KOTION EACH G9000 Gaming Headset Review / Test

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ImEmix says:

over ear?

Agnish Bauri says:

Does the package come with the spilter???

Z•RRO says:

Should I buy g2000 or g9000 please reply

ConquerorAR says:

is it over ear or on ear ?

devin Patel says:

how do you have the lights and use the headphones on the PS4 controller

shemar martin says:

does it have good sound quality and bass

NappyGamez says:

I got them their amazing

A Plastic Bag says:

Hey whats up guys its Scarces dad here…

xssyosifssx says:

i have it 8)

Devin Dinh says:

Im not sure if you know this but… The usb is for the led lights by the way. No need to thank me.

Chung bing yuan says:

Witch would you recommend for ps4 G2000 or G9000?

DwightDynamite says:

Well u just sold me on it man. i’m going to be using it with my PS4 I can’t believe how cheap these things are everyone says the mic is great for a cheap headset I’ve listened to a few Mic test with this and it’s really unbelievable how cheap this is

Normal Person says:

ok you use the sabrent usb adapter thingy for laptops because it doesnt have 2 aound ports if im in a oc that means i dont need that right?

Arnel Kea says:

can u hear the game. like other players running through the head sets

Yogkhast X Vlogg'z says:

i might use this on my unboxing video on december 25

GavinP 3210 says:

Why the heck is the USB Cord so short??? 1- Fail

F34rl3ssTheXpertCalibre says:

Does it work as a mic for ps3?

Jap Jap says:

this or g2000?

MechSniper1928 says:

Finally, a good review of the headset that actually lets us hear the mic quality. I’m getting a little sick of reviews that go over a mic and say “it’s not great, it’s good, but it’s definitely not on par with “X expensive microphone.”

The Great Malton says:

the Usb is also for extra power, Gives some serious bass boost.

Kerrey Wee says:

Will the headset still work if you don’t plug in the usb or does it need the lights…

Rachel Wong says:

I found a g9000 with surround sound, it has a single USB cable for everything apparently (mic, sounds and all). Should I get that version or should I get the one with the single USB cable or one with the 3.5mm cable?

Carlos Lopes says:

This is headset 7.1?

ayush pandey says:

Which ones better this one or g4000

Mohamed Nasser-allah says:

Which one is better G2000 or G9000 ?

Box Gaming says:

can we use this to watch YouTube vids??

knightfury 071 says:

it works for my ps4 and xbox one s

Darren Grima says:

Is it really 7.1? As advertised?

Mitchell Dixon says:

uhm the G2000 USB powers the lights

Dave the Kill3r says:

I bought one and the mic sounds terrible. It sounds nothing like the mic you are using even though it’s the same headset

XsaladaPlay says:

do you need the adptor?

Geoff Miyaishi says:

yo dude can u do a give away !!!

Shrood says:

hows the noise cancelling?

POPsicle says:

Bought this today.

FutureBeforePast says:

i use this mic to record youtube videos and it sounds good. But you can hear like every thing around me

Idalci Xavier says:

dose the mic on the g9000 sound better than the mic on the g4000, PLZ ANSWER


is this fully sorround sound 7.1?

Mad Nice TV says:

the bass is good?

Unknown says:

what do i do when my laptop cant detect its mic?

Tuấn Nguyễn Minh says:

Should I buy this headset to play FPS games like PUBG?

Froggy Gamer says:

do you know if the mic will work if I used the mic on a nvidia shield tablet k1? and if not would the splitter I that’s included work or would I need to buy a separate one? any help would be much appreciated.

Rock Gaming says:

Vibration available?

The Hoborick says:

My mic doesn’t work on it

Zaivo웃 says:

wtf i have lenovo y gaming headset and i have plugged in only usb and it lighting and i can hear not even connectedenother cabels

Vayne Motoki says:

is it nice for TeamSpeak3?

Putra Wibowo says:

Can you please compare it with the G7000 which is better?

JTGaming says:

Review was good

Emre Küçükuzun says:

do u suggest me another sound card from Gearbest or Banggood etc. ? the product is $6.5 but the shipping is $6!

it’s too much for me

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