My New FAVORITE Gaming Headset! Sennheiser PC37X

The Sennheiser PC37X represents another partnership between Massdrop + Sennheiser but this time they are bringing one of today’s BEST gaming headsets -the Game One- to a much lower price point! This is an initiative we can certainly get behind!

Check out the PC37X here:

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Vinni L says:

this and the game ones are the same price right now, is there a difference? Which should i get?

Plastic Mana says:

omg you looked so good BEFORE the hair cut!! XD

HACKED says:

I want to see a Sennheiser headphone similar to the pc37x but with the quality of the Sennheiser hd6xx/650 and with a dial like the gsp 500/600 for the volume instead of that stupid scroll thingy on the pc37x and game zero/one

HACKED says:

Just legit bought a sennheiser pc37x off massdrop rn

Eagle Eye says:

I have audio technica studio headphones, shure earphones. I’m in the market for gaming headset. For $120 this is on my list
Always looking for quality products . Thanks Dimitri

Conrad Cutty says:

What’s the difference between these and the game one’s? The game one’s just have a red circle on the cups, but besides that, they’re the same, right? Or is there a quality difference?

Ahmed Elgohary says:

Can you do Sennheiser pc37x vs gsp 500

Acetigg - says:

These work with consoles?

DCfuels says:

Quick question are you albe to turn on and off the surround sound if I choose to??

Dum blaze says:

Can I use this on my ps4

Rocket 1823 says:

Dude your so sexy.

Davidii Gwapo says:

Is this okay with glasses?

Elpsy congroo says:

why i can’t find it at amazon or newegg ?

Majekk says:

wow !chris pratt has a tech channel ?

David Hul says:

Iron Fist?

Scorpion says:

So where is the difference to the game one headset?

MrPiklez says:

5:05 lol I saw that friendly fire

M Ol says:

How long did it take the headset to arrive acter ordering it?
Just asking because I heard that it can take for months…

Starcko says:

I got this headset a few months ago. I just wanna ask how do I get the right audio settings for the mic not to pick up sounds like air coming from my electric fan. I use voice detection in discord and sometimes when im not even speaking the mic activates.

Mackenzie Hannah says:

Can I use these on ps4?

Kimi Na No Wa says:

So, what’s the difference between PC37X & Game One? Is it just the base and red accents?

NogginMan556 says:

so you can’t use this for the ps4? I thought you could.

Henkjan Steringa says:

i don’t understand how a headset that is both not wireless and does not support surround sound can be a favorite. Maybe if you only listen to music?

Adri says:

Which one has the best HD quality mic? No matter the price

Kristian says:

im a bit late but i just want to ask if there is any warranty on them?

EDIT: i mean when i buy them from massdrop

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