PlayStation 4 Platinum Wireless Headset Review!

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Music: Esbe –

After many years of the Sony Pulse Elite Gaming Headset being released, Sony has the new Playstation 4 4 Platinum Wireless Headset for your PS4 and PS4 Pro. In this review we’ll check out how it sounds, do a mic test, and see overall if it’s worth it.


Lord Fuhnee says:

still use my Pulse Elites ayye

Lucas Ferreira says:

can i use it with iphone 7??

Diogo says:

Does it contain actual platinum?

José Rosario says:

Does vss 7.1 work on pc or will it work on stereo only?

Pat 22 says:

That is the worst mics I’ve ever heard in my life

JenovaDoll says:

Only Uncharted 4 supports 3D audio. You cannot test it on other games

xDr.DeathDefyingx says:

So would you recommend this headset as an audio and gaming headset? Or get a separate headset for audio and gaming?

Piotr Flis says:

It doesnt use Bluetooth, mate.

LocalPigeon says:

160$ and that mic? just no

Typical Tom says:

Is the Mic good

Krys Jakubowski says:

have you tried the turtle beach stealth 420x +

Hiro says:

I don’t even own a ps4

Notorious C.H.E says:

Hey Frank have you tried the 3D audio made with the preset game options. That’s what I wanted to hear this video.

Mike says:

These are really designed to be used with PSVR, hence the 3D audio and it was released alongaide it.

ReMixx says:

What game is that @4:02

ZE KENZY says:


Fernando Prado says:

Congratulations on the video. I’m intending to buy a headset for the PS4 and its video helped a lot, but since in Brazil everything is much more expensive so, the choice should be very well made. If it is possible for you to answer a few questions, really will be greatfull for me. I use a home theater 5.1 to play on my PS4, and it is awesome for of open world games, but for games like Resident Evil 7, Evil Within 2, Outlast 2, Senuas Sacrifice, etc, the headset give other experience. There is in the manual how should I proceed (the setup is done on TV or the PS4 so that the sound comes out only headset)? Being cordless is absolutely essential to me and in your opinion (considering the pros and cons that you have exposed) is there another headset with better cost and benefit (cheaper but technically equal or more than the analyzed model) ?. Many thanks and a big hug.

Hove 201 says:

Consoles are fucking garbage anyway…. sooooo

Flarane Wolf says:

Whats next, diamond? I’m actually curious. In sound quality alone is this better than the logitech g933 spectrum arthemis

Zane Harper says:

What game was that with the zombies?

King Of Earls says:

So this might seem stupid and this vid is old but I have a question…is there any other way you can charge your headset without the PS4 on?cause I would like it to charge overnight but I can’t becasue the PS4 has to be on…any suggestions?

It's Desmond says:

Do Bluetooth headphones have to be for the PS4 to connect cuz mine ain’t workin

Rooster says:

Go open back for gaming… Philips SHP9500. Easy to drive, cheaper and better. Add a mod mic or vmoda mic. Done.

I’m sry but these are crap.

A7X says:

The pulse elite is a superior headphone set in every aspect comparing to these

Unlucky says:

I got this simply because of the wireless functionality. Fuck wires and bluetooth, am I right

Also 3:50 that is the fakest-fake chatting I have ever seen

G10 says:

Frank, will you review Steelseries’ new line of headsets? I’m thinking of upgrading my Siberia Elite PRISM’s. I want something just as bulky and audio worthy. Thanks!

EJ Silva says:

does that work on a windows pc?

xyzdig says:

I had a similar version of these for my PS3, and my house got flooded and completely ruined them 🙁

Sam Martin says:

You know this headset has 3D audio right?

RebelRedShirt _ says:

so still no 3.5mm port on the dongle?


Sony Pulse Elite was the best sony headset, in my opinion.

λucas says:

Do these work with pc?

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