Logitech G430 vs G230 Headset Review

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Pricing and Availability:
NCIX (Canada)
G430: http://bit.ly/19J8jE3
G230: http://bit.ly/17rsaYd

G430: http://bit.ly/18R5lfA
G230: http://bit.ly/15SC4Vz

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lucidbarrier says:

So is there a difference between the G230 and G430. I mean this dude rubbed the ear cushions against his hairy arm and complained this and that but what about the actual sound of the headphones? I’ve been going to Playlive Nation and they have the G430’s plugged into the Xbox controller and the sound quality is really damn good. Is it worth it to pay the little extra or just get the cheaper G230?

Igor Sena says:

Hey there. I see you use the same mic i do(At2020). What kind of settings on EQ and Compression do you use in your voice? It sounds awesome.

TheFxyO says:

Upon looking at the specs i realized I would be paying for a (what is now) 5 dollar usb. You can buy them for the same price now, but if you want affordable get the g230 and use a good sound card, they perform just as well as the G35 did.

Average flipper says:

I once found the G430:s for 40$ and. Bought them because I was shopping for a new headset.

Creesus says:

These headphones are REALLY good and REALLY cheap but break REALLY easily. Drop them once and they’re done for good. Trust me.

TitanRoll says:

Getting g230 cuz to go to my scheme ;P (also he got all wrong about the pad because of rubbing the pad on his fucking
arm. Comfort is really good he just fucked the pad up to a messy sht) “I cuss, ik”

CFOPeter says:

Now G230 is $33 and G430 is $40…

Chan Terry says:

you should do a retest with the g430. i’ve got one for about a year now i think they fixed most of the hissing issue. i am happy with the money spent here. (plus its discounted to around 50 dollar)

KINGuin says:

So which one do you suggest me to buy? I’m so confused :/

Hermes D says:

4:50 I dont have a gf… RIP

TheCoolChiller says:

i need to get one of these, so people on Discord stop mocking me about my shit mic xD

commanderfireblade says:

Hey is it normal for my g430 to have a mic that’s has a bit of static

Sokret Nhean says:

Can anyone tell me is the logitech g231 prodigy headset good? i bought one and the sound is not to my expectation or maybe im using wrong settings , listenning to music or other than games is way better than my old headset however for games i find its not loud even at max volume or doesnt feel like u hear alot of things.

Govinda Ahuja says:

Which headset is better?

Max Kittens says:

I have no cons with these headsets…

Kirill Wolf says:

So I am using the G230 two years now and I am happy for just 55€

The CS:Beatboxer says:

i’we used the 230 for a really long time and i have never had isues with anything

5thDegreeGaming says:

the g430 is 99 bucks i got it on amazon with free 2 day shipping for 40

Rekt M8 says:

is the headphone sound isolating?

JFB2021 says:

I have had the g230 for 3 years and I still love them

Brett Howarth says:

Just bought my G430’s and only thing I wish it had was a tad bit more volume…but my hearing in the long run may thank me for that.
The surround sound is far better than stereo but even after tweaking there no substitution for real receiver speaker combo/channel separation/localisations.
The bass on these blew my mind but alas I was using ear buds so that’s to be expected.
The G430’s work very well being that my gaming desktop is in the living room and I don’t disturb what going on in the main entertainment center.

Luis Martinez says:

It might not feel sturdy but it is incredibly durable.

TheWackyTuber says:

guys the g430 has surround sound thats the reason it is more expensive. so please stop saying the g230 is better in almost every way and better for the buck. but if you play cs go the g430 is the way to go…

Thomas Davis says:

I came to this video because my G430 headphones broke right where you where saying at 1:40 and I was seeing which one was better as a replacement

Jojo Wijaya says:

hei Dimitry! Please review the Logitech G433

BarışTuna Tr says:

g230 red g240 blue finişh

Mr.Flabbergasted says:

How do you get the mic to work?! When i plug it into my computer and go to recording devices in the sound tab to activate it, it doesn’t show up! ;C

Layback Studios says:

All the cons he had was towards only the G430 lol and G230 made it out without a scratch

Kaddach Othman says:

there is no green version my setup is green themed so i will go razer kraken usb
what do you think if you dont agree plz tell me an alternative of a green headset or a black or white headset that can match any setup

Aarush Agarwal says:

Logitech G230 or Steelseries Siberia 200?

Xxabu7amidxX says:

does it work on windows 10

Meashling says:

I really want that audio feedback where i can hear my voice. If i get a virtual soundcard that isn’t from logitech for the g230 will i be able to still hear my voice?

XxProGamer04 says:

What’s better

Tz Gtx says:

If you have G430 USB you can disable listening microphone in software

Kane M says:

SO u have to hear urself when using the USB?!

Cedicated says:

lol wtf so expensive, just buy it on Dutch shops :

https://www.bol.com/nl/index.html – 60 Euro
https://www.mediamarkt.nl/nl/product/_logitech-g-g430-1246147.html – 70 Euro

Optical Decay says:

Any good headsets that work well if you have glasses

Fikret Alnasiri says:



ReveredGamer says:

Really helpful video. Made the decision way easier. Thanks very much!

Shahi Hussain says:

Put some captions on the video fatty

Dewan Obadage says:

In the logitech g430, it molds to your face. Thus, after a while, it becomes much more comfortable.

sufyaan tanveer says:

What is better G430 or Hyperx Cloud 1

Branden Nguyen says:

G430 is only $30 now

HotSpotGamer 127 says:

whats the point of g430 if its the same thing as g230 but worst and is more expensive

Zephyr Drake says:

4:46 Slightly unrealistic example for gamers XD

RechargedRetard says:

Do you know any good green headsets because I don’t want to fuck up my colour scheme

GMaXimus95 says:

Does the G 230 work with Windows 10 ? I,m thinking about buying it but in the description it says: compatible with Windows Vista/7/8 Not a single word about Windows 10

Jap Jap says:

g230 or stinger?

Redsand says:

This is old but sitll,
I have had both of these headsets (have the G430 now)
There’s really now difference, both worth the money

Younes Medhat says:

430 now its 40 dollars on amazon wtf WTF

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