Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless Headset Review

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Products in this video:
Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset (981-000585) – http://amzn.to/200Zy1T



you a real nigga and I fuck with you bro

Jose Martinez says:

Can you please do a review on the Soundblaster H7 gaming headset

Liquid Plays says:

Your Logitech video is pushing people to watch my YouTube Logitech video. saw that in my creator app. so thanks man

Tam Jr. says:

but again, you cant see the light… jajaja

Tokei Shikake says:


BlaziDude says:

I have ears that are huge af, might get this headset xD

GRIMMS says:

The reason why this headset have the LED is because people love record his gameplay in PiP and is good at least for me see this kind of beauty put in the head of the gamer…. looks fantastic..the part that i don’t get it is “why in the bck? gosh….

Elian Isac says:


myroom isverydirty says:


Corky Boot says:

My G930 broke months ago, but someone told me they got a replacement, so I contacted support to see if I could get one. They’re sending me one of these for free.

Chase Crappel says:

Got them certified refurbished 99.99 flat no tax/ship. Hopefully I’ll be satisfied when they come in.

Haman Alawadhi says:

does it hurt your head top? I wanna change my razer man o war because it hurts me so much, I’m confused between this and Hyperx2

Dani Nursanto says:

will the g933 wireless frequancy interfere with other wireless mice such as g900

rawar2377 says:

They don’t fall off. I’m talking about the headset it’s self and the plates.

Adzza Gaming says:

Does the 7.1 surround sound work for PS4?

It's MSK! says:

You will press the buttons correctly if you get used to it!

FocusLAD says:

All my friends are saying the mic quality is shit… wth?

Omegazor says:

I know people wanne stay to one brand.. but you can get way better headsets for like 80$
That’s 50% off this headset! But if you REALLY need the features this headset brings us.. it may be worth it.

sevan grigoryan says:

They should of at least put the price around $100-120 dollars the most. But I got my g933 for $128 but certified refurbished.

Bobby Bobenation says:

I use my gkeys to control my music, thier not useless unless your incompetent

blue dragon says:


lmagine says:

What mouse is that? I currently use a G500s and it’s been a great mouse since I purchased it a few years back, but it’s stating to wear out and I’m looking to upgrade soon. What would you recommend just for casual gaming and everyday use?

Plexiate says:

Looks like Mickey Milkovich.

Jonathan Pilmore says:

Just to let u all know that I have got this headset and had it for around 3 weeks now. It is the best headset I have ever used. It is stylish, comfortable and the speakers are absolutely amazing. As from many reviews, they say that the headset easily falls off just by tilting your head back, BUT THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM, just need to adjust the headband so that it fits on snuggly!. BTW, this headset sells for around £140 or whatever (RRP). I picked up a brand new one (just unwanted returns) from eBay for just £85. I love it <3 worth every penny

Jose Morales says:

Can you use the dongle with the Xbox one or need a cable

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