Plantronics RIG 800LX REVIEW and UNBOXING – Gaming Headset Review with Dolby Atmos

Plantronics RIG 800LX REVIEW and UNBOXING – Gaming Headset Review with Dolby Atmos

Perfect your game with 24 hours of unwired, uninterrupted focus and moving audio that sweeps all around and above you with RIG 800LX and Dolby Atmos for Headphones. Low-latency wireless technology that delivers clear, lag-free game audio and chat. All in an incredibly light headset with comprehensive audio adjustments at your fingertips. Power is RIG 800LX.


Dolby Atmos for Headphones prepaid activation code included*
Up to 24 hours of battery life
Lag-free wireless audio
40 mm drivers with low frequency resonators
Isolating earcups block noise
Control master volume, game sound and chat balance analog dial on the earcup
Lightweight, flexible and durable headset frame
Self-adjusting headband for stable comfort
Noise-canceling, flip-up mic
Four EQ settings
Wireless base for Xbox One
Power on/off and pair switch

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alex gonzalez says:

this works for windows 10 right?

philandlindsayball says:

Should I get these or the 600LX’s

Balu Hvad says:

Hi can you use it whit tv?

EDZiLLUH says:

$74.99 right now at Best Buy

Duggster says:

Whats about the mic quality?

RukiaFujioka says:

These headsets gave me a really bad headache and are far too tight on me. Is there a way to fix this?

Lataiir says:

I’ve got a HyperX Cloud 2 and a bird UM1 do you think it’s a good idea to buy this headset ?
( The sound of my Hyperx is fucked)

John Beaman says:

Nice temp probe from harbor freight

Retro Tuna says:

Nice overview but you forgot about how they sound that’s pretty important

m2usenu says:


Hydromanttla86 says:


Thijs van Abs says:

Good review but…. how do they sound? I’m upgrading from a Turtle Beach Stealth 420x +, so how do they compare? What I like about my TB is the great balance between the highs and lows, I still have a powerful bass but not insane boomy and still have good highs too. How is that on the Rig? And those presets, do they explain what they mean?

Robert Wade says:

Just got these and sound is by far the best I’ve heard compared to Turtle Beach. My only complaint is no mic monitoring at all. I can’t hear myself talk during call of duty with my friends. That is kinda driving me crazy. Anyone know if they will have an update for that?

James Stevens says:

Hi I order the xbox one x and I want to get the best gaming audio headphones rig 800lx or the razer threser ultimate or the a50 astro or the elite pro headphones with tax mixamp by turtle beach currently using hyper x alpha headphones with astro mixamp please please let me know which headphones are the best son doing

thenixhex311 says:

did you say “gender” of music?

I Phoenix I says:

It’s not the laser gun, it’s the cringe gun

Daniel Fox says:

Loses audio all the time on Xbox One. Disappointment

The Ark says:

The holder is plastic. I heard a demo of these and I wasn’t blown away. I have had my A50’s by Astro for several years. Seemed I was buying a new headset almost every year or so paying 49.99. So, I got tired and splurged to get the A50’s. This headset is fully plastic when the A50’s are medal in the section you have to adjust which means it is sturdy. Music and games are awesome. This headset with all that plastic feels cheap. My Astros’s better.

Bernard Valentinetti says:

How do these sound compared to wireless beats…how’s the volume on these? Thanks for the review

Anthony-Slay says:

Is there a mute button on these headphones?

Mcalexander Games says:

No way that’s so cool

GamerBrine says:

IKR i love this XD Keep it going my man!! ❤️❤️❤️

TheZombieGlitchers says:

Was gonna buy these but Gamestop closed at 6 today and it’s 5:54 ☹

Kevin P says:

Is the Key for Dolby Atmos for ever or for a month?

Anderson Gaming says:

That laser thing was so cringy

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