LGR – Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X Headset Review

$300 for a gaming headset? Here’s hoping they’re super well-built…
(Headset provided to me by Audio-Technica for review.)

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RobTheEarthling says:

$300!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought you were joking when you said $100.

Kevin Moondust says:

1:50 – You got swatted, Clint? xD

z3rocool420 says:

Sennheiser for life

Hillo says:

For me the control box is fine. The microphone mute when I switch, it doesnt make a popping sound and with tthe volume its fine as well. Weird.

kakotan says:

@Lazy Game Reviews Can you suggest a headset that has the least amount of pressure on your head, mostly above your ear where the arm of glasses sit,

fir4ge says:

They price is not entirely ridiculous for what you get. The mic is the best one available in any consumer headset, although not by a great margin. The high price mostly comes from the audiophile headphones they’re based on. The sound is the main thing. They do let you down in some superficial aspects, which is a shame, but as usual those surface aspects are arguably much more important to 5-minute reviewers than actual power users.

Henry Kwang says:

Bro… Your posture is really bad.

sanjuuyonsai says:


Walking Twitch Highlights says:

Very good review. Thank you for showing the recording from the headset mic, and giving your honest opinion about the breakout box! That popping needs to addressed on a 300$ headset!! That being said, I’m still buying the headset, they look beautiful & sound amazing. Great vid lul @4:00

duo2nd says:

I prefer Logitec and Kingston’s headphones than this. Even the ones from Beyerdynamic.

Suny Pereira says:

I have the PG1 and feel they are much better quality in terms of sound and microphone than the ADG1. The microphone is also removable 🙂 Also since they are an Australian company, you are paying around $80-$100 more due to import tax. I bought my PG1 about 2 years ago for $190 Australian, which is about $140 US

franzb69 says:

get an ath m50x and a mod mic. done.

christian M says:

I got mine for 193 off amazon lol

Konisu0972 says:

What modifications did you do to your M50?

Rebecca says:

That Abraxo shirt is so fucking cool omg

LCamargo 99565 says:


Król Kotów says:

czemu już nie robicie 37?

Matthew Henderson says:

I appreciate honest product reviews.

Seccess says:

To be honest, the control box? They are the most comfy and best sounding gaming headphones i’ve used. The audio is very detailed in games like CS:GO, and for sure won’t let you down if you got the cash, and don’t care about the control box not being like the Tiamat headset that was trashphones with a great soundbox.

Mike Auger says:

You’re absolutely right about the mic quality. It’s fantastic ! ! I just received mine today and I love em. I played a bit BF1 and some BF4. . Pure awesomesauce 🙂

LOOL @ the 3m mark when you said they almost feel “disposable” love that one.

You were right about the mute and volume inline control. Terrible quality. I just leave it at 90% volume and master control it through my Sennheiser GSX1000 headphone amp, or for a changeup, I use my Mayflower ARC. I like variety and options too.

Esther ZL says:

You definitely missed a career in modeling

Captjaack says:

Does anyone know how these feel with glasses?

Jake Smith says:

So even though it’s made by Audio Technia, would you still recommend an actual headphone for gaming? (For example the 700x, etc..?)

JayDog says:

Hey thamks Clint, not becausr of this product but the ATHM50 headphones you mentioned, great buy at the price!


Do you think it’s worth the new $199 price tag?

JrBlnX says:

Just buy and AD700X (100.00 USD) and attach a Modmic 5 or 4 (70.00 USD for v5 and 55.00 USD for v4) to it and boom you got one of the best gaming headsets there is! It clears the mic sucking and this headset uses the same drivers as the AD700X so you keep the same sound quality.

It’s better than the ATH-ADG1X (300.00 USD Gaming headset) and its cheaper!

Mike Auger says:

Watched it one more time LGR. @the 1m52s mark. That look on your face though, priceless 😀

ChozoSR388 says:

Love to see you chack out the SADES SA-708. $17 on Amazon, but don’t let the price fool you. Audio quality’s great, and the mic is so good, you can actually leave it in its folded up position, so no “mic down” moments. Really good fine tuning on the in-line volume control, too. They are closed earphones on it, though, so, I don’t know ow you’d feel about that.

AnXiety_cM says:

$300, not even 5.1. Ok Audio Technica

Steffen Frøseth says:

bough it and returned it, way to overpriced. I got sennheiser game one for 1/3 of the price, and they are even more comfy….

Cod Cat says:

Late reply. I just ordered a pair of these for the open back design, all closed headphones just get way too warm and sweaty.

Just want to mention those things retail for $400 in AUS on the Audio Technica website, $300 on the US
Stores selling them here for as low as $239 AUD which is why I’m buying them.

L4nc34l0t says:

My soundcard has an external volume knob for the headset and i use push-to-talk ingame all the time every time… I guess that makes the in-cable control box a non issue ^^
…not to mention that the price is now at about half of the original one on places like amazon

EposVox says:

Great review. I’d wondered about these. Thanks.

TheDkjolle says:

GOD ! I just realised that i can’t use my RØDE Mic while using these since they will pick up the noice from them…. and i already ordered them… Might go for closed instead idk

Peteru Avertis says:

Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X is a great choice if you already own a microphone. Also much freaking cheaper and still open back (huge for locating enemies ingame).

Savage Pepe says:


Paulius 0.1 says:

this headset needs amp/dac ?

Daniel Pearson says:

thumbs up only for the gun scene at 1:43. Which is also why I would be interested in this product (to hear when people want my attention).

Andrei Man says:

omg for 300 euro such low quality

jt3000o says:

I would use the headphones you have now and get a modmic 5

Tyson Nielsen says:

Great review – really convinced me not to look at these. Good lord, for $300 that control box should be top notch. Here’s to hoping they release a new model with fixed mute and volume. Years ago, I had headphones with a similar volume issue and had to get rid of them because I was blowing my ears out so much. Never again!

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