Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Review – Best Gaming Headset Today!?

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Probably Not A Chicken says:

Just bought a used pair for $64.99. Hope they’re good. I’ve never bought any electronics used before. But for $65? when they’re $100 new? Yes.

Sgt Marine says:

Hello my friends can I ask is this gaming headset recomended in rts games? Like StarCraft 2 and call of duty? Thank you

Muhammad Zamir says:

Best mic for stream ?

Kevin Gee says:

I ended up returning mine. It had some great sound, but unfortunately, the USB connection is weak and the quality of the headset felt pretty poor as a whole. I’ll stick to using my Sennheiser headset and even my Corsair Void headset. Shame.

Depopa says:

i paid 90 bucks for them in my local store

Lauri Mäkirintala says:

so… should i get this pair of cups from a sale ( about 99 bucks)

Connor Whyte says:

Should I get the g633/g933 or the sennheiser  game zero

p stahl says:

I’m sorry I’m a little late, but does any1 know how to enable sidetone on the headset.

XzibitCA says:

im selling a brand new one that hasnt even been out of the box!
comment if you’re interested in buying

Lasse Bruun says:

Should i buy this headset?

Sagar Kumar says:

just now i ordered this headphone from amazon 🙂

jackie says:

Its pretty good although i dont like the flimsy design since when i move my head it makes this really annoying crackling like sound. Its really loud and it pisses off my friends who im talking to in discord

sipplayz MCandmore says:

Guys don’t get these for comfort I returned these cause the headband and ear ups are made of some weird hard fabric that hurt after a hour of gaming, I would recommend the hyperx,cloud 2 or the new razer kraken v2

Proj3ctX says:

lol just bought it for 75€ on Amazon Prime Day ._.

Nick Ng says:

Hey Dmirty what do you think of this vs the G933?

Marmite says:

Should i get this or the G231?

Infernowo says:

This headset is the biggest piece of trash besides the other Logitech wireless headset I had, it twists the god damn cable that plugs into the computer, and at times it will glitch out and start distorting sound and playing it very loud, at unexpected times.

Parkourjumper1 says:

Is it real 7.1 or is it digital ?

gaming geeen says:

how the fuck do you turn this shit headset on

Francois Smit says:

If you using the audio jack instead of the USB cable with your computer can you still change settings on the program and it will be applied to the headset. So basically what I am asking lets say you only have the audio jack connected to your computer can you then change the light on the headset to yellow with the program and the lights will actually change yellow or do you have to have the USB connected to make changes like that? Also can 7.1 sound work when u only having the audio jack connected or must the USB cable be connected for 7.1. The reason why I am asking because the connection between the usb cable and the headset is weak and it will break, I noticed this with the G930 Logitech that I am using. My connection broke and it looks like the same connection.

☆ Aethro ☆ says:

I have these for about two years, the main problem with this headset is that it is very loose so if you even tilt you head slightly it will fall off year head. Also having a USB cable as a connector is the dumbest thing ever, even the slightest head tilt the USB cable gets loose and I have to connect it again. But the worst thing is if the cable gets a bit loose it will start to play a SUPER high pitched noise at max volume, has happened to me SO MANY TIMES!

MrPandaJs says:

This or corsair void in terms of comfortability and audio? Mainly use for gaming, a little bit of music/movie

P/S I wear spectacle while gaming

faisal man says:

can someone please tell me a headset that is 7.1 surround and works on ps4 and xbox one? but the xbox one without buying the adapter for xbox one

waf3I says:

how long are the cables ?

Fud_Cannon says:

Can the ear pads be replaced and if so how easy it is to do?

ipKonfig.com says:

Too bad these headphones have issues with Logitech’s own POS software… Great sounding headphones, worst software ever

PinkasBrown44 says:

After smoking and going through an out of body experience I felt like I didn´t really like the color scheme while my body, aka vessel, was using it.

impaladriver ツ says:

this is totally your video

Die_ene_Daniël Daaamn says:

Can I use this also for ps4?

Indian Retard says:

G933 is better than the G633

Ahmed Nijum says:

should i buy this now or any other gaming headset like arctis 5 or hyper x cloud 2 or razer kraken 7.1 v2?

Ammar Mujezinovic says:

G633 or kraken 7.1 v2?

s s says:

i prefer the plantronics rig 500e

SiTe says:

My uncle bought me this and I was wondering if it had the same features as the PS4 gold stereo headset. For example, In the Gold Stereo Headset, you can be in a party and talk to friends and hear the game sound. In the Gold Stereo Headset there’s a setting for a volume for “Sound” and “Chat.” Is the g633 similar?

Paulo Sanchez says:

Are they compatible with Xbox one?

gstuart0770 says:

Everything people say is true! I love these headphones.
The best, and most over looked feature, is the 3.5mm port on the wireless USB-dongle!!! I looped the audio from my sound-card/AMP/DAC to the G933 wireless-usb-dongle using a 3.5mm phone extention (male-to-male 3.5mm stereo cable). The audio was drastically better!!!! It took good audio and made it great! Using this setup allows you to control the audio with your sound-card/AMP/DAC. It takes flat audio and wakes it up with full fidelity. Please try!!!

Vitamin Multi says:

usb or 3,5 Jack ?

BoredFake Reviewer says:

How to not hear myself while talking?

meguca grill says:


Aaron Fisher says:

I have the G933 wireless ones. They are the special edition white ones which look amazing. The G633 is basically the same headset except without wireless. But the microphone on these are TERRIBLE….the G35 has the same speakers as these and has a phenomenal microphone.

north says:

I tought this shit was wireless when i bought it, in the store it was wtf is this shit

Juggernaut13565 says:

Having so much trouble connecting my headset

Zachary Mitchell says:

These any good for listening to loud music? The impedance is pretty high at 39Ω so I’m worried they wouldn’t work for that. I’m used to 18Ω

AceLife says:

you look like Danny Rand….The Iron Fist…HOLY SHIT BOIZZZ!!!

Koby Kresse says:

wait so you can hear input from both the usb and the 3.5 at the same time? or can you only do one at a time? if you can, how do you do so?

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