PDP Afterglow AG9 Xbox One Gaming headset Review

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Cavin Austin says:

How do I connect headset to controller without running a wire

Owen Dunn says:

Man you just saved me from returning this headset XD I couldn’t figure out why my friends couldn’t hear me then I saw you tap it once to mute and that appears to have been the problwm. Thanks

PlayboyDarion says:

Can these work with ps4 by chance if its plugged into the controller?

Brainsick Muzik says:

Dont buy this shit , got it yesterday, worked great , now today nobody can hear me and I cant hear anyone, i tried everything!!!!! Wasted my money just yesterday ………….TRASH

Jabanoshi says:

Plus the mic boom is broken, random static sounds and other nonsense

BigSig says:

My instructions suck. How long does it take to charge?

21 fatboy says:

Do not buy nothing from afterglow their fucking trash

Carl Hipwell says:

how the hell does you make it work mine keeps flashing green

Runen Rayray says:


Alex says:

Afterglow stuff is pretty bad. It’s only a glowing gimmick.

eh canadian says:

Damn you got alot of headsets

Abstract ASMR says:

I had afterglow for 3 months and then it stopped working

Salty Mango says:

You can change color too

Runen Rayray says:

Worst headsets ever, bought mine for 70$ at Walmart and lasted only one fkn month

Alan DEl villar says:

I dont get why people say they are so bad. Yeah the sound gets flipped sometimes but the fix is so simple. when you turn on your xbox just plug and unplug the usb. That is literally the only problem ive had and I still dont consider it a nuisance. it takes five seconds to do that. Ive had them for 6 months and they are just fine. especially for the price.

Luke Is beast says:

They are so bad they broke super quick 1 star

Stephan de Lange says:

Worst headset in the world…

Rîçh ærd says:

Can someone tell me why mine Ag9 sound is backwards?

Ho SwayX says:

This is only the 4th day I’ve had this headset and I can’t hear anything from my game but apparently my mic is picking up sound through party overlay (xb1) this was so expensive I fucking hate it

Vikingthumbs 96 says:

I have to put my mouth in the left headphone to barely talk when I’m like screaming into the mic

Salty Mango says:

They have change from leather to something else now so I’m happy

KillR SovietHawk says:

How do you charge the headphones?

The Lemillion says:

This mic is fucking garbage, I’ve tried everything, went to Reddit, watched tutorials, & nothing can fix the fact that I can hear everything, but no one can hear me. Fuck this mic, it’s a scam.

Badger Boys Of Southeast Iowa says:

79 bucks and hold the mode button up cycle colors.

Nicholas Turtenwald says:

Why does the chat not work need help ASAP

Runen Rayray says:


Paul Ramirez says:

So idk if anyone still sees the video but my mic only works when I have the aux cord in anyone knw why or a fix? Itd be helpful

Droopypigy says:

ok it works but not the mic someone help me and tell me how to do this

Mike Dude says:

So all you do is push the middle button and it mutes ur mic and then push again to unmute

Liz Thompson says:

Hi can I used a different usb than the one that headset came with?

Trailer Mashup Production says:

My dog chewed up my microphone where can I get a replacement microphone from afterglow at

Runen Rayray says:

People don’t get this head set.. it only last me a month before I had problems with it..

Gabe Garcia says:

Mine are registering The Sounds in the wrong ear I’m playing pubg and when people walk on the left side of me it sounds like it’s on the right side how can I fix this please

jaboi Jeff says:

HELP me the audio is so quite HELP

Zachary Cox says:

Mic is terrible, have to readjust it constantally

Rukia says:

Is there a way to change the mic volume on the headset? I use it on my Windows PC but for some reason, the volume is always low and I have the mic volume in properties max.

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