Lightspeed Zulu2 vs. Bose A20 – Aviation Headset Review (Comparable to Zulu3)

Heads-up review of the Lightspeed Zulu.2 and Bose A20 aviation headsets. This review is not sponsored or paid for by any company. This review is a little more tailored to helicopter pilots since that’s what I fly, but most of it is applicable for all of aviation.


Todd Bristol says:

Just to complete the comparison of these two units…. my experience with the customer service from BOSE was awesome. I purchased a used A20 from Ebay that had a very slight squeal in the background. I contacted BOSE about it and they sent me out a new unit ASAP, free of charge, and provided a shipping label to return the defective one. No Hassles, No fuss.

Woodgal91 says:

Thanks so much for this! I’m just about ready to purchase my first headset! Can’t tell ya how helpful this was!

Douglas Dos Santos says:

I’ve been very happy with the Lightspeed Zulu 3. Had some flying days where I’ve worn it for 8 hours with abosulety no discomfort! Bought mine for $850 CDN with bluetooth.

Christophe Folio says:

Thanks a lot ! Me and my friend were hesitating between these 2 marvels. You helped a lot in the choice !
I’ve tested the Bose A20 and there is no doubt that it is in the top of the game for the moment.
But the A20 is a little bit too much narrow for my ears. So I will order the Lightspeed Zulu 3 with some updates over its predecessor…
Thanks a lot for posting reviews like this !

David Wagner says:

Yeah, I’ve watched about 20 crappy reviews trying to get all the information you put so well into your video. Your editing and video shots are excellent. You know what you’re talking about. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

NZ Aviator says:

This is a unique problem pertaining to the type of flying I do.. when flying jump planes, atleast in the pac750 both can get a pretty bad buffet when the door is open. However the zulu 2 is definitely worse with this. It can be reduced by making sure your sunglass legs sit above the ear cups and hats are kept clear as well. This being said I use the zulu 2s every day with 700 hours on them and they are still great. Personally i use the supplied aux cable that the zulu 2 came with with a push button feature so i can quickly and easily mute and or change songs. Bluetooth doesn’t do this atleast with my android device. Hope this helps someone.

Jaf says:

Thanks for the simple and straight forward opinion about these two headsets…however In Australia Bose has better customer service , but i think i would still go with lightspeed.


abdulaziz alghamdi says:

which one cause more pain in the ear after long time of flying?

because you said bose cause more pain but you wear holding the zulu.. at 2.49

i am thinking to take zulu 3. what do you think?

Cole Byre says:

I can tell you from experience on 6 – 7 hour+ flights that having anything other than a lightweight ANR headset is going to be painful. My commercial cross country flight was 7.2 hours long and I wore my DC H10s. I can’t even imagine what instructing would be like. Doing that 5 days a week? No thanks!

Stefan neculaı vıtelaru says:

thanks for the information

Chuck Mahon says:

If flying a piston single or twin you need neither.

Rossi D says:

I got the straight cord for my Bose from

First officer Chris says:

Thanks so much!!you helped me choose between the two!! Just subscribed as well

Salvatore Shiggerino says:

These ought to be sent to AvE and EEVBlog to be torn down and tested for skookumness and bobby dazzleness, respectively.

Michael The-Pyro says:

i think this is the first time you’ve said your name in a video

Rs Rt says:

I’ve been trying to decide what would be best for helicopter use and found that the right microphone was critical, something no-one had ever commented on until I saw your video so once again, thank you.

Carpenter Family says:

Any thoughts on the DC One-X compared to these two ?

Critical Angle says:

I realize this video might be a little late to the game, but I only found two other videos comparing these headsets and they were not very helpful when trying to make my decision. As bad timing would have it though, it seems Lightspeed just introduced the Zulu3 right after I filmed this video. It doesn’t look like much has changed except for the now Kevlar-braided cable and all versions of the Zulu3 being straight-corded which I preferred for the helicopter version anyways.

Luke Lavigne says:

your are a good source for reviews. Thank you

jennerial says:

#AD – youtube is cracking down and will demonetize you. 2019 is gonna hurt alot of the FTC rule breakers.

Jennifer WhiteWolf says:

Lightspeed has a problem in management.. last year the new hyper Christian guys that took over fired the founder/inventor that actually developed the product line. You should know that in spite of Lightspeed being located just outside Lake Oswego Oregon, the actual product is manufactured in China. Given that the brains that designed the Lightspeed is no longer with the company don’t look for any further real evolutions. Bose took sued Lightspeed for patent infringement, in spite of different technical solutions being employed. Rather than fight the suit, the inept new management choose to fold and pay Bose the extortion. Overall, you made the right choice.. in a few years, Lightspeed may be without product direction, lacking then technical innovation of the inventor founder, but for now and reasonable future, they have the superior product.

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