Ninja’s headphones: Beyerdynamic DT990 pro review

Today Whiteshadow takes a look at the headphones pro streamer Ninja uses while streaming and playing Fortnite! The DT 990 pros are a 250ohm headphone that really pump out high quality sound. In this video we dive in to why they’re so great, and why Ninja uses them on stream every single day while playing Fortnite.

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DT990 pro:

Soundblaster X7 amp:

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Esteban Hernandez says:

Can you use them on a ps4?

Murray Bingham says:

Hey what’s probably the best headphones for gaming you’ve used for under 200 £

Niels Gerritsen says:

Can you combine these with ASUS XONAR/DGX?

Dissonance says:

He used Ninja for tha headphones and the amp

2reゼロから人生を始める says:

I have the dt 1990 pro for gaming

TheMasterJarvis says:

do these have good sorround sound

Crafty Tricker says:

Wait so they don’t work on xbox?

Steven Game Zone ツ says:

Great vid! I just recently bought a Game One and i love it! But i realized they are stereo, and I’m looking for a cheap sound card or amp with 7.1.

Fernando Tous says:

Frequency response doesn’t fucking matter. You can only hear up to 22Khz max. A headphone that reaches only half of what does do might outperform Them in the LISTENABLE RANGE. also HEADPHONES not HEADSETS.

Adam Röhr says:

Hey, what amp do you recommend if my budget is around 100-200? I want surround sound, is it better to buy an amp with surround sound or just dowload for exempel razers surround sound software?

mostafa Ahmed says:

So I have a ps4,mac and pc and I want to use them with every single one so what do i need and also could I occasionally use it with my iPhone so please tell me what to do and thanks also can you tell me a good mix that could work for streaming and discord and ps4 thanks again

TRUgaming says:

YOOOO GUYS!!! Thqnk you so much for the 40k views! I’m blown away! -Whiteshadow

Tornado ツ says:

Do I need a amplifier for this tho work good for fortnite?

CKUM says:

Hey quick question if anyone can answer if u get a ps4 headset with a removable 3.5mm mic can u just take that out the headset and plug it into the controller and it will work as a mic while plugging my own headphones into a monitor?? Please answer someone I need to know

GingoGh0st says:

Is it surround sound on these

David Griffin says:

I’m trying to get surround sound on Fortnite mobile, so I can better decifer other players positioning with just audio alone. I’m ignorant about audio, and don’t want to waste my money on headphones that won’t meet the function I want them to. Do you have any tips on how I can achieve this? 🙂

ImYourProGamer 3 says:

I’m not an adult so would these be too big for me I’m only 14

iNTBenjislaw says:

Do they work good with the soundblaster x g1?

Rae Zeral says:

Hi nice review , I want use this headphones on my computer without the dac or amp (maybe buy it later ) can i take the 250ohm version ? Or it’s will be horrible

SnuSnu’s Son says:

Their good because they’re studio quality headphones

Adrian says:

Is a FiiO E10K Olympus 2 a good enough amp for this 990 pro (250 ohms) headphone?

Xsen seiX says:

Are they better than Astros and steel series

Conner Shubeck says:

Did you notice a difference in sound quality after your burned the headphones in? I’m hearing after about 50 hours of use they sound more well rounded.

jnetterr says:

Could you explain what the difference between the 32 OHM, 250 OHM, and the 600 OHM versions. New to PC but want a solid headset. I’d prefer not to have an amp. What are the pros and cons of a higher OHM headset since they seem to all the same price

You suck 69 says:

How comfy are these

ForSakeN Plays says:

I would like these but they’re open back and requires an amp to really make it worth it. >:(

Mr Gamer says:

Does this Headset works on PS4??

MassinA says:

I have the Asus rog strix z370 f motherboard in my selfbuild computer, can I use this headphone to play fortnite without using the x7 blaster Or do I need an upgrade? (Not planning on buuung the blaster as it’s pretty expensive) Thanks

jnetterr says:

Could you explain what the difference between the 32 OHM, 250 OHM, and the 600 OHM versions. New to PC but want a solid headset. I’d prefer not to have an amp. What are the pros and cons of a higher OHM headset since they seem to all the same price

Joel Garcia says:

Hey whiteshadow I seen you reviewed both headphones, what has better sound for pinpointing footsteps,

The MMX 300 or the DT 990?

