Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Review and Test

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Trevor Renkevens says:

I’m still using these. Had them for 7 months. Awesome pair for the price.

Glenn Barrientos says:

This or M50x for gaming?

cris itumay says:

does this come in blue instead of red?

Kartexx says:

are their still wort it? or are there better headsets with a budget of $100

Rebirth Fire says:

I just bought a pair of these for £50 gbp. I think I got myself a rare deal.

Quinx says:

Its exactly the same packaging as the Q-pad qh90, which just died. (rip)
Thanks man i ordered the headset, cant wait.

ProNoobz HD says:

you scum bag jayztwocents came from jayZ and twocents from 50 cent

Jay Schimke says:

I just got my Hyper X Cloud 2 gaming headset and I absolutely love them!!! Like you were saying in the review, I’ve used them for listening to my iPod, my iPhone, iPad and using them on the computer for my flight simulator games.

Loop Control says:

JaY! You forgot to mention the other ear cups are also ear-muffs that keep the ears warm. 🙂

Loop Control says:

scooped these up a few days ago, awesome!@

Play2Win says:

0:05 JayzFifthyCents** lol. ok sorry i will let myself out now…

hege seb says:

your voice with your normal mic = OK. your voice sounds weird with the headset MIC, like you talk funny

is lame says:

barnacules is loud even on the lowest mic level

lynn k says:

can u use these for ps4

つんつん says:

I find it better to use a good open back headphone or this one without the virtual 7.1 on, I personally prefer the extra details in the sound over the ”virtual” sound stage, when you use for example a akg k7xx the sound stage is between the hyperx cloud 2 without the virtual surround on and it on, without losing details in the sound.

Sahar Zolberg says:

when you watch the vid just to be proud a smart you are because you bought these headphones.

Plocký /) says:

Can u replace the mic?

CholadoDude32 says:

I bought this headset and didn’t like it, everything was good but the mic. It was very low quality and would cut out

max says:

i got the turtle bleach p11 and they suck

Melvin Hasanov says:

i am not a hater on the video or anything i just whant to tell people how shit these headphones are

Tricky says:

should i sell my razer kraken pro for these

The SkyWalker says:

No mute button on the headset itself , fail, i have these but that shocked me

Cahn2126 says:

What about using them in twitch chat which has adjustable mic volume setting? Can it get louder?

RufescentEAGLE says:

Just bought this shit. Hope it’s good

Jinx says:

Subbed! Btw, will this work great in laptops?

slidin krust says:

Are these comfortable to wear with glasses?

Joseph szot says:

they were 7.1 dolby

Don't read my name it's a waste of time says:

so does this headset have surroundings in games or not?

FelixDied says:

i got them this week for 97$ is that good?

Carter Raymond says:

I found Astros for 110$. So Astros or Hyper x cloud ii?

FullFledged2010 says:

Beyer dynamics was always good at producing audiophile quality headphones at a reasonable price. Gotta give kingston credit for choosing one the best headphones makers out there.

krucdfumv says:

love this headset but the mic just went out today, no idea why.

Soorya prabagar says:

im not using dongle

War_thunder0287 says:

I was disappointed when I realised that the clip is only for pc

Remarkable SeiF says:

Would you recommend this over creative-sound-blasterx-h7-tournament-edition?

Joseph szot says:

funny thing i was using the headset while watching this these are some badass headsets and they were like $50.00

Joseph szot says:

they were 7.1 dolby

Mikael Hadad says:

just bought them for 59 euros

Mining Grizzy says:

the mic on the kraken 7.1 v2 is godly

Ariel Luces says:

Who wouldn’t use the leather??

Spencer Ng says:

I very much appreciate this informational video. Carry on sir.

Melvin Hasanov says:

these fucking headphones suck so much. i just bought theme today and nothing works and the setup is just complete shit the outlet doesn’t have 2 1 for sound and 1 for your mic and the cord is so fucking short my 3 year old brothers penis is longer the the cord. -10 out of 10 possible dont buy these shit headphones they are the worst ever.

TheRussianBear says:

HyperX Cloud II or Logitech G433 for games like CSGO and Player Unknown battle grounds?

Spyz 1015 says:

im using the first verision which it atoomaticly changes from 7.1 to 4.0

Z Tay says:

how do I set up to have sound out from my speakers and voice in to the mic only with cloud 2?


should i get this one or the steelseries arctis 3/5??

siddharth rawat says:

Just ordered these through Amazon after 2 days of brainstorming.

David D. says:

i thought they said the ear pads was genuine leather

Dank Penguin says:

I know that I had my dongle here

Matthew Ament says:

Are they 4 ps4

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