*NEW* Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset Unboxing & Review (PLUS GIVEAWAY)

Thanks for watching guys! This headset is epic!
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Official Kreate says:

When you hear yourself talk through the Astro A50’s it truly pains me. Might return them.

VXIV says:

mine didnt come with a base station?

pickadoliver says:

Really late on the vid, but a question! Will I be able to have game chat on the ps4, while still being able to chat via the pc (discord)?

lxlxlxlx lxlxlxlx says:

Does connenct with aindroit phones?for music/youtube?

Roberto Romero says:

You said you aren’t getting paid? Why not name other head sets that are comparable and not from Astro #paid

San Cliphunter says:

10 our battery live*

BlouCapitan says:

Where do I buy the separate base station?

Zachary Mifflin says:

you get what you pay for
how much did you pay????
your a FN TOOL

Marylin mans says:

Dont believe that 7.1 thing …nothing better than stereo and open back headphones to track ennemies..thank me later!!

MrVortem says:

Gentlemen, obviously this is PS4 compatible, but what about PS3?

Money Militia says:

Just brought these brand new for 110pounds from Argos

AsphaltWarrior says:

DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE!!! I owned a pair of these for 3 months and the left speaker blew out after a vehicle explosion in a game. Loved them for those 3 months though, but I’ll never buy these again.

Unknown94 says:

Only nerds need this to game. Nerds always have to have the best.

Adrian A. says:

Look to left at 3:46

xZombiii says:

LOL put the video speed to .50x and start at 5:20 sounds stoned/drunk

Duke Jones says:

how’s the base impact in them? I am a base head so I love base. I have the pulse Elite wireless headset. the base in them are top notch. that’s how I like my headsets. if these can match the sound in the pulse elites then I am sold. because they look hella comfortable, and that is my problem with the pulse elites. that & they keep breaking at the base.

Tobias R. says:

Different colors? No!

Frozen Mist says:

Sadly this headset won’t be compatible with a ps4 slim

Noah Day says:

Does it have a mic?

Santiano Leeward says:

I love blue but have an Xbox one s (blue edition) decissions

Solaiman Ibrahimi says:

Do you need a base station? I’m planning on buying one for PS4 that doesn’t come with a base station. Will I still be able to use the mic?

Sniperking469 says:

how could i sign up to review these?

Domingo Gomes says:

U are selling a product, not doing the review…

Green Tree Fan says:

Are they waterproof

Jackson Zabel says:

Do the a50’s work for ps4 and xbox one?

Viljak says:

you can tell that this fucko is sponsored by Astro

Agili says:

300$ and it cant atleast be compatible with every console… id rather buy myself an xbox and a pair of headphones BOOM crazyrussianhacker two thumbs up for me

Noel Jimenez says:

lol in this video he actually acknowledged that he was affiliated with the company

Eli R. says:

The thing is you didn’t mention one con about the headset? You didn’t mention the mic dropping out which is a noted problem with users. I get your sponsored but damn bro thats not even fair to your viewers. Shame on you.

iraklious says:

Can this work on the mac?

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