Oculus Go VR Headset Review!

We test and review the new Oculus Go standalone virtual reality headset! Jeremy and Norm go over how this $200 headset compares with current desktop and mobile VR setups, what you can and can’t do on it today, and whether VR enthusiasts should care about it.

Disclaimer: Oculus provided us with this test unit for review.

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Tested is:
Adam Savage http://www.twitter.com/donttrythis
Norman Chan http://www.twitter.com/nchan
Simone Giertz http://www.twitter.com/simonegiertz
Joey Fameli http://www.twitter.com/joeyfameli
Kishore Hari http://www.twitter.com/sciencequiche
Sean Charlesworth http://www.twitter.com/cworthdynamics
Jeremy Williams http://www.twitter.com/jerware
Ariel Waldman http://www.twitter.com/arielwaldman
Kayte Sabicer https://twitter.com/kaytesabicer
Bill Doran https://twitter.com/chinbeard
Gunther Kirsch
Ryan Kiser

Set design by Danica Johnson http://www.twitter.com/saysdanica

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Sadnehs says:

Hey this looks like a really cool and convenient doorway into VR for me. I was convinced that I wouldn’t bother with VR for many more years, but this looks comfortable and convenient!

“60 Hz panel, can go up to 72 Hz for some games” ….
That’s bad. Not happening yet.

SweViver says:

I wonder if these Go lenses could be used on a Vive/Vive Pro just like the Gear VR lenses which are (so far) superior to any of the existing PC VR headsets… 🙂

Sweet Potato says:

The Rift still needs improvement. Any downgrade is a NO for me.

fox Gamer says:

How come all the games are on sale that there free

Justin Frost says:

can Minecraft VR run in the Oculus Go

nazart says:

OMG if you are not going to clip your nails at least clean your fucking nails you dirty piece of shit!!

hiczok says:

Can I choose a room or theater environement for watching a movie? Only way is to copy onto it? Does not seem too great because movies are very large

Neel Sawhney says:

Only 3 degrees of freedom = no buy for me

BioFreak says:

Random question: Where did Norm get his shirt?

Dave Kite says:

Great review guys – Cheers.

Alexis Marrero says:

Goes on vacation with family. Gets to hotel. Everyone unpacks. And then he puts on a VR set to leave his family behind. Lol

Dante Corbett says:

They would have destoryed every VR headset if this thing had USB-C… like you could charge, use it to montior from a usb-c device, data transfer, expand storage and more!! I’d pay $50-100 more if it had that and slightly higher res optics.

Janred says:

I need to try this out for movies and YouTube while laying on the back. I tried it with a headset for the smartphone and it was kinda cool, but resolution was too (5,2″ 1080p) low etc…
Also, do you think it could be a great way to present architecture to customers on the go? I am working in this branche and used a regular rift for virtual reality tours through planned and visualized architecture. But its limited to the office with a PC or at least a Laptop. Could you move around in 3D space with the little controller or does it have to be the Xbox one. Or do you think 3D pictures is the only thing that would work fine on this?

MrTBoneSF says:

Since many 3D movies aren’t getting US blu-ray releases (or they’re in very short supply and sell out on release day), this might be an alternative to get 3D movies delivered digitally. It would save the hassle of importing 3D movies from the UK (which seems to get a blu-ray release of every 3D movie) and having to worry about region lockout. Does the VUDU app (which on Rift supports 3D movie playback) work with 3D movies on this device?

Lisa Lefteye says:

$200 to replace my cv1 lenses then……….? seeing as you can’t but new ones from oculus

1992djg says:

Gear vr minus usable phone it’s a cash grab

Chris Walker says:

Sell it to those one room apartment people to simulate more space, haha.

Peanut Turner says:

As a Vive owner/lover, I think something like this will be perfect for watching movies/TV shows on a 10hr plane flight or similar, as long as it’s comfortable enough. I wish they’d have included an SD card slot though…. Also I wish it could somehow include a video input so I could, for example, play my Nintendo Switch on a virtual 70″ screen whilst on a plane, but I get why that might be too much to ask….

2nd3rd1st says:

$200 for a “My First VR” experience? I’ll just not eat for a month, that should finance this easily.

NobleBrutus says:

Question: As a GearVR owner is there any point in getting this?

ಠ_ಠ says:

How the fuck is it $200 over there, its £500 odd in amazon UK

ultra instinct says:

Gear vr powered by oculus seems the same, except for the wireless part

Michael Taylor says:

can you watch film on your iPhone using this? or you have to download videos within the Oculus

Ty Davies says:

But there’s a question we are all asking… CAN IT RUN CRISIS!?!?!

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