fps games

Doge Master says:

I assume this can connect to the devices?… I am still looking for an answer

Undead Zerg says:

The right speaker snapped off when I took it off wrong… Piece of shit.

RssBooks K.Irving says:

all this talks.. is it safe to say I could buy this headphones smh

AdericalKraSH says:

If you have a aux cord it’s like a headphone cord so plug it into the ps4 gold headset and the PC or phone and play

OPKid29 LOL says:

Nice review on that mate!

Lebron James says:

Black and Blue

Avery Clokey says:

Can I plug a aux cable into the headset and plug the other end into the controller and use the mic?

master j says:

Can u hear foot steps???

Alexander HD says:

After years of use is this headset still perfect?

dknight xs says:

i just bought it

iiSwizzy says:

I accidentally dropped my one of these and the cups fell off dangling from a wire

Nilesh Parmar says:

Great video, where are the stand from please?

Omar Omo says:

How can I hear the both sound Mic and the game sound


wow its 2017,u started from the bottom and u are still a bottom XD JK ily

Roiice says:

Thing that sucks about this is it sweats the hell out of your ear and after having it the leather starts ripping the leather

Juan De Santos says:

this headset is really comfortable and user friendly, but around over a year of use. the hinges will start to crack and soon break. i found a quick fix for it and i’m still using them because i love them, but these are the second ones i bought.its a really bad design flaw. i wouldn’t recommend it for a permanent set of headphones.

Allen Wixted says:

so currently I use semi open DT770 Pros for gaming as I have them for music already. How would the VSS compare to semi open backs? I’m close enough to my setup to run the cabled headphones so wireless isn’t necessarily and advantage for me. I play a lot of siege so knowing where sounds are located is vital

Winnie Kellz says:

You actually predicted a Platinum Version… LOL 7:00

Crypt Artic says:

So will the surround sound help me on rainbow 6 siege

Typical Tom says:

This is better than the platinum headset

25norbi says:

Does it work with Pc too ?

Muhammad Mirza says:

Does this headset work wirelessly with your phone

Ben Vo says:

great review I might get it

GiO says:

Do you think that they’re comfortable if I bring them to the gym?

Philippe Van Kets says:

Casque cassé au niveau des branches réglables et en plus le bord de protection des oreillettes se défait . Après plusieurs demandes de réparations mêmes payantes ce fut toujours refusé par SONY .Donc je joue avec un casque/micro qui tient grâce à du Duketape .Alors je pense le remplacer par un d’une autre marque .Philippe VK “westhinder” Belgique ;-((

TheGolatho says:

let’s not waste any time, let’s get right into it

philip thethird says:

why every headphone I buy only has like a 1 year (if im lucky) lifespan?
does this last?

_ mnl _ says:

so far gone. <3

Dank Perfect says:

Love it

J Castellanos says:

Hey man I wanna ask you something? I wanna buy them but Ive seen lots of people complainig about it. they break easily they say, it’s that truth? are yours broken? I would appreciate an answer. Great vídeo man keep it up!

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