MIND BLOWING!….AND ONLY $50! : Corsair HS50 Headset REVIEW

Buy Them Here: https://amzn.to/2MeERys

So these have so much to offer for a gaming headset that is only $50. Can they be the new king of $50 headsets……could they even be the best pair of headphones to buy for $50? Enjoy!

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Hyper says:

Is this good for cod

Hammad Tanveer says:

Corsair HS50 vs hyper x cloud stinger ?

Ryan says:

These, G430’s, or HyperX Cloud 1’s?

D3Str0y3r R0c8 says:

My brother is 11 my question is do they fit on smaller heads or nah?

naveh bar hama says:

I buy it now in prime day

Sarwat Saadaat says:

tell me please razer kraken pro v2 or corsair HS50?
comfort wise, sound quality wise

ayuub abukar says:

Lmao, the surround sound/wireless options jump it to $99, I’ll pass

Joey Nguyen says:

Which is better this or the m40x?

Sup Yoo says:

nahh hard pass after wasting money on corsair void pro’s.

Josh Eggen says:

Wait so the mic isn’t gonna work for ps4 cause there isn’t 2 headphone jack?

Mohamad Wasfi says:

Is the wire detachable?

hoisek says:

you kind of sound like randomfrankp with the mic test lol

Jack West says:

They only have 3.5 stars on Amazon… why?!?

Hashir Owais says:

How do these compare to the arctis 3, I play on the PS4 BTW great review

ΛΞSТHΞТłϾ Name says:

But can they beat Apple ear buds

Justin Errico says:

I have this headset and it is terrible

BJ Gaming says:

which one Corsair hs70 or Hyperx Cloud Alpha?

FoundPegasus776 says:

I got it and almost can’t take it off ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hashir Owais says:

These or the Arctis 3

gra hoofd says:

Do you know how to fix echo in party chat?


bought this and do not regret it 🙂

Kruos says:

Mine broke after 2 months! Don’t buy them! CRAP!

Aniket Lamba says:

These vs Hyper X Cloud’s? I’m getting Cloud’s at 4700 INR as opposed to 5000 INR for HS50’s.I’m going to use the headset with my PC for playing Rainbow 6 Siege and with my phone for listening to music.Let me know.

TheGoldG says:

There is a hs60 and hs70
HS60: stereo and 7.1 surround sound
HS70: stereo and 7.1 surround sound and wirless

Brandon Posada says:

loved the video! helped a lot…

V sick says:

it is better than stinger?

Anoxx says:

dude these headphones are great, been using them for about a month now. really good sound, super comfortable, and a few essentials like a volume dial and a mute button just for $50. Overall I’d give this a solid 9/10, good bang for your buck.

Trippie Redd says:

These or astro a10

babixillo says:

i bought this, sounds good and comfortable. but i have issues with mic it picks up hiss noise (i plugged it in my pc) and sounds very silent, it does have boost option but when i increase the boost to 10-30db the noise is louder too. and i hate noise reduction option because it makes my voice sounds like a robot and when i press mute unmute the noise come back and noise reduction works after like 2 second, not good for ‘push to talk’ gaming. can anyone help what to do? i’m considering buying dac but its pretty expensive.

iLitTJ says:

Would corsair hs50 beat hyperx cloud stinger on ps4 mic wise?

Ilham Adhiana says:

These or void pro? Because the differences only about $15 in my country

Y4H1RZ says:

Was planning to get hyper x cloud alpha until i saw this vid. Thanks man you helped me save some money.

iLitTJ says:

Would you rather have Corsair HS50 on ps4, or HyperX Cloud Stinger on ps4?

phraze says:

I’m really on the edge here. I already have the HyperX Cloud II. But I’m considering buying the Corsair HS70. It’s the same as HS50 just wireless and 7.1 surround. What do you think dude?

Tabetic says:

Do you need to plug in both plugs to get audio and mic use?

_ALtai[R]_ says:

Weight of this headset?

Hanief Kurniawan says:

should i get this or razer kraken pro v2? all i need just to hear footstep clearly.

FastAndQueerious says:

Do you think the mic quality is better on these or the Void Pros?

Chewy Potato says:

Is the hyperx cloud 1 loud in ps4?

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