Overwatch: NEW D.Va Headset, Mouse & Mouse Mat Review!

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This is a sponsored video by Razer, this new Overwatch D.va headset, mouse and mousemat looks and play amazing and we are the first people lucky enough to review this product! Let us know what you think and be sure to drop a Like & subscribe if you enjoyed!
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Your Overwatch says:

How crazy is this!? Be sure to check it out here: http://rzr.to/ZcVSP

What other heroes gear would you like to see in the future!?

Alexander Denchev says:

Looks uncomfortable :/

Seafoam Serpent says:

So will this mouse be made in a color that doesn’t suck like the normal black?

Akamerin says:

But does it have a mic

Krnt13 says:

But it looks so Cheap!
Sorry its the first thing that came in to my mind, maybe It couldn’t be helped the design itself is simple.
Also at first sight looks like the earpiece position seems too forward and makes it look like is not going to sit in the correct position as in the example provided.

Dominik Valdez says:



Luci says:

Mfw no mic

Tony Scimeca says:

this is hilarious

Keoki Sasaki says:

A Genji mouse with an “i need healing” hotkey on the side for convenience

CosmicCum says:

headset looks like garbage fire with terrible head/ear feel and the mouse looks kinda lazily done with nothing special about it, I dig the pad though. Anyway hope razor isn’t hoping to fetch a premium price for this stuff

TheUnholyOne says:

No one in the comments cares about the cute Asian wifu?? Okay then, cool Razor stuff I guess.

gorrilaboy22 says:

This d.va themed headset and mouse look uncomfortable as hell.

Rhea Gwyndolin says:

I’m kinda upset with no delivery option to my country (México) but yet countries that I’ve never heard off are on the shipping list.
I hate this world.

Annie says:


Dean Se says:

when the vid is 420 long ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

David Basaldua says:

Stupid question here. Where is the mic??

Riyaadh Hans 2 says:

The best would be sombra

Satoru Satan says:

Does the headset have a mic?

SamuelElPesado says:

Soooo Cuuuttteee!!!! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*: ・゚

Ruebe Gaming says:

make a genji butt booty pillow plz

Ben Smid says:

does razer ask you to do these reviews, aye karamba

Vita-Kyte says:


Sheahon 117 says:

Widowmaker!!! Please! WIDOWMAKER!!!!!

JaketheBrony96 Gaming says:

Key edition to cosplay more like key edition to porn amirite

Cheshire Cat says:

Mouse and especially the headset look kind of like cheap plastic. And the ear pads are… interesting. Usually there is a part that goes around the ear to put the pressure on the head instead of the ear. I am sceptic about this. It looks too much like a quick money grab through the D.Va hype, without offering much quality. But that is something a real review should show. maybe it’s much better than it appears.

kamenkaze says:

Fuk I need this

Kay IHG says:

i think the headset doesn´t look like it will cancel sound, which i think is kind of important :-/
quick moneygrab for razer and blizzard
Also looks realy cheap dont wanna hate because i´m a fan of blizzard and razer but this is not up too par with their other stuff :-/
*Trump voice* SAD !!!

Captain dorf says:

This video is 420 blazin

AlexLuo0591 says:

Why the headset is not RGB?

Pugcowsheep says:


Oppiko says:

the headset is great, but id prefer a tactical visor

mega blast says:

Waiting for lucio headphones now

batatat says:

I was wondering how long it would take to make D.Va’s headset

fluck says:

Its razer so its probably shit audio and quality 🙂

joseph pavek says:

I want some tracer goggles.

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