Logitech G430 7.1 Gaming Headset Review

PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: http://amzn.to/130KV1b (US)
http://amzn.to/14GmcSp (UK)
http://amzn.to/1xDTjSY (CA)
Full Review (including microphone audio test) of the Logitech G430 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset.
The Logitech G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset is powered by Dolby Headphone technology to create an immersive 360-degree sound field that gives you the advantage of hearing what you can’t see in a game, from footsteps to explosions. You’ll hear up to 7 discreet channels of audio plus a low frequency effects channel. The G430 also provides washable ear cups that offer a soft comfortable fit for long gaming sessions. The G430 also features a fold-able, noise-cancelling microphone.

G430 unboxing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiUXog9qfDw
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Sebulle says:

Is this headset better than turtle beach x12? Bass and all that kind of stuff?

SlideyBoyy 420 says:

7.1 surround doesnt work on ps4.

Dark Exsphere says:

this or corsair void rgb (usb version with 7.1 surround sound)

Mario Rivas says:

I have an msi stealth pro. would I be good just plugging it in directly ?

Ray Whyte says:

Hey are these headsets bad at noise cancelling?

Tomás Delizia says:

Can I playback Dolby TrueHD sound?

kamisutra king says:

i feel like you play rainbow six

ṞoΞyia says:

Should I get These or The kraken Pro?

Baybeh Edits says:

Ok you have done very bad mistake there
do u know the usbs microphone and sound u have to plug in to the anoitger usb thing ur mike sounds better then
so what im saying u did bad vreview for mike

Herman Strand says:

Do they work for Mac?

Kronos says:

you see automute as an issue with the mic? really? you’re joking right?

Redwolf796 says:

Dude thanks for the review you really helped me out 🙂

Cinema says:

So you can mute your mic 100% right?

KommentatorTV says:

this headset ist so much better than a hayperx cloud 2 and only costs about the half of the price of the hyperx cloud 2….

Pepe says:

I subscribed JUST because you included a CAD amazon link

Alejandro Ch. says:

so, which is better in audio, bass and all (dont care too much about mic quality), this ones or the Hyperx Cloud Core?

Gabriel Herrera says:

Can I use this (with usb ) with my steam link, pluging it directly to the USB ports? Please, need to know this to buy it.

Tech World28 says:

Does it support ps4?????

Rex Catipay says:

The g430, g230 and g231 are the same except for colour and the g430 comes with the usb dongle. g230 and g231 only difference are the colour and the g231 is marketed towards console gaming while the g230 is marketed towards pc. The usb dongle that comes with the g430 provides virtual 7.1 surround (easily possible with any soundcard provided you have the software like razer surround or in the new windows 10 creators update enable 7.1 surround sound).

Otherwise they use the same audio drivers (the speakers inside the headphone) and same mic, and again only difference is colour, price and marketing. Specs are exactly the same.

Really if you want a cheaper and more wise deal and if you don’t bother about colour, go for the g230 or the g231 as the g430 is only more expensive because of the 7.1 surround gimmick that it is marketed with. Sure its nice and I do have the headset, but it also distorts the sound quality compared to stereo mode, so I don’t really use 7.1 surround. All the g430 is a g230 bundled with a usb sound card and a blue colour scheme, with an increased price tag.

But it is good if you want an upgrade from on-board sound, but then again if you already have a dedicated sound card or you have  the newer Realtek alc1220 on-board sound, save your self some money and go for the cheaper g230 and g231 or better yet find another headset that might compete with it.

xMay says:

i just bought a pair and they sound like shit even the mic sounds bad 🙁

George Petkov says:

I buy Logitech 231 prodigy and one week later this headphones was on the market 🙁

Mashu says:

the tyler1 special headset

Stamps says:

Does this work with windows 10?

BIG easy says:

thx really helped make a descision on my purchase!!!!

Reddust86 says:

I just ordered this headset on amazon.. arriving in 2 days!

Stephen Williams says:

The plural for computer mouse is mouses, not mice. Just saying


Ear muffs are a little on the uncomfortable side for me because of the shape of the headset

TGKoala says:

the snowball has a more real sounding audio quality, with nice bass and treble balance, and the g430’s mic is surprisingly clear for a headset mic. the bass is a little weak, but no communication errors wouldn’t happen with that mic. I think I’ll buy one of those headsets. I need one because USPS lost my corsair void in the mail when I tried to get it replaced

JTundra says:

Went with hyper x cloud 2 instead

David Rosario says:

Does the sorround sound work for ps4?

Bubbalz says:

anyone else here from ironside or just me?

Steven Sanchez says:

Do they work good on PS4

George Hewett says:

nice artsy shots homie

Josiah M says:

Has anyone gotten this to use on the PS4, and if so, how is it?

Justin Shafi says:

Anyone watching this you can get these headphone cheap look around walmart has it for 40 and few places to like Best Buy!

Kyvuh says:

Anyone know of this headset has the headband problem like the Razer Kraken 7.1 headset had where if you wore it for like a hour where you placed the Headband would hurt?

duololgy says:

I hate this headset, it broke 1 day after I bought it on amazon. Brand new, now im going to have to send it back. Complete trash DO NOT Buy this

Noel Nuno says:

what about dts headphone:x is it better than dolby

ACNetwork says:

Blue Snowball is such a beautiful microphone

SizzlinPlays says:

Excellent review thank you.

Rubium says:

This or the hyperx cloud 2

TellyO3 Gaming says:

Does the Sound Card come with it?

Majestiic says:

PLS READ!WORST Headset ever (right after a certain turtle beach…) i bought it and had it for 2 hours on my head now my ears hurt….

Tamer GRL says:

Bok gibi kulaklık almayın amk

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