I Bought All The Headphones On Wish…

I bought all the headphones on Wish.com and tested them out for you guys! These are all of the interesting, cool, and weird over-ear headphones from Wish, for a huge episode of Wishbusters!! Want me to try this with other tech from Wish?? Comment your ideas!

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Urban Outfitters Lookalikes: https://www.wish.com/product/54c3932439b8c01850bc9434
Fancy Blues: https://www.wish.com/product/5b54becb1b842115e14010ac
Star Trek: https://www.wish.com/product/576424d3ba20d36244ab0d9f
Cat Ears: https://www.wish.com/product/59c4c13c35e73b50d4b049cc
Lightup Blue: https://www.wish.com/product/57bc030090eed11900939d41
Headphones with a Screen: https://www.wish.com/product/589aa29cb94aa65228e60123
LED Glowing Headphones: https://www.wish.com/product/5b1794422c3c1d15c4aa5187
Minimalist White: https://www.wish.com/product/5667de2e8c65466bef061fdd
Fake Beats: https://www.wish.com/product/5b32f1ee6280844f0310b0d1

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Thomas Abington says:

22:22 the cat ear ones also got a five before it

Mithu Sarkar says:

I have the bluedio one

Ryan Korutz says:

No more wishbusters… Sucks

AJ Daily says:

Strawberry by day. Man by night.
His name is K E A T O N !

Farith Mauleon says:

The two blue headphones that look the same are both created by Bluedio, except the curvedones are the next generation an updated model from the other ones

#rap super marocain says:

اريد واحدة هاذا جميل

Alex Norman Clash Of Clans says:

I watched this entire video

The Nubs - Fortnite says:

Got 4 wish ads while watching this..

Clay Aiken says:

Do more with Josh

Logan McCurdy says:

I use real bludios

Annam Tirwa says:

you are spendy to much money

Lisa Bentz says:

WHEN i watched this vid i was whereing the cat headphones!!!!!!

Isla Jarrett says:

22:34 Am I the only one who noticed that it said floding headset?

Miguel Angel says:

9:37 he’s Starts unboxing headphones.

Amelia Dymond says:

Can you do portable speakers?

Andrew Kummerow says:

Blue headphones are both “Bluedio” brand. The goody ones I Have the red version. The tighter fitting are Bluedio Hurricanes and the foldy ones are Bluedio T2 Turbines.

The model I want is the Bluedio ufo 8. With 8 speakers in it. They came out with a newer model of those with more speakers in it!

Stylze says:

Who else watched all 33min then at the end realized you sat there watching a video for 33 min straight

Subscribe to me for no reason says:

You look like Jake paul

Nuggeropsツ says:

Laggy video

upfrontbear74 says:

New subscriber so not sure if you have done this one, but buy Activity Tracker/Heart Rate Watches/Monitors on Wish.there are loads from like $3 upwards, well there was last time I checked

jonzboy 3000 1389937 says:


Tailslol says:

fail no superlux or samson open back headphones? sad they are wired but have amazing sound…

Sandy Dog says:

Well all the people who spent 33 minutes of their watching this, congratulations you wasted 33 minutes of your life

GoodClara says:

Bludio …. my hubby bought a Red pair w rotating cuff….
Best ever for holding charge…. and great sound… the only issue was the tiny screw in the metal plate, at the edge of the leather on the head band fell out… but only after I used them every day for months.
My hubby is a truckie so this head set was on and off my head a dozen times a day.


I remember you when you have roughly 30,000 subscribers.. good job..

Jinxx Rose says:

TechSmartt you should try brookstone axent wear cat ear over the ear headphones

Drew Angus Sandison says:

Whose going to wear those head phones with ears! …
He obviously hasn’t subscribed to Pewdiepie!

jasper pouw says:

Make one with phones

aracely Flores Garcia says:

Should more this wish video

JuJu Bean Adventures says:

I think you should try to game with the headphones

valerie says:

haha lol I have the first one, it’s kinda okay

kristen corey says:

He said first to get a five but the cat got a 5?

Jared Quashy says:

Dude ur red

Joel Oliveros says:

PewDiePie would wear the cat ears headphone

Leon Jackson says:

Wishbusters flowcrushers get the job done, spittin out the lyrics like….

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