LGR – Creative SB Inferno Headset Review

Taking at look at this $50 gaming head set. An overview of the pros and cons and all that review stuff!

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Unchained With The Captain says:

Sounds like a piece of junk. I’ve got a pair of Logitech G930 wireless headphones, they’re great!

PinBallReviewer says:

I got some cheap Koss U20 headset for $15.00 on Amazon. for me I just wanted something to listen to something but if it is busy around I can listen and not bother others. they actually are pretty good for the price and even go around my big ears.

TheNecressify says:

I’d check that mail box everyday hehehehe lol… JK 😛

plan7a says:

😀 – It seems like Creative needed to do a bit more product testing before selling these, great review as always!

KaZe ZomBerYT says:

the microphone and audio is good

ilias Mer says:

So SB Inferno or Creative Fatality ?! :/

Dilbert Papadopoulos says:

it is not the first time creative make overpriced crap, take aurvana x-fi for example, much more expensive and yet even more flimsy

Merlin ORKO says:

what an honest review, good job

cMaXeJIJIo says:

Basically, “Eat shit and die, Creative Labs” xD

The Meme Cat says:

Your honesty is one of the reasons I can respect you so much as a YouTuber.

Human Interface Device says:

Ofc it doesn’t fit your ear LGR, its made for 12 y olds that like things that looks nice but doesn’t perform.

Robin Tepe says:

Love the intro!

ultron stank says:

just bought this for like $61 (apparently shit is expensive in Denmark), kinda regretting it.

They do fit over my ears though

PanZer says:

I have these headphones since January 2015 and have read reviews on various sites that those who have these headphones, the microphone does not work having them windows 8.1 , I did not work for me . Does anyone have any solution?

Daniel Pendzich says:

I’ve had the same crummy experience with a similar Creative gaming headset. It was like 60 bucks of suck that I immediately returned for a refund. It’s a shame really, when I was a kid Creative was thought of as a quality audio equipment company.

Sawfish9th says:

is compatible with ps3 or xbox 360? 

Smokey The Bear says:

For $50+ i always go with Sennheiser. Right now i got a $25 Logitech headset that worked fine with great inbound and outbound audio for about a year but now the audio cuts out if the wire bends the wrong way and can be very annoying at times.

Sita Ram Ram says:

Sita ram

rooneye says:

Man, they look cheap and nasty as hell. They’re ugly too, dont like that design at all.

Dr. Sharktooth says:

Nice intro scene.

AleK says:

Is your P.O. box seriously just out in the middle of a forest?

GameFortress says:

This one is shit !
The mic isnt even working >:( 
ON PC !!!

Berdt says:

What is the cable length?

c: says:

Lol Creative Labs will never ever contact you again for a review xD 

SerialVapist says:

volume controls like that are guaranteed to get gunked up to the point where changing the volume can short out the audio entirely. i’d rather just change the volume in windows

Mermaids by Magic says:

Play five nights at fredy’s. Please

Darth Jimmi says:

The french translation on the package is crap.

ac5015 says:

Why thrift when you can just go to your mailbox and get stuff.

Tara looijs says:

These the fatal1ty or the turtle beach recon 100?

The Author says:

Fabulosu intro good sir!!!! 🙂

KrossoverGod says:

When the video opened with trees, I thought you were going to hook up a Xbox 360 to one of them.

Solo Gals says:

would this work on the new xbone controller?.

EliteC64 says:

Clint you should review the current super budget headset craze which is the Sades A60 Spellonds with 7.1 and vibration subwoofer effect doing the rounds atm to offer viewers a better option then these creative labs ones, Super cheap = easy to pickup :]

Richard Jeremias Gonzalez Osorio says:

is for ps3?

Scampi says:

Those were the most mailboxy mailboxes I’ve ever seen.

Vincent GR says:

I have fatality, a piece of junk… it burries my xfi titanium.

DigitalAura says:

You have a faulty headset there, sounds like a dodgy potentiometer.  I’d return and get a replacement.

Merlin ORKO says:

love the intro 😀

Ryodakun says:

I went from headsets to blue’s table microphone and some good quality senheiser headphones. Never going back to the shitty l33t gaming gear.

yellowdog says:

After me: “gaming headsets are never a good idea”.

Lassi Kinnunen says:

pls more odd/oldware

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