Logitech, Please STOP! G935 Wireless Headset Review

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The Logitech G935 wireless gaming headset is here again 4 years later with the same complaints.
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Alpha Chan says:

My random brandless 20USD headphones I got from Taobao has better mic than that pile of junk…

DJ Blue says:

Just get sennhiser thank me latter

Caliin26 says:

Thank u for this review. I removed them from my wishlist. Saving money lol

Dukez Venom says:

These are trash

Chris Hodgson says:

I bought the G33 a while back, 240 CAN or something. Completely turned me off of logitech. Buttons dont work most of the time, computer has a hard time recognizing it, mic gets stuck on mute until i restore to default with a pin, and the charge cord/input is faulty and my headset constantly connects and disconnects when plugged in. I’m sure there are more problems i’m forgetting.

Coopsoldman says:

I’ve had the 933’s for a few years now (upgraded from the 633’s cause the cords kept giving out). They’re the best overall headset I’ve ever used and I’ve had a few, dunno whats wrong with your mike but mine sounds excellent, you might need to check some settings Frank. Sound quality is great as mentioned, I’ve never tried to twist the crap out of my headset (and have no idea why you would) so didn’t know anything about that noise. The buttons are fine, you get used to them and I don’t remember them having a learning curve worth worrying about… They’re comfortable (do prefer hypers though but much better than the Razer Krakens I had) and durable. I think they’re a great product

Caribbean Muscle says:

Why do you constantly complain about the sound it makes when the headband is twisted ? Who stays and randomly does that ? lol it is a pointless “flaw”.

Exposing the Dirty Few says:

Ist time commentor, did you know that Israel is stealing the high tech from the U.S. & selling it to Russia & China? Did you know Israel built large parts of windows 10 in Israel & has back doored everything? Isn’t Russia & China the enemy of the U.S. & Israel her ally? Silicon valley are losing their jobs…& the U.S. is losing it’s future…& yours.
Search Brendan O’Connell.

GFmanaic says:

Removable batteries allow servicing your headphones. We should be demanding this to be the norm. The rest may be shite but this is a good feature.

Christmas Noob says:

That mic reminds me of COD on the Xbox 360

GameOn!Indo! says:

I have the g633,it doesnt fall off for me how hard i Made it to, the button is also fine i could guess what the button is, the tips is just use it for longer term di u can get hand memory on the button

Boneknock Grit says:

feel like another experimental headsets like a g pro headsets some how. honestly i feel like logitech still random doing experiment on the tech they get from astro.
for me, the worth to buy wireless headsets right now is corsair hs70. when another brand such as hyperx……..honestly you better buy their wired headsets in stead. you will clearly get better sound and mic quality and not come with nonsense pricey.

HarborCree says:

Thank you for another honest review.

Fadhlan Rahim says:

that rgb light is to boost your in game fps and enable secret in game aim assist smh

alexadelaide says:

Your reviews are an excellent quality bro. You cover all the important aspects and demonstrate all the features (or lack thereof).

I got into your videos about a year ago when I was buying my first mechanical keyboard (got a k70 lux rgb by the way!) and have been happily subscribed since.

Thanks man 🙂

Meech says:

I think u were a bit harsh

Sleeping Panda says:

Holy sh**. The first honest ( super savage ) review i have ever seen in a long time

Sniperkill3rftw says:

Almost bought the old one myself a month back, ended up with the Gpro.

Cooper Johnson says:

Damn… that mic quality… I feel like I’m back in the mw3 lobby.

Ginger Brown says:

Bought a set of the 933s back in the day, and they really *do* have good sound. But they’re too heavy and bulky, and the mic quality is crap. Caught them on sale — about $100. For that? Worth it. Basically the same tech, years later, for $170? Nope. And that’s sad — used my original G15 keyboard for over a decade, and still using my G502. When my G15 finally died, I swapped to Corsair and Steelseries; for headsets, I swapped to SteelSeries Arctis 7. Definitely not perfect, but they’re a hell of a lot lighter, have decent sound, decent mic, and were — at the time of purchase — still clocking in for about $100 on sale. Not bad for the build quality.

Peter Xiong says:

Logitech generally has really great peripherals, but their headsets are all lacking.

Quasimodem says:

First time Ive heard frank irritated

r2del2 says:

I have to say I love listening to my music with the G933s. I love phat bass and these deliver plenty. I hate the controls though and yeah they’re pretty bulky.

DiamondToad01 says:

For the sheild on the battery it removable because what happens when it’s damaged?

Klaus says:

Got that item. its a pile of crap.Good sound. the rest is crap. lack of interconnectivity is meh. can be used on xbox360 but not xbox one any model. Really all imaginable aspects of this beside the raw sound is bad.

michael wong says:

The mic sounds like it was recorded via a toaster

TrisskyTV says:

Kinda funny how shit that is compared to Logitech Pro headset. Such a fantastic headset but G935… what is that.

Garbanzo says:

That mic gave me ear cancer :v

Tangy MurkSuace says:

dont forget that the software sucks. had the logitech g903 g933 and the g9something keyboard and literal reset after reset the software always found a way to stop working.

TheGundam147 says:

Hey sexy

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