Logitech G PRO vs HyperX Cloud Alpha – $99 Gaming Headset BATTLE!

Both the Logitech G Pro and HyperX Cloud Alpha are gaming headsets that cost around $100 but which one of them should you buy? Well let’s find out because they’re both known as being some of the best in their respective classes.

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Logitech G Pro Mouse Review: https://youtu.be/LQ9fA4WUC9w
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lame name says:

One of these two or the steel series arctis 3 Bluetooth(2019)?

holnugget says:

Just ordered the Cloud Alpha on Black Friday special through Best Buy for $75. Can’t wait to use them next week when they arrive.

Drummercommander says:

I brought my decision down to 2 headsets: the Hyper X Cloud Alpha vs the Hyper X Cloud (regular one). I can’t really justify the difference in price between these two. Please help me out!

Dead Vinsky says:

Hyperx Cloud Alpha mic test:
Logitech G Pro mic test:
Ur welcome bros and broskette’s

Eduardo Vela says:

You can tell his biases lol

Roger Jones says:

what sound bar is that in the video?

Pxki says:

tbh the mic isn’t that good I recommend the headsets for the sound then use an audio technica as the mic.

Dushaun Lewis says:

I think I’m going to upgrade to the G pro
I won’t call myself a huge gamer, but I listen to classical music, do vid calls with friends for projects and games. And I like to bring my headset out. I have the Logitech G230s and I think my headset stands out, so tthe Gpro seems like the go to headset for me since it’s “stealthy.”

John Weland says:

I am so confused. Logitech lists the G Pro as wireless. But every review shows them wired.

Zhihu says:

I was thinking about getting an amp for my alpha’s. Worth it? Maybe make a video on it. I heard to get one on any headphones over 30 ohms, and the alphas have 65.

Fully says:

Astro A10’s are better and cheaper than both of these.

Attila Nagy says:

why not include the typing test with the g pro?

Enrique Palacios says:

Hyper X Alpha not Cloud Flight bro

Cute Seal says:

Cloud Alpha for sure.

Rogue Cosmic says:

1:25 lol respect

Nhan Vo Chinh says:

They need to have Bluetooth for me to even consider it

J T says:

13:14 Cloud Flight? Close but nah LMAO

Itay Yosha says:

It is bluetooth???

Drexium Yt says:

I hate the cloud alpha mic the Logitech mic is better

Lando Parada says:

Nah………….the HyperX take the advantage, all the way. Just bought a pair.
My buddy has a pair of HyperX and they sound amazing, specially now that I hooked them up to a Turtle Beach DSS.

Sc S says:

Cloud Alpha has very little room in the ear cups which is annoying. Cramped, warm, and uncomfortable. Although they did revise the ear pads to be thicker since people had ear pain from touching the driver. I have the Alpha sitting right here, $70 on Black Friday, but I might send them back because of the ear cups. Either that or I’m still going to have to do the Brainwavz pad upgrade because they have a larger opening (these pads were the initial suggested fix for the ear touching driver problem). So the Alpha has always come with this recommendation that you’re gonna want $20 replacement ear pads to go with it. Alpha would be a badass headset with some nice large pads that don’t touch and irritate your ears. At this rate no matter how good they sound I don’t think it’s worth being uncomfortable.

So just looking at this video, the Logitech at least looks like it has a lot more room.

dis microwave tech support says:

*sweats profusely*
_-cries in the inside-_

30Logan20 says:

Does the hyper x alpha work for xbox,

Rowdy TV says:

bro u keep calling the cloud alpha the cloud flight

Raiderx says:

Im glad there is competition now, Cloud had no competition when it came to price/performance. Now you have 3 options GSP 300, Cloud Alpha, G Pro.

Paolo Gonzalez says:

G pro or Sennheiser GSP300?

Bunny says:

My Cloud Alpha pair I received hours ago, don’t recognize the microphone unless I connect the extensive cable too, which has 2 ends (mic+speaker) that I plug in both my laptop’s 3.5mm jacks and only then does the mic pick up sound.
I find it retarded to see this shit not work with just the main cable. I’ll return this garbage caise I don’t need such crap.

Andy Lui says:


Wargaming Super Noob says:

Hey, guys, Hurry up and review the Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset. My personal favorite.

Jordan Chan says:

Mentions ‘cloud flight’ during 13.47

BialyOrzel777 says:

BEWARE hyper alphas do Not have USB connector , you welcome

JoeHan says:

“skype calls”

Owaiz Karbelker says:


Mineldo Albania says:

G Pro is way better in my opinion

Slim Jsus says:

I just got mine today the cloud alpha

Tee Phutson says:

So summarized Alpha better explosions and G Pro better footstep

Roger Jones says:

Logitech G Pro Headset or Sennheiser PC37x?

Lucidity says:

G pro dominates in mic

Gavin Metts says:


Storm Dragon says:

Cloud alpha

Gee Bounce says:

Alpha FTW

Murat Coban says:

I am searching for a gaming headset for glasses wearers which headset do you recommened in general for Glasses wearers? Which is the best comfortable one?

GingerSupremacist says:

Does the G Pro have surround sound?

Dylan Kataoka says:

“Cloud Flight” :v

Cheers says:

As someone who wears glasses, comfort is a major selling point. So, ill be going with the Alpha.

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