Max Comfort CONFIRMED! – Sennheiser GSP 600 Review

The Sennheiser GSP 600 isn’t inexpensive but after this review, it is obviously one of the BEST we’ve seen in a long time. Its unique design may not be for everyone but it is built for comfort, microphone quality is amazing and the sound signature is just right.

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Review unit provided free of charge by Sennheiser. This video is sponsored by Toshiba OCZ. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. All purchase links listed in the description have Hardware Canucks AMAZON monetary affiliation.

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blackfire says:

Can someone plz suggest me a headset or headphone(with mixamp & mic) for PS4

Interferronis says:

Димон ты родом из России? Акцент очень похож 🙂

Night Blu3 says:

Can you hear yourself talk on the gsp 600?

jonnywren says:

They look like shit. Why can we buy a headset like the 990 pros, add a mod mic and we have better audio, better mic and looks so much nicer than the cheese ball gamer swag, all for the same price. Designers are still in 2011.

Brandon Cobb says:

A gaming headset without mic side tone or voice playback? That Seems impossible for any company to think thats ok….

ThatMuscleNKid says:

Look at this, WAA, LOOK at this, Hahah best

Real-Killaa- says:

So i am looking for a gaming headset for ps4 and i know both are good and both have awesome mics, which do you recommend, Game Zero or GSP600? i like closed back and durability

Paulo Thiago says:

if a headset doesn’t have a review here, i take off my list! such a great channel, thank you guys.

Concentraze says:

i bought that headset for only 135 easy profit?

FlashRedux says:

my gsp 600 mic is not working and i don’t know how to fix it 🙁 the headset is fine though

Robin Lundgren says:

Game One > GSP 600 microphone, judging from this video.
But damn, those GSP 600s look sweet.

gelul12 says:

plugged mine in… windows wont even detect it

Adam says:

What motherboard are you using? i want to know if my motherboard would be okay to handle this

Xanh Nguyen says:

this one or the new steelseries or something else?

Yadher Bustamante says:

after this video I went for it because my problem was comfort, (coming from the corsair void pro) but I don’t know about the most comfortable headset ever………… after a few hours these things are heavy and leave indents. maybe I play too long but I had a 5 hour gaming session and this is killing me. I feel a bit mislead. great quality but what the hell they are so dam heavy and the pressure on the head is crazy at any setting. unless you only use them for an hour or so I don’t know how these can be called max comfort……..just got them today with the gsx 1000….its killing me.

MazeVlog says:

Please review the new MMX 300 V2

Sneakerhead_107 says:

It’s beautiful

Elliot Metz says:

Game one or gsp 600 wich is the Best ?

Watch At Ur Own Rizk says:

What would u choose for shooters ??? Game one or GSP 600 ? Im so conflicted with both because i really would like to try open headsets but you do say the GSP 600 is great closed headset that makes it feel like its a open headset… ??? Please help !!! Should i look for something in the department were they have 7.1 dolby ?

Mc001Rem002 says:

I will keep my pc 360’s and Astro 5.8 mixamp from 2010 that still work lol!

MONEYMAV47 says:

How do I amplify these for an Xbox if the gsx 1000 isn’t compatible with consoles? Would I have to get something like the Astro TR? HELP

zakblue says:

Great review. The point about not being able to hear yourself when you talk through the mic is a huge one and glad you brought it up. I’ll stick to my 10 year old HD650s and separate mic I think.

Infrared Dreamer says:

What’s dumber looking…this or the Corsair Void Pro? I’m going with this one!

GoryonDaGreat says:

You look like stsr lord
From Guardians oc the Galaxy
Like if you agree

Keyser Söze says:

so one thing i dont understand is how do you get surround sound if its a gaming headset with 3.5 mm??

justin6547 says:

Did you have to EQ these? Usually with real headphones you run a flat EQ. I got the gsp 600 and out of the box they sound awful, since these are gaming headsets are they expecting them to be eq’d?

Levi Lemke says:

I like them. I have a really sensitive neck so I’ve become used to the visor method of headset storage.

iAM REPTAR says:

Looking for a new headset. Waiting for the GSP 500 release to compare the GSP 500 vs GSP 600. All my headsets have been closed back. But really interested in trying some open backs this time around. Was interested in the game one/zeros then after more research stumbled upon these new GSP headsets. Possible Versus’ video between the 500/600??? Would be greatly appreciated by plenty im sure! And possibly throw in the game ones/zeros in the comparisons too like why not right? Lol! Great videos btw! Ive watched quite a few on my journey to a new headset.

Watch At Ur Own Rizk says:

Are you doing a review on the GSP 500 ?

nathaniel Sett says:

Please review HS70

david Gk says:

how is the comfort? i have a SteelSeries Siberia 650, is not comfortable at all. after oen hour around my ear start to have pain.

Asian Joe says:


Mr Epic Man says:

Is this worth the extra over the gsp300?

Ezra Litton says:

So I’m curious about which to choose between the GSP 600 for $250, the Game One for $150 or the 373D for $140

NikePortugal says:

GSP 500 Review?

fishballrox says:

how does this compare to the Beyerdyanmic MMX 300 2nd gen

The Swedish Gamer says:

Is this headset vetter or worse than the arctis PRO gamedac

Joe Momma says:

What is the absolute best gaming headset for CS-go?
I currently have the hyper x cloud alpha and love them for CS-go. Only problem is that people hear me shooting when I’m on discord. It’s a common issue.

I just bought my online buddy a Corsair hs50 because his headset is absolute dog shit. Now, I want to upgrade. Price is no issue. Just looking for absolute best for CS-go.

Vykantos says:

Does anyone know the size of the drivers in the GSP 600?
Will the closed back affect spatial awareness if i use virtual surround when gaming?

I’m on the fence between these and the HD 598SR. I already have a decent standalone mic the Audio Technika at2020 which performs admirably. So I don’t need the headphone mic at home. I was thinking of picking up the GSP 600 for ease of Travel with my laptop since they are still an amazing pair. Does anything think it would be worth picking up a 598 as a second pair for home use/music over the GSP 600 or is it not as much of a upgrade and I should just settle and use it for both?

Any input is appreciated!

eking11 says:

I just got the game ones for 70 usd open box return

VX King says:

Dimitri looks like Peter/StarLord from Guardians of the Galaxy

Cresh Bandikeet says:

do they have surround sound?

wanted4580 says:

Can someone recomend a DAC thats enough for a game zero headset.

Maxi Voika says:

Do you recomend gsp 600 over HD 700 for gaming?

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