New Astro Gaming A10 Headset Review! Mic Test + Sound Test ($60 Headset Unboxing)

Astro Gaming A10 Headset For PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac & Mobile:
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Welcome to today’s new video, Astro Gaming A10 Headset Review! Mic Test + Sound Test – $60 Affordable Headset Unboxing

ASTRO Gaming has finally released a headset that won’t cost as much as your console. The new ASTRO A10 is only $60 but has the same speakers as the A50 or A40. In today’s video I compare the audio quality, durability, plug & play nature of the headset, and all other relevant features. There is no unboxing as the box is very simple. Overall, the is probably the best low priced headset on the market. And yes, this video is very obviously sponsored by ASTRO Gaming.



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Alex Tanner says:

Would you recommend getting these? I wanna get a headset with clear audio for call of duty for a reasonable price

Dr. RobloxGaming says:

Thanks so much for the mic test. Nobody else that reviews these does it.

GenesisnKaidence says:

The mic is complete trash.. coming from A50’s I just bought them so my dog can chew on them..

Elias Gaming says:

You cant get it with a iphone 7

Vivni says:

Decent headphones, but the Astro headsets don’t do the price tag any justice. Brands like Sennheiser or Logitech do. But this is my opinion.

Bunn YT says:

Well… this is going to my christmas wishlist

Royce leslie says:

Just got mine today

Tarek Elsakka says:

7:02 I just lost it! Amazing video.

Steven Herron says:

Can you control the game chat volume and gameplay volume?

Rick Lozano says:

Can I add a Mix amp to this bad boy

Solluminati's Badge Scanner #squintedeyes says:

audio is insane ill use your link i need that

Wrathcaster says:

R.I.P Headphone users, We will miss you. 7:04

Ryan O'Donnell says:

I’m about to buy this. Is it worth it?

TikkStar Gaming says:

So… This headset is lit?! Lol there not too bad bruh.

BusyIsGiant says:

Sounds great

Dysphoric says:

Disclaimer 1 2 and 3 should be this video is sponsored

Vixa Blue says:

I really need help… I can plug my headset and it gets recognized so I can hear.
Tough the mic dosen’t work… Idk if it is a mute option that I need to deactivate or what.

tylorrichter says:

Bro . . . do you even “bro” bro!? But for real, thanks for the code! Ordering a set to replace my Turtle Beach XO stereo

APR Diamond says:

Can you mute yourself with these ?

Joey Almeida says:

im going to buy these haeadset next week if i like it theres defenetly potential for me to get the a20

Lu J says:

Looking for Xbox one headset under 100. What’s the best one?

steven marks says:

They are on sale at Amazon for 47

RustyBacon106 says:


narutoaznfreak says:

Good review thanks to u I know that imma buy these for sure cuz there cheap lol

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