LOGITECH G PRO GAMING-HEADSET Review (2018) | TSM Myths Headset

Short review, simple and straight forward.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.



wrath of beary says:

U earned a sub. P.s your quality video made me belive u had over 100k subs, amazing.

BAnTzzz says:

What’s better G433? Or these , people are sailing G433 sounds better? Agree?

GoldenShot30 says:

Does this headset have 7.1 surround sound?

AnDo ッ says:

Myth for views Kappa

WMD Gravity says:

Will this fit an xbox one controller

Uprezzy says:

A little German akcent

DiabolicPanda says:

Would you recommend these over a headset like the HyperX Cloud Alphas?

ilikelikeit says:

How much did they cost?!

Venus Mods says:

So have you ever used the HyperX Cloud II’s? And if you have would you recommend these over them (or over any other headset)?

Goofy says:

I like these kind from you

Be Thou Rekt says:

Watched this, then ordered 17 of them. Thanks man

Wirbelwind says:

Danke dir! War mir unschlüssig welches Headset ich mir holen sollte aber das Mikro vom Pro hat mich sehr Positiv überrascht. Nun habe ich es bestellt weil mein Altes den Geist aufgegeben hat.

Zorack says:

Please do test music with these and then tell me if i should purchase them over the hyperx cloud alphas, Thank you

COLIN says:

Do they work on Xbox One and Mobile devices?

itzTitan says:

“One purpose. Pay to Win” Kappa

athen vankham says:

Actually Myth uses the Logitech g533 and the Logitech g433 and also the sound isn’t very good because it isn’t a surround sound headset it is a stereo pair and would need an amp or a audio dac like the turtle beach Elite Pro T.A.C. for the actually surround sound.

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