Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset Review

In this video I take a look at the new Lenovo Mixed Reality headset. I take a look at the headset, the controllers, how to check if your PC is able to run Windows Mixed Reality, connecting it up to a PC and navigating the virtual environment.


Distra says:

Can you extend headset cable with usb/hdmi cable extenders? or its maximum length already for usb/hdmi to work correctly? Also anyone knows how much costs 1 controller stick(if you brake one)?

Zsavage1 says:

NO MIXED REALITY WHAT SO EVER IN THESE APPS…. FORCING YOU ALSO TO GET WINDOWS 10 Spyware.. I”m not infecting any of my PC’s with windows 10.. I have samsung gear VR more than enough until someone cracks the BULLSHIT windows 10 virus…

evorm says:

does the windows mixed reality only work on windows headsets? i already have a HTC Vive and id really like to use this program without having to drain my wallet even more

kazza201 says:

Thanks for the review, but I have one question, it recommends a 2mx1.5m play space for a room scale experience (from eyeballing yours didnt seem that large) and I have a 1.5x1m play space, would you say that its big enough to enjoy a room scale experience playing games like that?

Southend busker says:

have you had that black screen bug Ian, mine hasnt worked once. At best the screen is lit. Not something i would call plug n play. update took about 6 hours.

Milton says:

hey, can you use it with steam vr apps? and also, if the controller is behind you, can you still use it?

Ian Walker says:

Great review Ian, I am looking at reviewing the Acer over on http://MoreMixedReality.com in the next couple of days or so.

Jay Zweedz says:

my pc has a GTX 1060 and its running on intel core i5 7400, will this be compatible with VR? my pc actually came with the Lenovo VR so surely it should work fine on it, but what do you think?

swat1290 says:

How do you compare the comfort level to say Rift or Vive while turning your head around? Does the head tracking induce some kind of motion sickness?

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