Logitech G230 Gaming Headset Review / Test

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Shawz says:

says only windows 7 and 8 on amazon can u use on windows 10

Adam says:

I’ve had this headset for two years now, I am not deciding to get a new headset as the microphone on the G230 has broken, I believe it if because it is somewhat fragile when bending the microphone.

Any suggestions for good headphones? I have been looking at more Logitech headphones as well as Hyperx headphones too.

Edgar Lam says:

So.. would u choose this or turtle beach z11

JuniorMint Gaming says:

i wanna use these headphones for my ps4 but theres a buzz when i use it im guessing its because of my sound cards its probably shit cuz its cheap so i wanna know what sound card would be best to get for the G230s. Any help would be appreciated especially cuz i know nothing about hrts and killa hrts and all that stuff

jose garcia says:

Is it compatible with ps4

Hydrinoid Gaming says:

Do the headphones work for ps4?

PentiumMMX says:

I have a g230 and it works on a Windows 98 PC even though it says Windows 7 and Windows 10 compatible on the box

Mary Kydoniefs says:

is it for ps4?

John Craddock says:

Do they work with ps4

cykablyat says:

any reason to get this over 430?

Everything says:

Currently $24.99 on Ebay.

edwinvloggs says:

So are they good for fortnite??

Brian Frias says:

Are they useable on ps4

Frederick Uy says:

does it come in other colors mate??

Roast Junior says:

i bought these headphone about a year ago, wire finally gave through 2 months ago and needs to be held in a special position to here sound through both headphones

Sugar Ray says:

I got mine for $25

sander 721 says:

Best review ive seen yet

LokeyLimepie says:

5:29 im dead

Aerielle Saguil says:

Hi! Your cam has a nice audio. What’s the brand of the cam?


on 28 dollars i bought a 100$ razer headphones and this is a better mic


I got mine at Target and it was perfectly fine

ItsZander says:

Why do they have to add two headphone jacks most people don’t even have two jacks. Smh NEED A DONGLE.


Good header but he careful because my swivel broke off

Blizzard Gaming Roblox and more says:

2018 How did you connect the mic of the headset?

Glazzy says:

why is this cable so long

Trace Turner says:

Just bought two of these for $25 a piece. can’t wait to get them in

Bookie says:

Plz answer does it need a splitter? Because my laptop only has 1 headphone jack

Tincle says:

If you think this is a good headset consider the fact that it is now 24 dollars on the dell website; https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/logitech-g230-stereo-gaming-headset-w-mic/apd/a7102359

Hoped this help for people who thought that the price is still the same.

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