Logitech G533 – Does a Wireless 7.1 Headset Deserve Your Attention??

Logitech G533 takes the much needed omission of LED lights for a wireless pair and focuses on what matters: battery life and sound quality! Although strangely, the price point has been hiked compared to the more “premium” G633 and G933… so let’s find out if they are worth it!

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Filip Håkansson says:

I have the razor kraken pro. Should I uppgrade to the logitch g533?

Sam Watson says:

Are you able to charge while in use?

lucas tbt says:

i am going to buy these based on this review!! great vids (and ads) always love them

Scout339 says:

I’m just about to but this headset, but I would like to know if it still works without the software, as I don’t want another item in the background eating up my RAM, and Razer Surround Pro has more features and works better for me, as it has a compressor built into the software whenever I game.

Mark Diax says:

Does this one work with a ps4?

Zoppe says:

can you charge this whit phone charger

beezy yo says:


AwesomestGangster says:

There aren’t many good-looking and good quality headsets, except for this one and corsair void.

saoud alharbi says:

do you work on play station4 ??

Yusuf Azmaz says:

Guys can i charge and play at the same time?

Nappe v says:

u think i could trade a g633 with wire for one of these? (+money)

Artur Marinho says:


Tiikeri Mana says:

Does anyone have any experience gaming next to people with this headset? I’m looking for something that doesn’t pick up people talking next to me/around me. ZZZZ.. logitech has been very bad to me for this reason LOL.

Harvey's Channel says:

RIP ncix

Damien says:

This headset or Sennheiser g4me one?

Ronaldo Rodrigues da Silva says:

Does it work with consoles too?

Rui Paiva says:

Superb review thanks for the heads up

Clinton W Salvato says:

I was wondering if a solution like this could be used to listen to 7.1 audio on a blu-ray disc ? I only have the setup space for a 5.1 set up physically, So just wondered if I could use a virtual 7.1 headset to compare 7.1 tracks to 5.1? Movie soundtracks weren’t mentioned n the review,so was just curious. Thanks!

Johnathon Morris says:

This is the first review I have watched from you. It is amazing. You structure your review in a perfect way and are able to demonstrate how each feature works, along with its drawbacks. I loved how you did the mic review by actually recording through the mic, I have never seen that done before. You have certainly helped me understand what to expect if I buy this headset. Thank you!

BlindHobo says:

im done with gaming headsets. Whats the best headphones for gaming that are not gaming headsets??? Ill just get a modmic

rover corason de asero :v says:

My Genius hs-500 has a better mic 🙁

inhaleexhale says:

So it is not possible to use this headset while charging? i.e., plugged in to a PC’s USB port and charging through the PC? Is that not possible? That is disappointing if that is the case.

Adam rickard says:

i haad this headset for 2 months its great i would never go back to wired.

Rojelat Duru says:

can i use these wireless headset with nintendo switch?

hilkat says:

the mic is worst than the g231

IJ says:

Can you use this headset while you’re charging it?

Jeremy Boateng says:

Nice cringy sponsor XD

Rodolfo Rubens says:

Here in Brasil it costs 680BRL, which is equivalent to 210USD… go figure.

spyrosaxel says:

Does the 7.1 work if I plug it with Xbox X?

Speedy78TV says:

Shroud headphones JEJE

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