Joltar says:

Do u have to buy an amp? Or do they work without

King Solrac says:

Is there a cheaper Amplifier that you all suggest?

D B says:

Are these good if you play fps and really like the bass sounds of explosions and shots being fired?
And would you say it’s necessary to get an amp? If so, which one (hopefully not TOO expensive)

Grim says:

To be perfectly honest, unless you’re going to stream with these, I’d go ahead and pay a little more for the DT 990 Premiums. They have memory foam velour earpads and are generally regarded as being more comfortable than the Pros. Aesthetically they look like AC units attached to your ears, but if that’s all you care about go get whatever the newest gaming headphones are. You also don’t have to pay 200+ for a good AMP/DAC combo, if you want something cheap, easy, and small look into a FiiO E10k. They’re only 50 to 60 bucks and work very well for a very budget level Amp/Dac. I feel like the reviewer should have also mentioned Antlion Modmics (though he might not have known). These are high quality headphones that aren’t built for “gaming”, which basically means these don’t come with a mic or surround sound. If you don’t feel like buying a desktop microphone or something similar, you can get a mod mic which is basically a clip on microphone that sticks to your headphones they’re amazing and I absolutely recommend them.

Pølse 0 says:

So i have to get a mix amp or what that things called before the headphones work good for gaming?

Nicolas Olive says:

Hello, I have been wandering around for weeks trying to figure out which audiophile headphones (between $100-$300) would be the BEST for gaming. I’ve had the Beyerdynamic MMX-300 for a couple of years and really liked it but the cable just gave up on me.

Anyway, could you give me please like a top5 of audiophile headphones that are great for gaming ? (soundstage seems important).

Also which budget AMP would you recommend to use with the DT-990 Pro ?

I’m really really lost and cannot decide, it’s so hard :p



Rambi says:

Finally, More channels need to point gamers towards propper headphones.
I game with HD700 and Modmic myself, Driven by Creative X7.

Lebron Foogut says:

Will I have any downsides or problems if I pair this with Astro mixamp pro?

TRUgaming says:

Hey guys! Whiteshadow here, I’ve been getting alot of questions about what amp he uses. I recently did a review of the EXACT ampflifier Ninja uses with the DT990 Pros! Check it out here:

CALzoneOP says:

Awesome vid!

0 subs without videos says:

Are these worth to buy if im just playing and joking with friends or should I just buy some cheaper pair?

Adeiyeeb says:

Does it come with a mic?

KinglyMass says:

Can I use the headset without the dac or amp on ps4?

Seif Bryce says:

So what exactly do I need to use these headset on pc. Do I need any extras or I just plug them in and then I’m good to go?

Grim says:

While I consider these headphones the best all arounders for gaming, if you’re looking purely for a sound whoring competitive advantage where you can basically hear a pin drop from a mile away, get the Audio Technica AD 700x. Those things have the best soundstage out of any other headphone I’ve used and I absolutely rape people with it on PUBG. But I will say again that the DT 990s are much better all around.

Th3FinalGear says:

How well would these work with line 6 ux1

Tarex says:

Getting these with Sound BlasterX G5. Do you think it will be a good combo?
Great video!

No Name says:

I see everyone saying you NEED an amp for these..
I have a (according to MSI) mobo that can drive up to 600Ohm headphones.

MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon, could it run these headphones and how bad would it be compared to an external amp?

LuvToShoot says:

what is that box next to your left hand at 5:36. Whats it used for?

someone php says:

+TRUgaming i have a amp in my motherboard, its the Asus Prime z370-a. It says that you can use high ohm headphones on this motherboard. Even when i have a soundcard in my motherboard, is it then still needed to buy amplifier for those headphones?? an awnser would’ve be appreciated.

In the info it says this:

Integrated amplifier Suitable for driving high-impedance headphones, without roll-off at high or low frequencies.

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