Review of the Plantronics Voyager 104 Trucking Headset. Giveaway open from May 14, 2018 to May 18, 2018. Winner will be announced on May 19, 2018. To enter you must LIKE the video & leave a comment of why you want the headset.
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Joe Waite says:

hi jason I would like a system like that for the noise canceling ability you demo,d

Sidney Salinas says:

I love you guys

james severns says:

would like to have one fixing to get back in to trucking and dont have one

kevin Scott says:

I’m deaf. And need a good headset. Love you vids guys.

Fred Newman says:

That headset would work great for me, always have that drone of the straight piped exhaust in the background whenever I am talking! Sign me up for the give away!

Jose Irizarry says:

I would like to win it because I’m also on the road all day and calling places for my job while I’m in very noise environments and would really benefit from it. Love the videos keep them coming.

Pete_ Hine_Of_PA says:

I’m not a truck driver so you can skip me in the drawing, however seems like a really nice unit and decent company. ……….. Best part, squishing heather’s head!! LOL BTW, she looked sad she wasn’t in the video, awwwww.

Andrew Routh says:

Great video i would like the headset because the one ive had ive had for over four yrs and its just falling apart life is hard out here when you gotta support your family as well as yourself out here thank you for considering me and keep up the great videos

Roman's Road Trucking says:

Good review! Very thorough. Love the noise cancelling. We are looking for a new one, as we are not happy with our Blue Tigers. Add us to the list, please. God bless!

uriah highsmith says:

I would like to have it because I don’t have one 🙂

BossmanEight says:

Safety! Safety!! Safety!!!

Trucker 4 Life says:

Ya it looks like a really cool headset.

Saltydog KW says:

Wow that nose cancelling was awesome good deal! I can’t understand y people wear them all day. Would drive me crazy I use mine and take it off when not on the phone lol. Makes me feel impaired wearing it and not talking to somebody on the other end lol

James Perry says:

Oh wow nice one jason ,hey I really need that because I could never get talk to text to work good for me either on my other ones I’ve had….I have the ” blue” one now but now come on jason you know that would look good on my head going down the road…..great video once again

Gerald Lessard says:

Awesome noise canceling

Tj Miller says:

Did i miss the dash cam review?

Rick Conley says:

I could sure use one of those in my truck!

Tx4ev89 says:

I would like the headset so that I can tell my friends that I won a headset from a magical unicorn(jk Jason) What a cool story that’d be lol.

Junior Boswell says:

Hope to start trucking soon. I’m going to need one.

Bubba LowBuck says:

Wow, the noise cancelling was better than the parrot. I like it & want one

Tj Miller says:

Just started back drive after a 2 year break and am using a in ear bud style and its just garbage

Heath Close says:

Headset? Yes please!

Scott Huntington says:

Love the videos and would really love to have that headset. Keep on truckin.

Hilton Mason says:

I would love to have it using it going down the road.. U guys r great love watching yall.. Hope yall have a great day..

Michael Gerdes says:

Great review. Love your video’s. That noise cancellation would be great

John Earl says:

Need to let me know if it’s better than the blue parrot I got that one and I hate it I like the big earpiece and Mic and I been watching you all for a while I just subscribed and notification Bell be safe out there truck driver to truck driver

Kathy Kinsfather says:

My son is looking for something like that.Will give him the info.Thank you so much.

Raymond Phillips says:

Nice headset I have a no headset so would love to win it


In all honesty, I need this badly. Keep putting it off because im so indifferent on spending money on anything other than food and what I “NEED”. Plus it would be a great bday gift. Great vid guys.

Michael Brown says:

What about the volume and volume control

Jenn Doe says:

I just watched your review and I agree it is an impressive headset. I would love to win it for sure. I’ve got an older blue parrot and it has gotten to where it doesn’t last long . This would definitely be appreciated. I am in expediting also.

e whittaker says:

hi, guys first let say I like your videos. I look forward to watching them each time they come out. The reason I would like the headset is that I’m going to driving across the country and it will come in handy to keep in contact with friends and listen to music. The other reason is I’m going to start a trucking job in a couple of months and it would be great to have. Either way if i win or not i will watch your channel.

Doug Sweener says:

# give way I did drive for 27yrs now iam Disable so I started do YouTube videos I have chanel look me up if can use on my video

Ronald Formby says:

great review

TheHoolyhell says:

I love your videos! Just starting my expediting journey tomorrow actually and am interested in using a head set like that while I drive! Safe driving!

Matt_Waddy says:

I drive local in Atlanta all day every day all while answering customer service phone calls. It’s getting more and more dangerous on the roads here every day. This would be a HUGE help for my business, especially with the noise cancelling thing. That was amazing.

Antonio Jones says:

Great job sir. I would love a new headset. Great review and keep up the good work!

Zip_Zero_ZILCH says:

Currently driving piggybacks… annoyingly, I use the Bluetooth in each truck until I can get a headset… gets bad when there is no radio in the truck I take…

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