Logitech G433 – A FABRIC Covered Gaming Headset!?

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Gear list:
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Panasonic G7 – http://geni.us/24nm
Canon C100 – http://geni.us/vDI
Sony RX100m3 – http://geni.us/dtb
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 – http://geni.us/dLL
Cinevate DUZI Slider – http://geni.us/1Hwt
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eleven.five & Sundrowner – Gemini [Silk Music]
Gregory Esayan – Healer


Carl Barcelon Jr. says:

Apple ear pods are better than logitech, currently I’m using it for everyday use and gaming

Goran Pavlović says:

You could do a mic test eh

TacoMeat FijiWater says:

lul just get Cloud IIs or G430.

BallisticEyeball says:

I wear a hoodie when ever I okay so I don’t mind the material

Slippin Jimmy79 says:

I need some help please , I’m looking for my first set of gaming headphones and I’m really not sure on what is good and what is not . I was reading the comments and no one really can seem too agree on witch is the best aha , would love if someone with experience could help me out . Thanks 🙂

Kerry Realin says:

Is the headband all plastic??

Paradox Odin says:

Your brother must be Star Lord XD you look famous dude haha look like Chris Pratt. Seriously you do XD

HyDr0XzEntertainment says:


Daniel Dendi IShutin :D says:

hey STAR – LORD what you doing here ?

Bring me Peter pan says:

Hm I dunno anything fabric covered like that I’ve ever owned ends up deteriorating and looking shabby and like its falling apart after a while.

Ben Howes says:

the fabric isn’t that big of a deal. the packaging isn’t that expensive. the ink on the packaging would be the pricey part. everything else is quite standard. the fabric is comfortable and you can change with vinyl ear pieces… which they supply so your main argument is moot. the surround sound you should have been your main problem.. but it was the fabric that you don’t need to deal with instead… don’t nitpick

POJJ Gaming says:

disliked for the music at the beginning

FadiCrafter says:


fusi leesin says:

why your face remains me about star lord guardian of the galaxy

CumberCube says:

They sound pretty weird tbh

GameOn!Indo! says:

in indonesia it cost around $74

Ben Fong says:

Which one is the best headphone for sound quality

hegotaspare says:

Just got to change the ear pads… somehow? The better quality ones seem too small.

harmen roelofs says:

Does it have surround on ps4 ?

SRAVAN S says:

I like the boring black !

M Gr says:

Looking for a casual looking headset with GOOD audio quality so you can also listen to music on the go.
This or Razer Kraken?

Raul Eduardo says:

That guy is Jensen, profesional League of Legends player for Cloud 9 😀

PandABeaR says:

Lol jensen getting roasted… Who is this guy?

rover corason de asero :v says:


MiksteR_RdY says:

You overestimate what that packaging costs.


I feel like such a loner here, but my friends and I all agree that pleather ear cups and headbands are inferior for gaming headsets (for our use). My room gets very hot during the summer months and leather just gets sweaty, sticky, and gross. And it causes me to break out. Velour is a bit better but it still gets kinda gross in my experience, does not breathe as spectacularly as the Logitechs, and is not convenient to clean like the Logitech ones. Much of this comes down to preference and application. I enjoy a good, supple leatherette on the HyperX Clouds, but when I have my headset on for 8+ hours a day, I like something different.

Aren Turhan says:

I bought it for less than 70 pounds and I bought it cuz I didnt want a complicated headset with lots of lighting and crap. This was perfect for me cuz I can remove the mic and listen to music with a plain looking headset. I am rly happy with it even though it just arrived and I used it for 10 mins. Idk why I am writing this and sorry for my english.

Arma Lol says:

No one gonna pickup a shitty packaging and say there’s a quality headset inside. That’s why they are making millions while you do YouTube video.

Swoxe says:

This headphones are blueetoth?

BlacKScopeZz says:

German Accent. Worst Accent.

Mike Wolf says:

Ok. So what’s the Mic quality when plugged into the soundcard via the 3.5mm jacks?

Echtvergoldet says:

fml i wanted them, after that devastating video, I’ll get as far away from them as I can. That mic is awful! For 99€ I would’ve loved to seen better materials. They look so nice…

Valdas says:

The head patting is all good at least for me, I dont find it uncomfortable…

DJTiqer says:

Yay! It’s a gaming headset made of shirt!

Biggie Cheese says:

Will it work with Nintendo Switch?

Dufgenstin Dragovuich says:

Its a crap headset

Chancho D. Butcher says:

What is the make and model of your chair?

HeEf Q8 says:

Shitty headset

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