Logitech G633 & G933 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset Review

Logitech claims that their new gaming headsets, the G633 & G933, are a cut above the competition when it comes to sound quality. Does Luke agree?

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Mart de Jager says:

This headset has a perfect fit for my head, i havent had any problem with it falling of my head

EskimoCheeks says:

Probably because Linus has the thinnest skull and the shortest hair.

BigT J says:

these fall from my head all the time and wearing em for long hours cause pain on the head.

zefuzen says:

i love these

Ariel Luces says:

Idc if it’s wireless so I’ll buy the g633

Adventures of SuperCookie says:

Does anyone know where to get skins for the G633?

Adalberto González Enriquez says:

*epic background sound* Linus is the chosen one by Logitech

Brad Higuera says:

Do these work for xbox one?

Anti-Hero Gaming says:

I really liked this video! Thank you Linus Tech Tips!

The Diamonite says:

maybe linus is the only one that showers? so they dont slip off?

MISTY says:

Of course they fall of if you have them that far back on your head o.O


Linus is the chosen one

Michael Yun says:

I think I’ll be going with these strictly for ps4 use over the Astro a50 and the Official PS4 platinum. If anyone has any objections, I’d love to hear from you.

wertigo04 says:

comes with an endless amount of problems that you wont find proper answers to. and logitech wont be there to help you. i sent my ticket 6 months ago. enjoy ! 😀

Prince says:

so the mics are the same for both headsets?

esdacado says:

This channel along with any other professional review channel should never be taken seriously. They can’t bite the hand that feeds them. Rather go to a place that has hands on reviews of every day users.

man0z says:

I prefer Luke to Linus.

Atv821 says:

I’ve had a pair of these for over a year now, great headset, but they are known for having firmware issues. Battery still hold up great after thousands of hours of use.

Tim Sarbin says:

They’re designed to hug your head holes. If it’s falling off, reduce the length of them. If I make them 2 clicks too long, yes, it will stay on my head but will slide right off. At the proper length, not only do they not fall off, but it hugs my ears harder, making the bass sound even better.

joe mint says:

Warning be careful before you buy it I had the wireless version for a couple of months. It worked perfectly fine for a week but after that it completely went to shit it wouldn’t charge correctly and the left side stopped working and made this screeching noise that wouldn’t go away it wouldnt charge will I was using them and the battery life is terrible. It constantly wouldn’t connect with the Bluetooth usb. Even though it had a bunch of these problems I think I just got unlucky with a defect one I hope and further buyers of this head set won’t have these problems just stick with the wired version

Elite Exposure says:

The g533 cant compare to these 2.

C.D Gooec says:

linus should start carrying things with his ears.

Andrew Green says:

For anybody on here that has amazon prime there is a promotion going with many electronic devices on sale. For example these wireless headphones on sale right now for 139.99 down from 199

pud 123 says:

trash and trash

Mynigga Mlgstory says:

the g933 does not fall off my head… seems like im the lucky one here 😀

Oniunleashed x says:

I’m looking to get new headsets. and would like to know if these headset is better than my Turtle Beach PX4?

sallysusan says:

I have them, they’re great just make you look like a dumb idiot

B Kim says:

I tried a Logitech headset once it was uncomftroble bit the sound was nice. Is this simular to the g331 headset?

Shincism says:

wear the headphones correctly and they wont fall off. not hard

J-Hunter Gaming says:

Is that headset good for ps4

Will B says:

Interesting, I have a g633 and have the opposite problem. They don’t fall off, but they feel like they’re crushing my skull!

Stevle4k says:

These are perfect for listening to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and being on team speak with my friends.

Timefliesbye says:

Linus has that weird headshape that was essentially genetically engineered for tech support.

stankyman320 says:

r u sponsored by 10 companies per video

Akshansh Shrivastava says:

I own G633, yeah it is slippery but you cannot compare the sound quality with any other gaming headset in the market.

Kaneki Ken says:

The sidetone makes a extreme buzzing noise for me. Help?

