LG Tone Platinum HBS-1100 Bluetooth Headset Review

This is my review and personal opinion on the LG Tone Platinum bluetooth headset HBS-1100. Please like, share, and subscribe for more reviews.
LG Tone Platinum unboxing video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvPJEwLoizM


Gerald Holmes says:

I’m having problems with my buttons working. Can you explain what I need to do.

Gloinstitches says:

What is the sound quality using an iPhone 6plus.
Thanks for reviewing this product.

Rauley Shar says:

I don’t know if they still worth 79$ price tag because no 4.2 bluetooth support! 4.1 is garbage compare to newer much faster 4.2 bluetooth version. Worst of all, 4.1 can’t even support inbuilt IP.

InsaneClown Posse says:

How do I make my LG PLATINUM headset louder?

CODIAK 94 says:

im gonna do more video

dfierros83 says:

Didn’t even talk about in call communication, I’ll add it sucks and doesn’t work

Liz G says:

The only thing I didn’t like was the earbuds, way too big for my small ear hole LOL

mystickid1 says:

Bluetooth Synergy, What are the bets BT earbuds you’ve tested so far with amazing sound quality but also durability? Thanks!

IBBIE2009 says:

how have the earbud cords and connections handled over time

AS T says:

does the headset vibrate when phone ringing?

Boris Kislitsa says:

How does it sound on the s6edge and does it have hd compatibility with that phone?

CODIAK 94 says:

now i subskribe to your Channel

Blackdragon79 says:

I love these headset because of the great battery life. The only problem is a lack of a noise canceling mic. Great got talking in doors. Not good for talking in the car or walking around outside. The mic pics up everything. I’m currently using the HBS912

Race The Wind says:

The most important thing is The Mic.
unfortunately, LG still needs to upgrade this awful mic
I’m using LG HBS 820s, when I talk on my phone many people say: ” sorry I can’t hear you very well, your voice is very far ”
I hope this problem going to be fixed in next Generation because other stuff are great.

Tanju KARACAN says:

Can we use is with iphone 7 ?

Roshil Rose says:

How can i reset this headset.is it possible ?

Oscr M says:

What is the latest model of LG interests me or any other recomendation

Gerald Holmes says:

my buttons won’t work. out won’t hang up or answer the phone

Boston Loyalty says:

My advise go w/the LG hbs 920. The LG hbs 1100 is only better if your paired to/with an LG phone LG TV or LG tablet. Only then r u able to get the most outta the 1100. The 920s have longer battery life and imo r sexier. BUT Either way literally any pair of LG headphones are better than the horrible wireless dre beats

Xavier Bob says:

1901st sub

Nick Hernandez says:

I’m watching your review on the LG tone Platinums now. It sounds great using it through the Samsung note 4. I used to have that phone. I’ve preordered the Samsung s8+. The phone has hd sound?
You sound really clear compared to Plantronics voyager legend.
Thanks buddy!
I’m wondering where I check to see if my new phone will have hd sound?

mystickid1 says:

Don’t buy these LG earbuds!! Had 2 pairs that stopped working prematurely. One earbud went out in both, my second pair went bad under 6 months. I loved the sound quality from them. Loved it! but whats the point for $200 earbuds if they can’t last even 2 years.

Mark Alomia says:

How is the quality when making calls in regards to the mic?

E Leon says:

with Bluetooth headset do you recommend for workouts?

CODIAK 94 says:

SUB TO MY and i subskribe to your Channel

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