Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Unboxing & Review (for CS:GO)

Had lots of fun unboxing and reviewing the G433 gaming headset 👍
G433 Product page: https://goo.gl/3pQGrg

Thank you Logitech for making this possible.
More reviews coming soon, and a second part for this product!

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Neo Isa says:

Is Maxim joining the cubing community?

Infernus _Toaster says:

But maximuh,use banana to scale

Mekdunalz Gaming says:

Can I get VAC ban for using them? Plz tell me I want a headset but I’m scared for a VAC ban.

Shunsei says:

Best review!

Parth Patel says:

Love the Logitech Gaming Peripherals <3

Twiz says:


Ejteya7 Nabulsi says:

its not better than, hyperx cloud 2, right?

Felliy says:

why the hell is this a ad. plus i got a G633 logitech headset

Merz says:

Whats your windows sens?

Jack Mcloan says:

but maximuh will it make me sexy like you 😀

Siik94Skillz says:

What’s that watch? It’s nice!

JustLink says:

is this a updated g430?

SODAWATER. 水 says:

can you tell how good it is for music? it’s very important for me so will be nice to know

DynestiGTI says:

What is this? You think you can hide this from us?? Do you think we’re dumb??? You and Anomaly both had Rubix cubes in their videos, what’s next Rubix cubes take over the world for the second time???? Well, I caught you in the act!

CursedPuffle says:

I have G430

meowtrox1234 says:

Hyper x Cloud ii good enuf?

BlueCJ says:

The 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube scale is actually creative

Merrick Scholz says:

You should also do a review of the g633

Moplays 123 says:

but maximuh i dont like fabric headset

Nicolai says:

More of those Unboxing Videos please ^^

Fiskmos says:

Can you get VAC banned from this?

Mohammad Al-Sarhan says:

Are you supposed to turn on 7.1 or not? I am confused :/

Papa Harold says:


I'mTheis says:

Why no banana for scale?



Evan Park says:

Love your vids keep up the great work!!

jeffrey cheah says:

Hi Maxim … what is your main headphone that you are using?

01100111 01101111 01101110 01100101 00001010 says:

maxim youre a cuber?

ItsIceFire Montage says:

Soon sponsored by mr.Fnatic

MGG1337 says:


Bachar Sabra says:

Everybody knows you put a banana for scale Maxim!

Brad says:

For 99$ the mic sounds a little cheap

robb says:

talk french omg

Jia Sheng Loh says:

What watch are you wearing?

dexxtr 0 says:

Fett bra video asså tror fan jag ska köpa dom nu asså due best fortsätt med d du gör

rawj1213 says:

Highly recommend the G900 Mouse. Trust me. This thing is an absolute beauty.

883 Chili says:

Sick computer!!

Little Abdi says:

You forgot the banana zoom in GOD DAMNIT

GG XD says:

Hyperx cloud2 is still better

TheOfficial ALIMINATOR says:

maximo you didn’t go over LGS with the headset (logitech gaming software)

Kshitij Purarkar says:

liked the headset

Der ohne namen oder Deniz says:

i hate it and its really nice 2 wear^^ But the Mic is trash 😀


You play while putting Your Hat On?

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