HyperX Stinger – The Best Budget Gaming Headset You Can Buy!

The HyperX Stinger is awesome and affordable! Meet the new budget gaming headset KING!
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Heramba Kumar Bora says:

My Ears gets hot after playing pubg for 1 hrs

Emad Aljabry says:

Its either these or the A10’s plz help i dont know which one to pick I’m on ps4 BTW

Heramba Kumar Bora says:

This headphone sucks

8 Bit Potato says:

Is this good for Rainbow 6 siege?

piyush bharti says:

does hyperX cloud stinger works with ps3 super slim

Lance Nievera says:

Hi! What kind of mic are you using??

Wolvezz says:

Is this headset good for Fortnite? Or nah


Will people still be able to hear you if you whisper talk for mic quality

jakebugman says:

why dose your headset holder look like a butt plug

ZyonicTV says:

I’m not disappointed

Sproutz says:

my mic on my cloud stinger sounds way better than that

Lasse Bruun says:

Should i buy it?

Allen Walker6425 says:

dmitri can be a billionaire just by make the intros

tuanhamdani 89 says:

seriously if you use for gaming, why do you care about how people from the other side listen to your voice,as long as its clear and sound well then its all good,what matter most is how quality sound during gaming or listen to music…

super NuTz says:

i bought mine for 35$

gamerz nick says:

Nice video. I liked the sound of the mic in the mic test thank you. Ive been doing research for a bit now and I think i found my choice.

LockDown Elite says:

Love your background

HbackEfromLL says:

have u tested on x1 they sux the sound is real low cant hear foot sets

CobbleLP [Noch nicht gestartet] says:

Laughs in LX50 and LX20…

Sparkles Sprinkles says:

i just bought them literally today and they’re amazing

JD Overclock says:

This one or the Corsair HS30?

Sith Lord1978 says:

Bought a pair of these to use on ps4 and they suck add Mic constantly cuts out party members can’t hear me or say I make a popping static noise at times. My daughter tried them on the Xbox one and same deal they suck big time. Sound is important but Mic is just as important

Kaelem says:

And a few days later im watching this again, on a Stinger

M says:

Is this around ear or on ear?

Aditya Garg says:

A really good video. Really liked the mike test

boomboy 763 says:

What about the corsair void

Abhyuday Gaur says:

Can someone tell me whats the use of the splitter for someone who doesn’t have a mic jack?

Will Chester says:

Y u black now

Sanchit Dhingra says:

The stinger, the siberia 200 and the g231 are around the same price where I live (within 3 dollars of each other), which one should I get

Inf3rno Plays says:

Dude I got a hyper x stinger headset for Christmas I was so happy

vas_stam says:

My laptop has just one audio jack. If I connect it directly to the headset without the expansion will I get my mic working?? Pls answer

Marcel Halat says:

paid promotion

Joshua Dennis Malinao says:

Pls I need help! I’ll be buying tomorrow. Does this have 7.1surround sound?

Saga Wraith says:

Astro A10…… kinda better

Capitão Himself says:

Hyperx Cloud Stinger or Turtle Beach 150 i really dont know wich to choose i want the 150’s because of earlier experiences with turtle beach (PLa / PX21) and i want the stinger because everyone recomends them for long gaming sessions and quality

JJ Lee says:

FINALLY! Now i have a decent headset cause my parents don’t let me spend too much.
I like it because its got worse or the same (in my opinion) sound than the Cloud 2. But that doesn’t matter its 50 dollars!

Lloyd Casror says:

Astro A10 or cloud stinger??

Viraj Parihar says:

Is it adjustable

Dave Malda says:

I have 1problem with these the mic makes noise but maybey Its because my laptop has very poor sound card

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