My New Favorite $50 Gaming Headset – Cougar Immersa Review

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PORTUGAL RDuarte_pt says:

MY FRIEND PLEASE REVIEW THE HEADPHONE RAZER ELECTRA ! BROOOOO I HAVE 100% IT WILL BE YOUR FAVORITE HEADSET FOR EVER !! TRUST ME !!! im not a fan boy but broooooo UNTIL today I din0t FOUND a better HS ON PRICE RANGE OF 60 € AND I HAVE THIS hs 5 years ! STILL WORKING LIKE BRAND NEW ! pls try get one .. the HS its not done Anymore so you can buy it 2 Hand . But broo trust me BEST BUY YOU CAN MAKE FOR SURE ! I HOPE see a review from that HS .. specs !
FREQUENCY response 25 -16 000hz
sens 104 + 3 db
in powee 50 mw
Impedance 32 owms
40 mm neodymium aluminum voice coil !!!!!!!


VTROLL Vapes says:

awesome to see Some SA action for pc stuff!!! keep it up bro!!!

S M says:

Love to see South African Youtubers with quality content like this, makes it really easy to relate to your videos.

Here’s an idea: I’m sure you’ve seen other channels like Linus Tech Tips, techsource and so on do videos on tech deals or specials every so often. If you started doing similar with South African prices and markets I’m sure you’d rake in views.

Mihael says:

mic is pce of sht

Pizza Face says:

4th, im going to be first one day

Maximilian Z. says:

Sorry, but once u went for Headphones + Mic you can’t go back. Honestly don’t buy cheap Headsets, or Headsets at all. Do your m8s a favour. Let them hear you in a good quality!

Artis Lv says:

Hello, is it good for csgo, like picking up footsteps and the direction?

Garreth Hodgkinson says:

The design and actual aesthetics of the headphones are great. But man, the mic is really not great.
P.S. Fantastic taste in the gladiator theme song! Hans Zimmer ftw.

Benjamin Holst says:

compared to the Redragon Siren 2? 🙂

Arctic Wolf says:

Awe bros I live in S A

Im building pc soon its a 30 000rand build wish we luck

Saliem Matthews says:

So checking your videos and this headset looks like one that I might go for. awesome video sir keep up the amazing work.

Timmy Morton says:

Cougar ftw whats your rank?

Chessy Strikes says:

not 7.1?

Casual Gamer says:

good review but the orange colour puts one off

Juan Carmen Chetty says:

Hi There

how is this compared to the Hyperx Cloud Stinger or Reddragon Siren 2 ??

Matt van den bergh says:

Ek love jou vids dude. Ek het nou die dag die redragon siren 2 gekoop en ek love hulle. Maar wat ek wou net weet hoe compare hulle met die cougar?

Dj Unicorn says:

I convince my dad to buy me a gaming PC but he only said it can be R6000 can you help me

Jordan The Booster says:

Can I have a pair for free pls ;-;

M77G says:

Almost looks like a set of open back headphones.

Trent Shepherd says:

that mic didnt blow me away… maybe it was just the recording, but def the worst mic i’ve heard in a while… maybe all my gaming mates have premium headsets like me.

T Bosch says:


Jason Siddall says:

Why don’t you put prices in Rands?

Hype. says:

Wow this channel is really growing …I prefer the red Dragon siren 2….. oh and it’s lukeodeath, I changed my name

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