Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse & Headset Review – Hit or Miss?

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Lenovo adds two new gaming products to their peripherals. For budget oriented gamers, is it worth it?
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Review unit provided free of charge by Lenovo. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer.

Gear list:
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Panasonic G7 – http://geni.us/24nm
Canon C100 – http://geni.us/vDI
Sony RX100m3 – http://geni.us/dtb
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Skeleton IO says:

By Jacob Sartorius

costillero says:

That mouse triggers my ocd.

maarten govaert says:

Am I the only one that finds the Lenovo headset,mouse and headsett ugly and cheap ?

Chen Erwin says:

razer chimaera and deathadder, good designing, lenovo

Visatron says:

it wasnt a hit or a miss. it was a sweatshirt

Akram Diaa says:

does the headset have software program ??

and if we compare this headset to the previous on the Lenovo y gaming which one is better plz answer me

Humanboulder x says:

wait people actually use mouse’s with their three fingers. I use mine with 2 and so there’s space in the middle. tell me what you think

Codec X says:

Deathadder lol

Motley says:


Bradley McDowell says:

Holy shit that microphone, my 30 dollar brick mobile has better recording quality.

Lenus Tek Typs says:

I feel sorry for Aidan. No one likes him…

Elite Exposure says:

This fake copy of Zy is back. Dont forget to hit that dislike button guys.

cryomanc3r says:

It isn’t the microphone that sounds, “tinny or nasally,” that is just your voice.

Pona says:

Now that’s a russian csgo mic 😀 EU player know what i mean, I know russians can have good mics.

DrewHales says:

If you care about the mic the turtle beach in this price range is the one to go with

0cards0 says:

lol he says lighter weight mouse is better for fps gaming, the opposite is true…

Payton Fisher says:

who the fuck holds the mouse like that

Official SirMemesalot says:

Desktop wallpaper??

wakesake says:

FUCK lajnovo

BuddyVanDoodle says:

Lenovo needs to focus on making ThinkPads. Nobody want’s them to become a niche company like Razer

NΞΘΠ says:

is the mic removable?

Jacky Lee says:

Jacob Satourious Hit or Miss

Clueless White Kid Studios says:

I see you people are a fan of Jacob Sartorius 🙁

Axiomatic says:

Honestly i just got a m65 and i dont like omron. Like i prefer the switches on my old 15 dollar mouse

Ian Wong says:

The mic is the largest turn off ever wtf lmao

BLOODBATH9998 says:

the lenovo Y sign is so fuckn ugly seriouslyy.

Astitva Nigam says:

this guy is bullshit wtf

Andrei Cioltan says:

How many decibels they have?


i liked it for the mic for recording but i think im get trash XD

omar lewis says:

Do you know how stupid you guys sound calling this headset and mouse a carbon copy? Lol………thats like me saying all of the pc these days are carbon copies of the original one, or that the boxers you’re wearing a carbon copy. Do you see how stupid that sounds?

Xenos says:

should I get the lenovo gaming headset or the hyper x cloud stinger

stefan diaconu says:

not once you mention the mouse is a deathadder clone…

Wayne Richter says:

The reviewers hairstyle reminds me of Johnny Bravo’s, all he needs now are the dark glasses and they could pass as twins.

dick twang says:

Jacob Sartorius

Derrick Alix Jr says:

He holds the mouse weird… He has Index finger on MB1, Middle finger on MB3 and Ring finger on MB2.

SphyxGreifing says:

and who the fuck is this guy?!

Axiomatic says:

Y tho

Flem_ Bmx says:

superlux 681 or 688 headphones. buy a cheap 5 dollar clip on mic and yoy have a 10x better set of headphones and an equal quality mic

BRCuber says:

wheres the software?

Mango Draws says:

Ever since I had my endless problems with my Lenovo laptop, I never trusted this company. I probably will try these headphones, but I’m not expecting much from them.

Rugg0064 says:

Bro your sensitivity is low as all balls

Kei Angelus says:

A prime example of a “gaming headset” that doesn’t know about the customer’s needs.

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