Painfully Honest Review: Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Gaming Headset

The Turtle Beach Earforce Stealth 500 P wireless gaming headset was by far one of the worst gaming headsets I’ve reviewed on this channel. Ironically, my review is the most watched and most disliked of any video on this channel. Now they’re back with a successor, The Ear Force Stealth 600 wireless gaming headset and I thought I’d see if they were as bad. There are some good features, like the native wireless connection to the Xbox One, but how do they sound?

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Bob Sanders says:

Get the razor pro v2’s $75 and 10000% better

King Michael says:

Can someone help me? I just bought theses and my friends said I sound like I’m in a tunnel can some tell me why?!

TopShelfGaming says:

dude this video was awesome! loved the review! i was thinking of getting a some decent wireless surround sound headphones for my xbox rather than plugging my premium Sony Platinum ones into the controller and only getting stereo..

Lorcan Muncaster says:


JustDF says:

I’d love to say the best headset review on YouTube however, I haven’t watched them all but I can assume this is right up there!! Great video dude. Extremely helpful!

Capone2412 says:

Hey, what about the review of the 700X you promised in the video? Would be nice to hear, what you think about it. 😉

GETxS0ME says:

Yeah I got these, I’ve had 2 turtle beaches in the past, the X1 I believe (which was stupidly wired, and I mean it was completely wired) and the 500 (which said was wireless but you still had a wire connecting from your controller to the headset) but the 600’s are completely wireless, I couldn’t believe it. These are great, and it’s extremely simple to sync up.

Arjun Mandair says:

I have no idea where to find the USB to make it PC compatible. Where do I need to buy it? And will it work the same?

Jonathan Andersen says:

The sound quality is just embarrassing. I don’t get how this headset is not a cheap one. And the mic is just terrible like most headsets.

Alvi Matin says:

I don’t know how to connect them, can someone help me

Reaper says:

Max volume is way too low. Returning mine.

Nicholas Martinez says:

i dig the shirt!!

Andrew Orlando says:

Do these work while charging?

Inv1ctus says:

Is surround sound good on this? Please respond 😀

VR_ 8 says:

7.1 ?

ben dart says:

Where is the Stealth 700 review????

Jack_Playz says:

Has anyone noticed the clicking noise in the mic test?

CurryPowder says:

What’s better the 600 or 520s

Phynix Freeze says:

Can I get them in blue if I have an Xbox?

Matthew James says:

The Superhuman Hearinf setting is activated by tapping the powet button whilst the headset is on, the three beeps is a bass and treble boost

CODY xKING says:

same I have that “Blahhh, Blahhh” when it’s too loud

Poopdeck123 says:

What is the battery life?

WTFemon says:

just bought these. pretty quiet if you compare them to my last headset the 420x. also my friends tell me my voice is quieter now because the mic if further away from my mouth.

ScottieAFC _ says:

Dude your reviews are the best, I know this is a slightly old vid but what is your best gaming headset for PS4?

judah gonzalez says:

Honestly when I used these the volume was terrible. They were so bad I thought I had set them up a wrong way so I hooked them up to the computer, updated them, and turned the volume all the way up. After that hooked them back to the Xbox and the sound left me dumbfounded. These are by far the worst headsets I’ve used.

Sean Miceli says:

I heard random popping sound when you did mic test.. but how is the noise cancellation. I have the 450 and picks up what’s heard through headset or tv all the time then get reverb echo.. berry annoying. Also how is the range

Ray Man says:

A bit late but, these or the hyperx cloud ii?

Bjorn Dremmen says:

I had the 700,returned them,shitty buildquality,cheap plastic material and didn’t get loud enough.
Bought the hyperx cloud alpha much better then turtle beach

JourneyModz says:

I’m getting this after my x12 that I broke when I moved and the jack rotated causing it to make that annoying sound and i ripped the wire out of the headset. Hopefully wireless is great.

Nick Jones says:

Is there a way to mute these without opening up Xbox party?

Dreamality manga creator says:

Can you please give me a step by step way to get this to work man I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, luke they turned on but I can’t hear any sound when I move my controller or play

Moo Poo says:

Fuck dude you throwing them shits around like they didn’t cost money

Martin H says:

In my opinion the super human hearing is too loud when i play fortnite.
When it’s on the, walking, Wind, and shooting seems to give me a shock and Lose my focus. Anyone Else having this problem On fortnite?
And Also, the soft part seems too pushed on my head.

Mark Tudor says:

Excellent review mate. Like the straight forward review.

MrFade 2Blak says:

Appreciate this video bro….I was skeptical about getting a new headset after my 700s broke on the adjustments

The Gamer says:


My old names gone now sorry says:

Used this headset with full volume with the fortnite hand cannon and full volume made it blast like dubstep

Gary C says:

Garbage headset. Crackles and constantly losing connection to my one X…which is only 5ft away. And my speakers were reversed! Sounds on my right, were actually on the left n vice versa. I flipped them around and the sounds were correct except the mic which u can only use in 1 direction unlike other headsets….is in the wrong place then. I returned them and switched to astros

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