Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Review! 7.1 Surround Sound for $99

Logitech released the G433 gaming headset that makes some cool changes from the rest, check it out in my review!
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EmirhanTV says:

nice video

Joshua Moore says:

“So it fits best on your head”
RandomFrankP, 2017

KingSlayerr says:

I hate that tecture though. ….As a uaer of the G633 I can tell you that they are the best headset right now both for ps4 and pc

Snow Ball says:

They look cheap and ugly af.

Opal Sachdev says:

i think you wore that shirt for a reason… nah, its just my imagination!

Kipsta says:

Would these also work with a 360?

Soorya prabagar says:

im happy with my hyperx cloud II

Tailgia says:

Because I wear glasses I wanna know something…Sometimes my razer kraken feel like they really tighten up my head and I need to take ’em off for a bit…Does this headset do something similar or so? Would really appreciate an answer

Machiyes Raai says:

Hey There Thanks For The Video

Zombie Boy says:

Who is watching this with their HyperX Clouds 2?

Edward Page says:

can anyone help I want a new pair of headphones but im not sure what two get either the steel series arctis 5 because they white and have decent reviews or something else for around £50-£100

HunZ0Z 0 says:


ElijahDawgOne says:

thanks to these headphone reviews, I’m going to be able to easily decide what to buy in future for my purposes (gaming, home, on the go, etc.)

Rex Catipay says:

How does this compare is the G430? They both have 40mm drivers.

Marc-Antoine Roy says:

Seriously at 99$ that is a solid headset.

Nuts About Gaming says:

i like your review, it really shows how crappy the mic is


hey @randomfrankp can you make a video about the best mics on headsets plz

RyV3TOficcial says:

i dislike because of the headset

ACe -bullZ-iwnl-0511 says:

So is this the only colour

Dog Soldier Reaper says:

I can’t get the microphone to work on these.

Jypirate says:

Eh, g230 and g231 are better in my opinion.

Garlic says:

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Review??

Bamboozlement says:

Did anyone else hear the phone ringing?

NEW CHANNEL! - " ItsZeptify " says:

@randomfrankp when you did the review on the Logitech G433, did you use the 3.5 mm splitter or the USB Adapter?

Antotha Gaming says:

Great video as always! I’m actually looking for headphones now, and have been watching your videos on all the different ones you have covered.

I started using my new BEAST of a rig today, and would really appreciate your input if you happen to read this. I plan on sending pics and specs of my full setup soon, but I figured if you end up reading this you may want to check out my new pc with duel 1080 ti ftw3, i7 6950x, and mostly high end corsair parts cause I’d love some advice on how I can best utilize it!

Keep up the great work, and thanks again for all the awesome content!!!

Darren Patrick says:

Hyperx cloud 2 is better for me 🙂

Aroop Roelofs says:

Curious.. what would happen if you attach an Aux cord to the microphone port? :p

ACe -bullZ-iwnl-0511 says:

U guys think this I better or razer kraken pro mobile is better

QGinHQ says:

The color options are definitely cool and I like how Logitech is stepping up with aesthetics, you can’t deny that this headset will undoubtedly turn heads. Honestly though, (personal opinion) for the price point of $99.99 you can for sure cop a more efficient gaming headset from not only other companies but from Logitech themselves. The mic quality on this headset is a sure downgrade compared to other Logitech units. You can find the wireless G933s which is a solid gaming headset for $100 these days, including the infamous snow white editions. Another phenomenal review Frank, keep up the great work! Reading some of these comments, some people don’t understand this is a tech channel showcasing all things tech, crap or not people…these videos are to give you insight on products before you dig into your own pockets. Thank the man.

FallenFear says:

can you do a comparison between the logitech g433 and the logitech g633? They are both the same price, and it seems the g633 has a ton more features. Idk its a hard one. I have the g633 and I love it.

Dan L says:

I already tried G233 Prodigy Headset but I don’t like it for the following reasons:
-I don’t like sports mesh earcuffs material
-I don’t like detachable cheap, rubber microphone
-Voice Cancellation sounds garbage!
-The headband doesn’t feel sturdy and doesn’t have that strong tinsel feel
-40mm Pro-G doesn’t sound as good as 50mm Neodymium Magnet Driver in terms of lows, mids, and highs frequency response. For instance, footstep sounds a bit weaker and delivers this “tippy-toe” feel in 40mm Driver while 50mm Driver delivers “thump, crisp footstep feel”. Also, the bass quality isn’t loud too in 40mm Driver. So therefore I like Razer Kraken Pro VII Stereo Heaset. And yes, the quality of 50mm Driver is very clean, crisp and clear, compared to 40mm Driver. Not to mention that SPL (Sound Pressure Level) is very weak in 40mm Driver which means I have to crank the volume very high on my headphone to achieve higher volume mix but results audio distortion effect which really bothers me a lot! But in the meantime, I got UPS Return Shipping Label from Logitech today and I’m willing to drop the package near local UPS store in order to get full refund. I shall buy another Razer Kraken Pro VII Stereo Headset for my Android Smartphone.

Toàn Nguyễn says:

Waiting for powerplay vs g703. Dont like the look of g903…

Zstorm says:

RANDOM Question how do you connect a monitor to a gaming PC

sai nitish says:

It lacks RGB! !

Michael Myers says:

I feel like you yell in all your mic tests

V a p o r i z e d says:

Another garbage gaming headset
Lol, A Headset Made Of Fabric?


Average mic!?? What the fick was that!

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