DaRealSparky007 says:

You guys really wear the headset too far back. You have to wear this one slightly more forward on your head, with the band sitting in front of the crown.

Magnifico Geronimo says:

Can I have thumbs up for no reason at all? Maybe you like my fly?

ipKonfig.com says:

I like how none of them know how to wear headphones

Driz says:

5:37 when ya dick gets stuck in ya ass and ya trying to wiggle it out

esdacado says:

This is belated but please dont buy these shitty headphones. I went through a shit load of reviews to make sure the 933’s are worth buying. Since the build is the same I would reckon it would apply for both the wireless and wired versions. So here goes, something that none of these so called reviewers have mentioned is the grinding noise of plastic on plastic whenever you move your head. Which imo is pretty god damn annoying, so much so that I’m here and have come to the conclusion that these asshat reviewers are full of shit and are just happy to take anything for free to review it. If I were to be mistaken and I got a sturdy build shitty set than I would like to apologise…. but fuck you. Not one of you assholes reviewing these headphones has brought this up. I can’t move my head with them on without a fucking creaking noise annoying the shit out of me.


Well the mic sounds really good

Beterbeast says:

hate them

Filip Ekelund says:

Bought this headset about a month ago. Never had so many problems with a headset in my entire life. First the thing wouldn’t even connect to my computer, the next day the mic stopped working completely and I had to reinstall the driver, next day the surround 7.1 piece of fuck wouldn’t turn the fuck off so I could hear myself when I was talking AND THE COMPUTER WAS OFF, next day the mic didn’t connect again so I had to reinstall the driver again, then I went and doodled around on Omegle just to find out that the mic is the worst fucking thing you could ever find on the market because someone could literally stab me and even if I would scream for my life, all you’d hear would be screams from another soundproof room. The buttons on the left headphone are a complete fucking pain in the ass because you can’t take off the damn headset without pressing one of the buttons, so the next time you put it on again everything will be completely fucked and you’ll be left woundering why in the name of ass and titties you bought this piece of fucking dog shit in the first place.

10/10 would want to sue Logitech again

marko mojsilovic says:

My God,today I have bought them…Jesus,my cheap 20$ headphones are much louder and overall better immersive sound than this thing.Yes this model is relatively comfortable,but the sound is so disappointingly bad quality and very very low max volume.and surround option even more cripple the sound,especially in gaming.Don’t buy this shit!

IcWhyPlays says:

I hate this headset, I bought this headset 2 weeks ago for +- 150€ I payed this much because I was in the assumption this would be a great headset but after the first week the problems started… The headphone barely charges anymore and is empty very fast the cable keeps disconnecting when I move my head, resulting In constant bleeps and bloops of the headset device disconnecting and reconnecting Since the update the maximum volume is considerable lower then when I first bought this headset are you serious, The Bluetooth is great it connects and of you go but the range stated on the box is total bullocks walk out of the room and your connection is gone, as stated in the video the headset constantly slides of when you move your head around this gets so annoying imagine having it plugged in at that moment, 7,1 the reason why I bought this headset does NOT work its bogus the headset plays in stereo and you can even test this in the windows 7,1 sound test only 2 speakers will play and the drivers of this product are the worst of the worst they break stuff rather then fix them, the microphone is great the design is cool the leds look great but this headset is shit

PinkasBrown44 says:

After smoking and going through an out of body experience I felt like I didn´t really like the color scheme while my body, aka vessel, was using it.

Dr. Steve Brule says:

Just picked these up and I’m really liking them. After being disappointed by the bass of my old Turtle Beach CoD Ghosts headphones and even the Gen 3 A50’s…the G933’s bass is pretty damn impressive for headphones! I’m just a little disappointed there’s no rocker/volume knob on the G933 to control game/chat volume like you can on the A50s. And it doesn’t seem to be very loud with the volume turned all the way up. I wanted to pump up the volume a little more in Alien Isolation but it was already at max 🙁

Walid Arahman says:

They dont fall of by me

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